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  1. thank you! for some reason i wasn't finding it on the Publisher forum
  2. Sorry if I'm not seeing it but when I open APub Beta 1.70.227 it tells me to update via the forum thread, which i can't seem to find. Could be user error lol.. Please assist :)
  3. Great tutorial! I was like..isn't that an alpaca? lol Seriously though, useful as always and I learned a couple things. The color picker tip is great and the clone stamp tool tip is very cool! And I'm also now wondering why it never occurred to me before to use a color vignette! You have a great voice for tutorials and a cute puppers too! Subscribed!
  4. Pariah73

    Moving files between iPad and PC?

    Thank you for expanding on that. I only knew what i read about the 2018 ipad pros.
  5. Pariah73

    Moving files between iPad and PC?

    It's a feature limitation on the ipads (the new ones at least). To move files to anywhere but iCloud, you will need a wireless flash drive to transfer your files. The next update of iOS may or may not address this issue.
  6. Pariah73

    Affinity.Graphics is LIVE!

    Thank you for making a site for Affinity resources!
  7. hmm yes it would indeed be a nightmare if there were many lol
  8. Great job @kx08 quick question though..if you wanted the stars to all have the same direction while duplicating, how would you go about that? In your tutorial, the stars end up rotated in different directions but what if you wanted them all facing the same, top point up?
  9. 15 years out of practice speaking English? Well, you did great!
  10. Thanks for posting this..I'd like to bookmark where this post originated from if I could. Can you provide the link please?
  11. Thank you for the tutorial. Well done! As a suggestion, I would have masked out the sun and sky rather than delete them, for further adjustments to the selection
  12. Well done! I learned a new trick with the alignment panel! Your accent is lovely and your English is just fine. Your voice is very deep so it was a bit difficult to make out what you were saying in a couple of spots and I had to really concentrate, but I'm hearing impaired so that's my problem If you were to do more tutorials, I'd personally be appreciative of text in your videos but I thought you did a great job!
  13. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  14. Yikes..definitely uninstall all those thousands and start using FontBase, Nexus Font or something similar..lol you're going to think you got a whole new computer once you get rid of all those! Also, a word of advice on fonts. Many people (myself included) end up doing the "oh yeah, well i have 8,000 fonts" "that's it? I have 13,000!" bit but all that does is drag your computer performance to sludge. And for the most part, 90% of those fonts are just garbage in quality and aesthetics. I did a self challenge to go from ~9,000 fonts to 1,500 in order to use the free version of MainType font manager and at the time, it was like severing a limb. Now, I realize that was the best thing I could have done. I was hoarding some truly horrendous fonts. Now every single one is carefully chosen for the best quality and if I decide to download one that's up and coming, I have to get rid of an old one that doesn't get used. Of course, this means I have deleted fonts I used in projects from my most amateur days but it takes just a moment to download it again, should the need arise. More often, I end up substituting a much better one for a refreshed and updated look.