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  1. Please see my recorded GIF animation. I can drag the mouse to change the width of the panel, but I can't change its height.
  2. After following your method, I can drag and change the panel height. But the new problems are still annoying. Please see the GIF below. I arranged the panels in the way I used to, switched to export persona, and then switched back, the arrangement of the panels was messed up.
  3. Designer persona and pixel persona' panels are synchronized There was a similar bug before
  4. But I remember that it was solved before. In a beta version of 1.7, designer personal and export personal are no longer synchronized.
  5. It's useful when drawing an icon set.
  6. Very disappointed that this option did not come back in the official version of 1.7
  7. in Affinity Designer: exported: .afdesign file: bug.afdesign
  8. You're right. It is true that the problem is caused by the HSL adjustment layer.
  9. I've learned to live in harmony with bugs. Top two Classic Bugs since Day 1 I Started using Affinity Designer: 1. Symbols will mysteriously lose connection 2. Mouse click Offset (ctrl+ click causes replication)
  10. Just now I use version 1.7.258 to open an edited .afdesign in version 1.7.331, with the software prompt "The file appears to be corrupted". Is this an accidental phenomenon? Or is it true that 1.7.258 can't open a file saved in version 1.7.331?
  11. Ben, Thank you for your concern. I've upgraded all my beta affinity designers to the latest version ☺
  12. The file I uploaded has been edited with 1.7.331. Then use 1.7.258 to open it and get the error.
  13. I've uploaded the file, please check it. Here's a screenshot of the error pop-up window btns.afdesign
  14. Yeah, PDF is a backup solution. Thank you for caring about my problems from the beginning and for the advice you have provided. ❤
  15. If that's the case, it's disastrous for me. Too many of my files are in the 1.7beta version. I saw Mark Ingram reacted your comment which makes me worry more about what you're saying is becoming a reality. I do not require the official version to support all beta files. I only hope the official version can support the last beta files.
  16. Well, You're right. As I couldn't help but use the 1.7 beta version at work, my working files had been 'kidnapped' and could no longer be opened with an older version. From then on I can only use the affinity designer beta versions. I didn't realize before that the structure of the files in version 1.7 would change. Now I pray that 1.7 of the official version will be able to open any previous version files!
  17. seabirdr

    Mouse sensitivity

    Agree with the views of rubs. For illustration workers, slight movements are difficult to observe and do not cause major problems. However, for UI designers, a small amount of error can have catastrophic consequences, such as incorrect size of the slices, alignment problems, and so on. As a UI designer who uses Affinity Designer heavily, I have been forced to develop the habit of constantly alerting the size and position of objects, and I am very careful about every mouse click, because the mouse is too sensitive. The problem of slight movements was raised a few years ago, and it did improve in later versions, but as rubs said, it has not been fully resolved. Long-running Affinity Designer will slow down, and the probability of a light-shift problem will increase dramatically.
  18. bump. It's been a year and there's been no response. Why you've been ignoring this advice?
  19. Randomly, symbol unlink attributes for me automately. To relink them, I have to delete them all and redo everything again. This is absolutely not cool. What I do is avoid using them from the beginning. I believe this is a major bug that can't be fixed in the near future. Since this bug exist since the symbol is born, I eventually believe it is incurable, because it is a part of the symbol. So I think poviding a method which can restore/relink the attributes of symbols will solve the problem without fixing the bug.
  20. is the layout information saved in some folder that I can copy to another computer to reproduce my layout?
  21. seabirdr

    numbering position problem

    Hi Sean P, Thank you for the explanation! I took a moment to figure out how to align the text. The key is to adjust the indentation value. Thanks again.
  22. Text are not aligned when font size is greater than 21 v.188 Windows 10
  23. resizing layers panel in export persona affects its size in vector persona windows 10
  24. Hi Sean P, check this out. This problem appeared in my home computer. I can't reproduce it in my office computer. v.188 Windows 10