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  1. Sorry, but no! The statement is misleading. You mean Affinity Photo works under a Windows guest in a virtual environment hosted by Linux.
  2. It's no reverse engineering, you just take Wine logs to detect missing APIs in order to implement them. If that would have been illegal, would have been taken care by MS long ago. Wine just bridges.
  3. Actually I don't need Affinity products anymore as I can use equivalents already. I was just pointing to another failed logic.
  4. The number of Affinity or Adobe users is less than Windows + MacOS + Android users, probably as much.
  5. Photoshop works, other component is the problem, that is part of Windows. Once that is implemented in Wine, Photoshop works fine under. Unfortunately, Affinity Photo does not.
  6. @LondonSquirrel, don't twist what I say. The problem is using a core system component which is missing from Wine, not Photoshop.
  7. Well, if you wonder how did I got using them, is not because they are free. At the time, as student, I used MS Office to write my papers, eventually I was writing a book to help my fellow students use Visual FoxPro. I was organizing it, doing complex layouts, adding images etc.. After 300 pages, it simply broke. All the stuff went mixed. A glitch in MS Office. I have rearranged it, it blew again. This time I had backup copies. So I have tried StarOffice. Was great and did the same things. Was not free at the time, there was no much Internet, I have payed the shipping and the media too. But switched away from MS Office. So it began. I use LibreOffice now, even for backward compatibility with old MS Office documents that can't be opened anymore with the current versions. The other apps were also done with a reason, a need not related to the no need of no cost to access it. They are doing things in their ways to achieve specific goals. They are more precise in some regards. For a photography hobbyist is enough. I've seen pros using them too. Even for stock photography. Let's say its a momentum to still use PS, but not a true necessity. Also the freedom. The system does not spend resources on metering and assessing the user, while the user pays for that. Not to mention selling this data. And you don't own your copy as it can be revoked and not even refunded or may lose access to your work too. Usually, when you pay for software, it's clear what you need, because you start asking for specific features. FOSS is more open, there you find more requests, the help the community to express. It's also imperfect, but I find it more reliable in matter of expectations. If I ask a paid software maker do I get what I ask for? Not necessarily. So I chose based on my needs, not on the price or the fact that if I pay for it would be a warranty of some sort.
  8. No idea about Steinberg, MS Office I don't need as LibreOffice has all I need. Also RawTherapee or DarkTable and Hugin are fine, I just need a better panorama application and Photoshop was so good so far. The irony is Photoshop works fine under Linux, its integration with the logon is the problem, technically, to run it under Wine.
  9. I trust this: https://truelist.co/blog/linux-statistics/ I believe this is paid by the Linux Corporation: https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/linux-operating-system-market-103037
  10. I certainly hope so! I see no reason to insist that much against a Linux version from a private entity.
  11. Dear, Serif/Affinity, thank you for the great and accessible tools! I must say, I understood your point, no problem, I have found my tools to replace pretty well the WIndows apps I need under Linux. I won't use Windows or Mac or Android for my needs, so it's OK if you or others won't provide Linux tools. Anyway, following this topic over time, I must say that I see here posters that are obviously paid to discourage, otherwise I don't see the point of all these approaches, direct or even rude, or apparently empathize with the Linux users then actually discouraging again those requesting Linux. No wonder why some reactions to those are in the same spirit. Why not doing the right thing, just close the topics of this kind and if you really need to know how many users would like to have it under a specific OS, open some poll for that and that's it?
  12. Running in an application in a Windows VM it's not running under Linux, regardless where that VM is hosted. I don't care if an application runs under Linux natively or through Wine. Any option is fine. If crowdfunding is an option, that makes sense to try support Wine development as long as it is not accepted by the software maker.
  13. @toxiccrack, I have got the same results for a year at least. I've even tried it under Steam with Proton. Same result. It occasionally renders here and there, but remains black and, despite I've got to make a panorama, could not pass the initial preview. I suspect it is about this Wine bug: https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45277.
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