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    Looking for artists making similar work as Pokedstudio. Similar is obviously relative, but I'm looking for other artists/styles that also look high polished, clean, with simple shapes. PS: Mods, we really should have a general art section on the forum; I thought about where to post this question for 10 min until decided to do it here, as the other sections would be even less relevant
  2. ambiroa

    Image request - sports jersey background

    Ahhhh so awesome, thank you. The other stuff is great too actually.
  3. Hellohello, Does anybody know a free resource for images like this? I just need one so paying 40 bucks to get it from iStock is not my preference. =) Thanks.
  4. Still use CS6 InDesign, and Illustrator for making pattern backgrounds. Other thing that is simply easier in IL is using offsets.
  5. ambiroa

    (AD) Steam redesign concept - critique wanted

    looks great, the only thing is that top alignment though
  6. ambiroa

    Skeleton Spectre

    Ahhh I love Japanese art. Do you have a website @Hokusai?
  7. ambiroa

    Looking for a brush

    Ahh thank you. With over 1000 brushes, hopefully I can find one that I'm looking for
  8. ambiroa

    Looking for a brush

    Hello hello, I'm looking for a brush to make 'scratches' like you see here in the word "up". So no specifically a font, but the same style. Anybody that can point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  9. I have a set of images that are 1920x900. How do I export them as a batch to 320px width? Can't find that in the export persona. Thanks.
  10. Ohhh ... I must have missed the patchnotes, didn't know there is a layers panel now in export persona. I was used to AD automatically slicing all my artboards the moment I go to export persona, so I was wonderiing why it was broke when it didn't make my slices.
  11. Ahhh thanks. But is this a bug? Because everything was sliced automatically before I updated to the latest version.
  12. Not sure if this a bug, but when I create one artboard, then copy the artboard, move it to the side so I see both on the canvas, give it a unique name, then go to the export persona, it only makes an export slice of the first artboard. The only remedy I found so far is to draw a new artboard on an existing artboard, and then move the content from the current to the new one. When I then go to the export persona, it makes an export slice for both of them. PS: I'm using the latest version
  13. ambiroa

    The Four Horsemen

    Ridiculously talented Stroke by stroke?
  14. Yeah I wouldn't celebrating this yet, no microwaving could also means no dinner for you at all