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  1. For me, AfterShot Pro was not an option when I've seen their proposed stitching procedure.
  2. Sorry, but I don't see how not having internet connectivity does not affect day-to-day activities while going online.
  3. Indeed, they are valid, but what I discuss is Linux native apps. That makes a user Linux-based. Otherwise, it's rather cross OS, at least potentially as it is not Linux dependent as we are now bound to Windows/Mac for running the apps (Adobe CC, Affinity, etc.).
  4. If I'm not wrong, Figma is online. Regardless if it runs under Linux, from the user perspective, it is a browser application, so it does not count. I think apps running natively under Linux on the designer's computer count to the discussion.
  5. What Steve Jobs did when created the Mac was to innovate because he brought consistency for designers (due to his calligraphy lessons, it is said). Too bad that spirit was lost. Linux users need it, designers need it. But... ? What is that? There is no such thing, AFAIK, although I hope I'm wrong. To be a Linux-using designer you must have design software under Linux. VM is not the solution. That makes them Windows-using designers. Even though there are solutions to natively use the hardware (by the VM). It's still Windows.
  6. No, my bad. I mean, who counts them in this thread, out of the participants? As long as you say they are anecdotal, did you count them? Do you know how many here are pro or contra to be able to say they are anecdotal?
  7. Shocking :))) I've had my first positive experience with Linux .... 9 years ago! I have the same distro since then. Anecdotal... I wouldn't count them anyway. Who does? I am not emotionally attached to my Linux. I am rationally attached. I am emotionally and rationally attached to freedom.
  8. Kickstarter is for some entity that needs do develop something. But I've seen the problem put wrong here, like "we do a kickstarter for Affinity to develop something", which is a really weird point. Sorry if I'm mistaken. Anyway, the idea is that there are people needing a good graphical tool (at least) on Linux, more than only a painting one, more than only a photography one, a design one rather than all specific that exist and are good. Affinity is on the right path. There is a hope they would do it some day.
  9. @wonderings, I agree, Affinity's job is not growing Linux. I'd say there is a small graphics and design and publishing market share on Linux. But this is due to the lack of tools and it's not Linux's job to provide them either. But this is one field Linux has a small covering. I would not say Linux users don't understand business. They need this from their business perspective.
  10. Maybe it's the music, maybe I'm from that time, I don't know. I didn't have Amiga. But I recognize something: that is a software from the times when it did the job, was an honest tool optimized to run as fast as possible, in the least amount of memory, without fancy UI, but without bloatware too. A time when I've trusted it does what I need and nothing else. Where are those times?
  11. Yes, but not to forget some more important parts that might impact the Affinity application, like the specific version or flavour of some library. Usually that is solved by AppImage, Flatpak, Snap etc..
  12. In my experience, I could run binaries fine so far. AppImage is my favourite. But there are many ways. And it does not have to be universal, several distros can be selected to be certified for, if it is the case.
  13. Actually, this is a natural trend, as natural as creating iPhone specifically at that time, when we've had phones and portable media players and PDAs and more. They've provided one device to handle all. Now, those devices use one architecture and allow a simpler tuning of the system on Apple's side. Yet, I need freedom to chose my hardware and Linux offers that. If I find Apple's hardware better, I'll run even Linux on it. If not, I pick an x86 platform and so on. I can upgrade the PC as long as I need and how I see fit. For Apple I must pay a lot and change much often, they push it somehow. I write from a i7 920 platform right now, more than 10 years old, working perfectly for my needs with almost the latest Linux kernel (a 5.6 version), almost latest KDE and so on. A very stable selection of software offered by Sabayon Linux (a rolling release compiled version of Gentoo Linux) and I love it! Sure, I have newer hardware too.
  14. Something has drawn my attention in that video: the number of complains from Linux side. I think that's because Linux users are used to report problems they meet more than other OSes users. Linux users have always had access to developers directly, so they've shared their experience openly, and they are usually listened to, their problems are solved. That, without needing to implement all that metering...
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