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  1. A friend came to celebrate my son birthday. He recently bought an pretty expensive camera and lens (of about 2000$) and was concerned about its quality. I've shown him how to shoot in several conditions, from dark to bright light. I had not used Photoshop and Windows in a long time, despite I still inertially pay for CC. So, to get to them, we had to wait half of hour to upgrade, pass the BIOS setting of disabling the VT-d (Windows won't boot with it enabled after years of reporting this by so many users), even a long restart with upgrading, slow desktop due to high disk usage from the recently added batch that scans intensively the disk to feed Lightroom (as the Adobbe support told me), and upgrading the CC apps (the option was turned on, so who cares I was needeing it?). I wanted him to see what means to have all in one vs. the chain I use under Linux. After all the waiting, he was not willing to boot Windows again to show him some features. We've used Linux instead, where I look at raw images in Gwenview, develop in RawTherapee or Darktable, stitch with Hugin, retouch with Gimp with Resynthesizer, make HDR's with Luminance HDR. It's a bit more complicated to install them on Windows than on Linux, but he asked for those instead CC. Fun fact, as I use KDE and I was not mentioned I'm on Linux, he thought I have some skin solution for Windows. I was just browsing for files with Dolphin, and he asked me what is that and where to download it, for its panels and tabs features (that Microsoft announced and cancelled after...). I told him what was that about... He noticed how fast my Linux was by comparison to the bloated Windows (which is good, but full of tasks I don't even need or use, but I can't stop, as they are "fixed" to run again and again by the further updates). I know, I could boost my Windows system a bit with SSDs, but they failed in two years, so I wait for a more reliable ones and use the good old HDDs. I don't really need those with Linux. So, well, I stick with Linux for a better experience from all I need to do.
  2. Microsoft is acknowledging Linux is an important segment, time to do this others too.
  3. I am sure, but it's about assuring same experience on all the OSes, the reliability of the output, to get the same thing everywhere, even a specific distro is targeted and required, sspecially for design. I don't say it's impossible, but there are times when things go crazy, maybe once in a few years. I know, I use Linux since '96 and it's my main OS and I love it for its freedom, not necessarily for its initial price.
  4. AppImage works for me! Probably, some prerequisites would be needed, some minimum requirements would be good to know. But this is not the answer. The products must behave consistently and, as Linux user, I can tell you there are still issues related to fonts, color management and hardware acceleration at least. Some distros are better than others in fulfilling these. So, those are important technical reasons of not yet providing a Linux version. But it's still doable.
  5. Yeah! Not to mention they have a great tutorial on how to stitch your images! Manually! Great tool! Ha! Ha!
  6. Have anybody tried this? https://lutris.net/games/adobe-creativecloud/
  7. @SrPx, how long does it take for GIMP to start on your system? Under Linux, on my old i7 920, it takes 8 seconds. At most. On the same system, in Windows, it takes about 2 minutes.
  8. @SrPx, usually, GIMP is much faster under Linux. Even startup is slower under Windows. It takes minutes ... I see my life passing... But under Linux is much better. Yesterday, Hugin took endlessly to make a stitch of 12 images under Windows. A few minutes under Linux. It's obvious, those apps are Linux-based. Lately, I've found that GIMP and Hugin are collaborating fine with Darktable and RawTherapee, or DCRaw, so one could chose what to use for RAW development. This is a dream come true! I live this way now, I am so tormented by the fact that I use VT-D under Linux and Windows can't boot with that enabled... That's because there is no pro software support (in graphics and design field).
  9. Regarding the industry standard, I think EPS is that one, and I have performed my own study on how to cut the cord from AI, just in case I need it. EPS is related to printing limitation on a wide range of printers and other typographic hardware. What is wrong, IMHO, is that Illustrator embeds the AI file in the EPS for future editing purposes and relied on that, although Inkscape is capable to produce vector EPS fully reversible to the original vector, basically, but Illustrator ignores that (for EPS without transparency there is a plugin that would do the Ai compatible file here: https://github.com/tzunghaor/inkscape-eps-export).
  10. I don't find it handy. But it's just me...
  11. @SrPx, indeed, Inkscape is a very capable software, but developed too slowly. It is fun and pretty pro, I did things easier in Inkscape than Illustrator. Meshes are fantastic! I have used it for a long time, but to me, it just have become something losing the grip somehow. Features and methods went impractical in time, or changed in a way that made it difficult to use. And its main issue is if you need to provide Illustrator compatibility, because Illustrator saves its own format in EPS files and refuses to import them as vectors in the absence of that format. At least, in 2018, when I stopped using Illustrator or providing Illustrator compatible formats. And it's so hard to make extensions for it in lack of a debugger support... Illustrator has a script tool. But Gimp still does things in a very convoluted way, compared to Photoshop. At least for common photography use cases...
  12. No, 2018 and no automatic pano tool is middle ages thing. Sorry. I know PSP before was purchased by Corel. It was a great software, it is now too. But in other aspects. JC's tutorials made me reconsider and check it again... this was shocking. That's it! To me, Corel's software was always amazing and I fail to understand the technical reasons to be less preferred, except than lack of marketing... But there are cases when fails, this is one of them. They should not advertise that. JC's point of view relates to painting, where, many very good alternatives exists. I've seen amazing drawings done in MS Paint too. But photography is still Adobe's niche for some reason. There is no such complete and easy to use software as theirs in this regard.
  13. Oh God! I knew I should not watch Cutting the Cord series! I've ended here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXLNNBOSWvc If I show it to my car's AI, might crash laughing!
  14. I admit it is technically possible, but I don't trust it really happens. And there are also limitations, though.

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