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  1. Is that a microwave oven? LOL. Naah, it always worked like that, by copying an existing installation, but that means having a Windows machine working for installing and upgrading. It's a PITA!
  2. Why not crowdfounding the Wine project directly to have several apps supported, like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Affinity?
  3. I think a more successful crowdfunding would be for implementing the needed features in an open source project, like Gimp/RawTherapee/DarkTable/Hugin, even as a plugin or a bunch of plugins.
  4. Actually, I don't care anymore as I have found the right tools for me on Linux.
  5. Hi, I have asked for a Linux version myself and it has been explained in detail why Affinity won't do it. In the meanwhile, I was rewarded by RawTherapee team and contributors with support for my camera and suddenly I have an ACR alternative! My lack of education made me say RT is not good enough, but I didn't know it needed actually my support in form of some profiling raw files. I am sorry to say, but it's too late for me to join. However, I wish you all 'Good luck!'! Best Regards, Mike
  6. Again no. I did not explain anything to anyone from Serif. Only to some posters not from Serif. That being said, I ask to any moderator here to erase my posts and delete my account, as I won't bother anyone anymore. Was nice to meet some of you. Thank you! Good bye!
  7. No, I have asked for a Linux version from Serif, they responded, I have tried to clarify to some that Linux is not as they think. On the other hand, people coming against a Linux version that are not Serif's employees were also uninvited to answer, so they come into this category. Like it or not. I could ask also what have you actually done for the benefit of Serif and Affinity users in these posts? Do you think you are helping them with those posts? How?
  8. I see people here coming bluntly and saying "Serif will do that, Serif won't do other". Well, I know what Serif states, but I don't understand why serif allows them to speach for itself, as they are no employees and not empowered to carry Serif's interests. Or are they? I see also people twisting other people statements. I have not even relied on Wine or Darling to run Windows/Mac applications, neither stated Linux will run Windows/Mac software. I am stating it is possible to have reliable Linux apps in any fields, if you like, I have asked for Linux support to several companies for some of their products, I have explained facts and why it is possible. My bad. There are people here that simply troll Linux users or adopters with things that are their opinions regarding Linux and what will happen to it and to companies producing commercial software for it. I am sorry, I would not even provide a response to those, but, really, I can't avoid that when some statements are so illogical. I try to be as delicate as possible. Please forgive me.
  9. Ha ha! Exactly the same board, same end. But now it is illegal. Also virtualizing under other OS than OS X.
  10. mzzfdrc said, I quote: : Yeah, Terminator runs Linux!
  11. Please explain, I don't use it, but I can download a stable and a development version. Why should I need nightly?
  12. @R C-R, stop talking truisms. I am not discussing Serif's choice. It's my duty to myself to support my opinions. It's simple to accuse Linux for all the evil in the IT world for just not being properly managed by some users or developers. And yes, it is not as bad as some might want it to be. Just read carefully what @mzzfdrc wrote, as he said it so accurately.
  13. SrPx, as being so kind and nice and balanced, I answer you this, as you deserve an explanation: there are important Linux segments that need those tools. I don't agree wih the opinion of Linux having no consistent business segment or having none or all. Some here are saying there is no value in Linux etc.. It is, even though they accept it or not. There are many guys making big money or making a living with Linux. If a company can't or doesn't take it into account, it's other story. A "pure designer" is one with a degree in design, knowing to do design for some field and making a living from it by simply drawing stuff in 2d or 3d tools. But there are crossovers, like software developers that need to design UIs, which are technical and often need to work on some other OS that their tools are built for. For these, it's a pain to maintain several OS'es just to do their job.
  14. Now I see why you don't run Linux: because you understood it wrong. Linux is not the one not supporting some software. Au contraire. Companies do not support Linux. Their choice, their loss.