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  1. It's can be true - or developers and staff who create affinity success have not much time to do research. I working in one company who has many greatest technical skilled people after year realize that there are thousands of thousands library and c++ tools for Unix platform, after year all migrate to Linux and avoid compiling software for Linux on the window with wine headers library.
  2. Sarcasm is poison for the soul :]
  3. NO - Thread topic is:Affinity products for LinuxWhen, how, and where can be the inspiration for that goal would be found (Library, SDL, OPENGL, MESA, GLUT, ) (Software BLE NDER 3D, GIMP, KRITA). If you don't want participation in this topic, got to another that you are interested in. :]
  4. Great news is: https://docs.gimp.org/2.9/en/gimp-introduction-whats-new-lab-lch.html
  5. Cool - that way in GIMP is USE an ICC color MANAGEMENT It's a hack but works. The full support is not about CMYK but reimplemented CIE LAB space. Whay? It's important for not reduce tiny edge of CMYK space.
  6. As you wish ;] YES this is CMYK support - you do not read carefully very important label below sliders, info about Profile assignment. Start of version 2.4 gimp already has Integrate ColorManagement system. ICC color profile can be import and assignment to desired color space. How it's work - after setting up ICC CMYK AND RGB profiles and choose the color, you can use CMYK space properly.
  7. One is technology boundaries in our mind, the second of it [technology] is implementation. Gimp has less limits if any, that were described by several trolls on this forum. The gimp was only mentioned here because it makes for many by the hands of few. Code of it and plugins are open so can be base to product better solution in gimp and or other products.
  8. Start of version 2.4 gimp already have Integrate ColorManagement system. ICC color profile can be import https://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-imaging-color-management.html https://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-pimping.html#gimp-prefs-color-management
  9. CMYK it's a space of color:
  10. YES - gimp support CMYK.
  11. It is legal case. Not all features can be put in Gimp - if of course talking about main baseline. That way is created the plugin registry repository - user on own risk install graphics plugins. Gimp development is base on how to reimplement mostly patented solution and avoid that patented code put in gimp - in short the same features but new implementations.
  12. In this topic I look for missing parts of Linux based aproche. I think work smart not harder. This is community of Pro?¿? on this forum... But in real is people making Neverending story's about system rather than Professional aproche to learn work and resolver problem by code ¦]

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