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  1. @walt.farrell Ah I see, got it. Maybe a stupid question, but are 100% integer values possible in Designer? Thanks, will change this in settings right now.
  2. @stokerg oke thanks, will check the specs on each of my canvasses/frames @R C-R @walt.farrell ok thanks, I honestly didn't know about this setting at all; just to fully understand what a setting of "3" does: - moving the selected item from X:1 to X:4, because it's 1+3=4 - scaling the selected item from 300w to 303w, because it's 300+3=303 Just two examples so I can tell the setting is working properly?
  3. I always have had export issues with Designer, specifically when it comes to pixel alignment. It wasn't a bottleneck until now, as I tried to make an animation by making the frames in Designer. Here is exactly what I did: 1. I made a 500x500 canvas and made the design on there, a figurine. 2. I selected the canvas in the layer panel, copy paste, renamed (so I have my second frame) 3. On the figurine, I rotated the eye-balls, that's it, nothing else. 4. Repeated steps 1-3 til I had 10 frames. 5. I exported the 10 frames. 6. Imported the 10 images as an image sequence in Moho, did not move anything else, and exported as a GIF. 7. Result: As you can see, it shifts position from frame to frame, which means the exported single images already have a shift, which then means that the copy paste of canvas has errors. Because my logic says that when you copy paste, it's a perfect 100% clone, which in Designer is clearly not. Like I mentioned, I had this problem from day 1, but I didn't needed a pixel perfect workflow til now. Anyone has advice on how to solve this? Because this is obviously unreliable which requires me to go back to Illustrator for exporting image sequences, which also means I can't use Designer to design my frames. Thanks.
  4. @HVDB Photography Nope, Walt pointed me to chords, it's close but I guess Affinity does not have similar to Adobe where the different color combinations are shown. Thanks though.
  5. Ahhh oke that's how it works. I guess it comes close but it adds the color to the swatches, instead of having the different color combinations for me to choose like in Adobe. It's basically a nice integration of Kuler into the program. Thanks though.
  6. I can't find the way to have my color panel show combination palettes like this (screenshot is PS) Does anyone know how to have this appear? Cheers.
  7. ambiroa


    Oh that looks awesome, cheers!
  8. ambiroa


    Looking for artists making similar work as Pokedstudio. Similar is obviously relative, but I'm looking for other artists/styles that also look high polished, clean, with simple shapes. PS: Mods, we really should have a general art section on the forum; I thought about where to post this question for 10 min until decided to do it here, as the other sections would be even less relevant
  9. Ahhhh so awesome, thank you. The other stuff is great too actually.
  10. Hellohello, Does anybody know a free resource for images like this? I just need one so paying 40 bucks to get it from iStock is not my preference. =) Thanks.
  11. Still use CS6 InDesign, and Illustrator for making pattern backgrounds. Other thing that is simply easier in IL is using offsets.
  12. looks great, the only thing is that top alignment though
  13. Ahhh I love Japanese art. Do you have a website @Hokusai?
  14. Ahh thank you. With over 1000 brushes, hopefully I can find one that I'm looking for
  15. Hello hello, I'm looking for a brush to make 'scratches' like you see here in the word "up". So no specifically a font, but the same style. Anybody that can point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  16. I have a set of images that are 1920x900. How do I export them as a batch to 320px width? Can't find that in the export persona. Thanks.
  17. Ohhh ... I must have missed the patchnotes, didn't know there is a layers panel now in export persona. I was used to AD automatically slicing all my artboards the moment I go to export persona, so I was wonderiing why it was broke when it didn't make my slices.
  18. Ahhh thanks. But is this a bug? Because everything was sliced automatically before I updated to the latest version.
  19. Not sure if this a bug, but when I create one artboard, then copy the artboard, move it to the side so I see both on the canvas, give it a unique name, then go to the export persona, it only makes an export slice of the first artboard. The only remedy I found so far is to draw a new artboard on an existing artboard, and then move the content from the current to the new one. When I then go to the export persona, it makes an export slice for both of them. PS: I'm using the latest version
  20. Yeah I wouldn't celebrating this yet, no microwaving could also means no dinner for you at all
  21. Considering the AD roadmap does not include a better pattern-maker, like the one in Adobe Illustrator where you can adjust the rows, columns, distribution, etc etc, I've been going back to AI for exactly that tool. Sure, in AD you 'use' fill pattern, but let's be honest that's just a clutch solution. What tool do you use for pattern-making? I'm open to buy other design apps that do have advanced pattern-making abilities, I also looking at Lost Minds' PatterNodes (mac only).
  22. In Europe, FOGRA 39 is a better choice, it's more widely used so the chance that the printshop is using it is higher. If you don't know for sure and want to do the extra effort, you can always ask them what profile they're using. But F39 should be a good one by default.
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