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  1. A happy Affinity user here. Just wanted to suggest that the Isometric Studio would be better served as its own persona. This would eliminate the issues of having to show grid in one menu, show grid in the isometric panel, switching between grid cycles within the panel, and having to 'double check' as it were, the showing of the grid..it seems unnecessarily messy and unorganized. I think it definitely qualifies as its own persona, given the complexity and abundance of options. Thank you!
  2. glad to hear there will be a fix! I was also dismayed by this issue.
  3. Pariah73

    Return to 1.6 Text Styles?

    yes! thank you! the old ones are nice but the new ones, not so much.
  4. Pariah73

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.1

    1.7.1 fixed the issue for me, thanks
  5. Well hopefully you start up again at some point! Best wishes for whatever venture you end up doing!
  6. So nice to finally see the person behind many of the older Affinity videos! Having said that, I tend to agree with an earlier poster that the picture in picture is a tad distracting and that an intro/outro would be less so. You have such a great voice for this; I swear I could listen to you read the dictionary and not get bored. Thanks for these VERY helpful vids!
  7. Pariah73

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.1

    I just tried loading a keyboard shortcut file but it was doing something a bit weird, unless it's supposed to be that way. For me, when i loaded from a file i have saved, it would restore all the keyboard shortcuts but only in the category that was selected, so i had to do each 'File, Layer, Edit, Text, View, etc etc etc one at a time. It worked, but it wasn't pretty.
  8. Pariah73

    Return to 1.6 Text Styles?

    Is there any way to get the text styles back from Designer 1.6? I'm absolutely LOVING the 1.7 update and I'm grateful to not have to use Adobe but these 1.7 text styles are just awful. The ones from 1.6 were much better, even if there were only around 4 or 5.
  9. i had to give a laugh, because for some dumb reason i didn't think of that lol
  10. Naturally it's not the go-to solution, but I have been using it, problem free, on Windows 10 (1903) so it's worth a shot if OP doesn't find anything else to work.
  11. Well have you tried CS2? Adobe is offering it for free as they are no longer supporting it. It may not have a few features you are used to if you have used Photoshop CC but it does the job that CS2 was originally meant to do.
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  13. I gotta say, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the one and only post.