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  1. yay! add me to the party! Same error in Photo, Pixel Persona in Designer and Publisher Photo Studio Link. I was hoping one of them but alas, nay.
  2. Pariah73

    Cat images

    @Josie With all the practice you're getting, maybe you want to share your work with others? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/10-share-your-work/
  3. Pariah73

    Cat images

    nice use of the trapezoid tool. I probably would have used the pen tool and thus would have taken longer.
  4. Pariah73

    Cat images

    yes you did.
  5. Pariah73

    Cat images

    As few as possible, as many as you need. There is no single answer that will apply to a hundred cat pictures. Each one will be different.
  6. Pariah73

    Cat images

    get a picture of a cat... i'm sure you have one or two... then get a picture of a rainbow and put it on top just like the one in the rainbow-puking cat picture...the exact same way you did the cat-mermaid picture.
  7. Pariah73

    Cat images

  8. When i was using Illustrator, I did all my work using the Pantone spot colors, then Illustrator would handle the color separations. I can't remember if ink density was an option but AI did my seps and then i could use whatever pdf program I wanted from there. While I was looking for a similar solution when I first started with Affinity, I made my designs and exported them to do color separations with Scribus (which is free) and that worked well enough. Then I discovered that Affinity's predecessor, (the Plus products) DrawPlusX8 also does color separations and I began using that. Then I came across an article showing how to get Illustrator CS2 for free, so I did that and it also handles color seps (and text warping!) just fine, despite its age and the fact that I'm using Windows 10. As far as PDF programs, I am currently using the free PDF24 products, which are free. I hope any of that was in some way helpful. .......aaaaaand here's where i remember you were looking for Mac *doh* well maybe some part of that will lead you to an actual solution lol
  9. Thanks again for another great tutorial, Olivio! I always look forward to the ''hello, my friends" lol..also, that beard color!! So I have a couple of questions for you about your work with Assets. Do you find that having a lot of them in your Asset Manager slows anything down, whether in Affinity or Windows/Mac? And, regarding your workflow, how is this versus having your resources in established folders on your computer that you can import from?
  10. I saw a sloth face! :D very cool info, thanks!!
  11. I have one for music flyers that has the size, format etc set up and then also some layers and groups that i use in every one. Saved much time on the workflow! A couple of times I have forgotten to do the Save As and ended up saving a current project in my template name file but it was easy enough to delete everything and resave it.
  12. Pariah73

    Pattern Brush Packs

    Fantastic and free! Generously done!
  13. all these years of Linux and I had never heard of PageStream lol nice!
  14. same here. In MainType 8, I can see all the various weights but not in Affinity.