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  1. indeed JGD does, as we all do, hopefully while keeping perspective.
  2. Thank you! I'm thinking about the ipad pro 11 or the 2019 Air. It will be my first foray into Apple land so I haven't decided yet. Price is very much a factor so I will take a while to think on it or until i see a Black Friday deal lol Thank you for your opinion!
  3. Everything is going to take longer to implement. The Affinity team is smaller by the Adobe team by thousands of people so it's not hard to see that things are going to take longer. At the price point, I'm happy to wait and use my imagination and that of my fellow designers here to use workarounds and incorporate other software into my workflow until Affinity matures, which is going to be a VERY long time from now because (see 2nd sentence). It's not a broken project, it's an immature one, not unlike this conversation. There's always Adobe and Corel and their thousands of employees to help you out if Affinity isn't for you.
  4. I absolutely swear by vectorizer.io
  5. just my ''typical luck'' I shouldn't have mentioned it; I jinxed it! Hopefully it doesn't break until after a solution comes to Affinity. Crap, i probably shouldn't have said that either.
  6. may I ask which ipad this is? I was looking into downsizing from a desktop computer and I'd like to know how effective this is for workflow as an artist/designer etc if can pick your brain a bit :)
  7. We call them hedgehogs They're quite adorable and affectionate, despite their sharp bodies so we also call them pokey piggies and ouch mouse Great tip for gradient maps!!
  8. @Alfred that is indeed good news! I am one of those who got the legacy product DrawPlusX8 and use it for screenprinting color separations and text warping specifically so I'm glad to learn that it will be patched if MS does something wonky (again.) I also have Adobe Illustrator CS2 that is given away by Adobe freely but it's definitely not going to be supported (because Adobe) forever. The best alternative for warping is probably Inkscape at this point, being cross platform but I have never felt comfortable with the overly technical UI and the extra steps for, well, everything. Mac users can't take advantage of the lovely Plus line from Serif unfortunately There's a nice little site called Photopea that does nice warping but it's raster only as of the last time I used it (admittedly, a while) It will be a great day for the entirety of the design community when warping features arrive..I see droves of people abandoning Adobe lol Hmm..maybe they're saving it for later because they know they will be inundated with new users and need to prepare for the company's expansion?
  9. While i have just learned something new (thank you!) this wasn't quite what i meant. The Huion driver itself was what i was referring to. I did check the download page for the driver and my tablet has a beta of the newest driver that I downloaded. It now has the option to add programs! yay! Now the only 2 things I wish my tablet had are wireless capability and the scroll wheel for fast zooming. :)
  10. I'm jealous! My Huion 1060P doesn't have the ability to add programs (nor is it wireless) so I bought a Wacom Intuos Small with Bluetooth, which does have that feature. Sadly, it was somewhat..sporadic? about when it would function properly and it's tiny and annoyingly textured, so I ended up buying a usb 'extension cord' to use with my Huion while the Wacom sits in a box. I can, of course, save my settings to a file and load it based on whatever program I'm using. Not as convenient, to be sure but miles better than the experience with Wacom. Thank you for the video illustrating the features of this tablet! The wheel is awesome!
  11. Pariah73

    Public Domain Pictures

    *squeeeee* thank you!
  12. I'll have to wait for the general update due to a miserly data cap but I'm just happy the fix is in the works.
  13. yay! add me to the party! Same error in Photo, Pixel Persona in Designer and Publisher Photo Studio Link. I was hoping one of them but alas, nay.

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