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  1. Randomly, symbol unlink attributes for me automately. To relink them, I have to delete them all and redo everything again. This is absolutely not cool. What I do is avoid using them from the beginning. I believe this is a major bug that can't be fixed in the near future. Since this bug exist since the symbol is born, I eventually believe it is incurable, because it is a part of the symbol. So I think poviding a method which can restore/relink the attributes of symbols will solve the problem without fixing the bug.
  2. is the layout information saved in some folder that I can copy to another computer to reproduce my layout?
  3. seabirdr

    numbering position problem

    Hi Sean P, Thank you for the explanation! I took a moment to figure out how to align the text. The key is to adjust the indentation value. Thanks again.
  4. Text are not aligned when font size is greater than 21 v.188 Windows 10
  5. resizing layers panel in export persona affects its size in vector persona windows 10
  6. Hi Sean P, check this out. This problem appeared in my home computer. I can't reproduce it in my office computer. v.188 Windows 10
  7. is it a bug or by design? I use artboards so much that I really want it in artboards.
  8. Hi Sean P, this is document without artboard, I can set margins for guides. below, I create an artboard for the exact document in screenshot above, margin is not working. v.188 Windows 10
  9. can't check "show grid" in Grid and Snapping Axis panel windows 10 ad beta
  10. AD has stabilizer for Pencil tool in draw personal. this is great. but in pixel Personal, no stroke smoother for paint brushes. In procreate there is streamline option for every brush which allows users to draw smooth strokes. I think it's a great feature and AD deserves it. following is a video showing the way how it works.
  11. (Attached file "bug adding size 1 1.afdesign" can reproduce the bug) This is a perfect w=35px h=35px group. Coordinates and sizes are both integers. Decimal Place for pixels is set to 3. Create slice in export persona, its width became 36px, which is expected to be 35px. This happens once in a while, and I've found a workaround: If I copy the group - "perfect 35" to a new file; set its coordinate to x=0 y=0 and create slice again, I can get the slice with correct size: w=35px, h=35px. Exporting is supposed to be a light work with the user-friendly export persona. However, When I was working on a urgent project this afternoon, I encountered this bug. It brought me only pressure and frustration. I had to check each slices very carefully and re-sliced the incorrect ones with the workaround. Finally I got my work done. But what If i didn't know the workaround before? I knew this bug and found the workaround some days ago. I didn't report it because I thought you proberly knew this and had schedules. However, let alone this bug destories the mood whenever it shows up, knowing its existence, I have to keep checking carefully to ensure everything is correct. What a burden! I hope export persona become a partner I can trust as soon as possible. Windows 7 64 bit Affinity Designer (I've send the attached file to a Mac user and the bug was reproduced) bug adding size 1 1.afdesign
  12. I use Publisher to export PDFs, and Chinese characters are converted to curves. In the official version, will publisher improve support for Chinese characters?
  13. Compared with Affinity Designer's pen tool, what improvements did you find?
  14. @fdelaneau The spec tool provides these information to developers. eg. Zeplin.
  15. As the files in AD are increasing, there is no way to export and delete them in batches. Did I miss something?
  16. I reported this bug in 2016, and tony said the solution: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31290-ctrlclick-duplicating-objects/ I agreed with the solution. Now that one year has passed, Affinity Designer has updated many versions, and many bugs have been fixed. But unfortunately, this duplication keeps occuring. Here are my experiences about this problem: Normally ctrl+click is fine and does not produce duplication. Buy when The compute runs slowly, the AD file is complicated, the ctrl+click duplication is easy to occur. I noticed that sometimes just clicking on an object in AD caused a slight offset. So the real bug is that in some cases, the mouse will offset slightly when clicking. It's more likely to happen when the computer is slow.
  17. the symbol bugs is equally frustrating, which have been reported a long time ago
  18. In the export panel, I set the export folder "fold" to the layer, and then click the Export button. The file is not exported to the "fold". In order for the layer to be exported to "fold", I have to add an extra exporting item to this layer. then, I click the Export button and the file is exported to "fold". I hope that when exporting a file, even if there is only one exporting item, it is exported to the folder I specify. --- Windows 10 Affinity Designer
  19. Hi, MEB. Thanks for your attension and reply. Continuous function can largely solve my problem, but it will bring new problems. Please download the attached file "test ad export.zip" and follow me test ad export.zip The first step, click the export slices button to export the file to the test ad export folder (root folder) The file is exported to the subfolder asset. This works perfectly. In the second step, duplicate item-1 as item-2 The third step, copy item-1 export parameters to item-2 the result is Two item-2.png are created. one in root folder, one in sub folder. After I set the export parameters for different layers, I will set the new object by copying and pasting. This is a time-saving approach. But as my test above shows, The result has serious flaws that extra files are exported.