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  1. I'm developer and can tell you, that most companies are moving also their main os from windows to linux in terms of optimal and secure development environment. Maybe that's the reason why microsoft are aiming to use Linux Kernel in future and just set their own desktop on top. And I think as soon some graphic players moving their tools like Affinity or Photoshop to Linux, the private market is moving in big steps to linux desktop too. So I'm not wondering the high interest, because many I know are searching for tools with linux support and decide then to switch the OS. But if they don't find their tools, they stay at windows or mac...
  2. Oh, didn't know they start with the linux version. Maybe the reason for the good stability and performance.🎉 Thx for clearify
  3. There was already the idea of start a crowdfunding campaign to get the money for the linux port. I'm sure as soon they say what they need to make a port the community will bring in the money. I definitely will pay more to have a awesome tool for Linux. I really can't work with gimp...
  4. Do true. But luckily the world changes slowly but in a productive direction. We have still lot if windows desktop stations, but the main ci cd issues on Linux and works perfect. More and more colleges move to Linux admin main os too. They love it, how easy programming becomes with all the tools and workflows. I also do a lot of SPA based on angular and express (typescript) and thanks too visual studio code, I can do this all on Linux as well 😍 Still missing my creative tools. So Serif can really get the jackpot to be the first on market
  5. Exactly. I'm developer in job and designer at home. Love to choose the best. Ad developer I'm mainly programming cross platform with c++ (Qt) and it worked like a charm. It's not hard to create performant and good tools for cross platform. Only drawback is the increase in testing effort...
  6. I'm using DaVinci Resolve on Linux and it worked so perfect. Better performance and on mac or windows btw and much better for grading as Adobe premiere
  7. Really hope Serif get the signs of market changes and of course growing linux desktop segment. Love my lunux environment more I loved my Mac before. What really is missing are good design tools. I think the big winner is adobe or Serif, depending who is first bring in a native linux version
  8. This is exactly what moves me from Mac to Linux. MacOS is becoming more and more buggy and unstable. Windows uses too many resources and has too many bugs as well. But my feelings now is, that Serif or Adobe managers only will go the step for Linux if the creative market is big enough; badly this market can't grow without good tools. But in other sectors Linux is now more and more choice nr.1 for OS and it will also come to the private sector more and more; so maybe some day Serif or Adobe go the step to Linux to let the market grow in that area too. The big players have to make the first step, otherwise the user base will not grow in that area. Most still work with linux for video grading (f.e. Davinci Resolve) and has to use a second device for Mac or Window$ just to run the photo editing tools :(
  9. Maybe they don't have the men power to make a linux port. If it's only the money, I'm sure the community will spend or donate enough money by Kickstarter or other platforms. I definitely will donate to have at least Affinity Photo on Linux.
  10. I switched from MacOS (=bad politics...) finally to Linux now; but still need to run Window$ on a VM for my beloved graphic tools. Each time I start have to run Windows on to work with Affinity Photo or Adobe Lightroom it is a pain! I think the same as AffinityUser42 - if someone decide to switch to another OS, he would compare the availability of tools. And badly the best graphic tools are not available for Linux now - this holds a lot of these people in the spider world of Microsoft and Apple. I'm sure you guys are able to do a commercial Linux version of Affinity Photo - you only have to support at least Ubuntu - should be fine for the most.
  11. As I know - WebAssembly is based on 32 Bit - so the limit should be 4GB... Maybe some day with wasm64 the limit will push
  12. I also switched from MacOS to Linux - as Linux desktop is becoming extremly sexy the last 5 years. As Adobe will not move in direction of linux - I hope you guys are willing in port to Linux. because there is a lack of good alternative for Photoshop on Linux. The onyl one I'm using in the past on Mac was Affinity photo. I will join a crowd founding to make a linux port !
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