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  1. I switched from MacOS (=bad politics...) finally to Linux now; but still need to run Window$ on a VM for my beloved graphic tools. Each time I start have to run Windows on to work with Affinity Photo or Adobe Lightroom it is a pain! I think the same as AffinityUser42 - if someone decide to switch to another OS, he would compare the availability of tools. And badly the best graphic tools are not available for Linux now - this holds a lot of these people in the spider world of Microsoft and Apple. I'm sure you guys are able to do a commercial Linux version of Affinity Photo - you only have to support at least Ubuntu - should be fine for the most.
  2. As I know - WebAssembly is based on 32 Bit - so the limit should be 4GB... Maybe some day with wasm64 the limit will push
  3. I also switched from MacOS to Linux - as Linux desktop is becoming extremly sexy the last 5 years. As Adobe will not move in direction of linux - I hope you guys are willing in port to Linux. because there is a lack of good alternative for Photoshop on Linux. The onyl one I'm using in the past on Mac was Affinity photo. I will join a crowd founding to make a linux port !
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