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    Traveling through Europe & Indochina & China, Making Photos & HD Videos, using the apple MAC & OS X Platform for computing, programming, using Illustrator, Photo & Video, - Designersoftware for my creative needs. Reading, listening to different
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  1. scampolo

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Great Job ! It‘s an Amazing Tool ! Congratulation to the whole Affinity Team !
  2. scampolo

    How to sign up for beta testing?

    I would like an invitation to Test affinity designer ipad beta , at the moment I test Affinity photo ipad beta on iPad Pro 2018.
  3. It‘s the First Time I have Problems with a Beta Version, actualy I can‘t use the Pencils whether on draw persona nor on Pixel persona , I reseted all, but nothing helps ! sorry maybe someone can help me.
  4. scampolo

    DAUB Mosaic

    Oh I see , I will try this ! Thank you for your quick response .
  5. scampolo

    DAUB Mosaic

    Is it possible to use these Brushes under Designer for iPad ?
  6. thank you very much for these examples catlover !