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  1. This is a forum that I enjoy due to the discussion of art, which doesn't need arguments, flame wars and the general negativity of the internet at large. Let's keep things about design and art and the support of each other in said endeavors
  2. For some of us more..rural Americans, a smidgin is about how much of something you can add using two fingers pinched together. Say if you had sage to add to a dish, you would pinch out a bit with your thumb and forefinger no bigger than the two pads of your fingers. That's a smidgin It's not at all your English; it's more regional vernacular
  3. So, you came here to denigrate Linux for not being what you want it to be, from however many years ago you tried it. It wasn't for you, so you make sure to stop here to let us all know how TERRIBLE. AN. IDEA. it is to use Linux and asking our wonderful Serif friends to count our voices, for something you don't even like. Then why are you even here? If it's to be an anti-Linux troll, there are far more appropriate forums for your angst. We are a community here of artists and designers who are here to help each other to appreciate and learn ways to get the art out there with the use of Affinit
  4. The only member of the Linux community who is being hostile here is..well, you, at the moment. You accuse others of holding their noses like some latter day Puritans yet talk about the 'maintainers' being brain dead. That is not very nice. My first Linux distro was Debian, suggested by a site that asked all kinds of questions to match you up to a distro they thought would be great for first timers. I had a great time with Debian, learned a ton about Linux in the process and still prefer Debian based distros overall. I absolutely hope one of the amazing members of this community who use Linu
  5. a better method would be to have had the replacement sky underneath and do the blend ranges on the house image. The same with the second example. For painting on the mask, using a gradient to transparency would produce a soft, atmospheric look to the masked part of the mountains.
  6. It's tiresome to hear the same folks whining and putting Serif down continuously but still showing up here. Is it too much to be able to empathize with a company that is putting out a version 1x product after a few years, with a few dozen people making this happen? They aren't obligated to make x feature just for you or me, despite the fact that envelope distortion would make my life a zillion times better and make me an Affinity whore for life.. If you wish to support them with your money, do so. If not, Adobe, Corel, etc exist too. We try to be a bit more professional here because many of
  7. Sounds like maybe you're saving/exporting as a .jpg You have to save it as a .png to retain transparency. Hope this helps!
  8. I struggle with light and shadow sometimes. The tip about using Posterize to see exactly where areas of light and shadow are is the BEST tip I've gotten in a while, THANK YOU!!! This tip alone is going to make my art so much better now!
  9. Thank you for the tip! I would have started with VB, so I'm glad you mentioned this. I'll be sure to research beforehand which distros work best with it. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you! I've just about had enough of Windows 10 and I miss Linux terribly
  11. Just curious if one could run Affinity products in a Win or Mac virtual machine on a Linux computer?
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