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  1. Running with terminal shows they use MoveFileTransactedW that Microsoft say will be deprecated and advises to not be used :
  2. Check if u have Dedicated Sandbox enabled in Preferences aka sandbox in sandbox ; > - from my experience it disable completely access to your Home folder even if that is accessible to the main Bottles Flatpak Sandbox
  3. Wonder what that 6% Unknown is, but anyway i don't see Affinity products on Android either so guess that is also "commercially unviable" market for Serif.
  4. This is useless discussion for hunting witches - the only one to blame for no Linux support is actually Serif not others. In the same note Codeweavers that brag themselves with running Windows apps for just $49 didn't even managed to make the Affinity products install : https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/affinity-photo
  5. You've got it upside down :> Wine is for applications DXVK,VK3D, Proton are extending it for games and have more developing power since are backed by Valve and now with Steam Deck they will get even more love :> But don't worry we already have the programs fully running so we just have to wait for the missing pieces to be added :>
  6. DXVK is used to translate DirectX 9, 10, 11 API calls to Vulkan , VKD3D is used for DirectX 12. Even if u activate both in Bottles only DXVK will be used. Also both are heavily optimized for Windows games.
  7. Well i would pay again for a native version - off course if it's available as a Flatpak package so it includes every dependency - practically eliminating the usual problems u get when not everybody is running same distro or have same libraries - and it also simplify their development and bug fixing šŸ˜†
  8. Remove the prime-run command argument and add --no-hw-ui in it's place
  9. Did u know you can use the edit button ? From the pictures you posted seems you managed to install it, but its not rendering correctly. Is this in Wayland or X11 ?
  10. What's your Distro / System specs ? Are up to date ( flatpak update ) ? Did u reinstall Bottles after removing it completely ( flatpak uninstall --delete-data com.usebottles.bottles / flatpak install com.usebottles.bottles ) ? I don't think this problem is related to Bottles but to something else on your system.
  11. Just tested Affinity installer in latest Bottles update and doesn't trow that NET 3.5 not found error. The rest is the same so still flickering and other problems we had. So now its possible to just create a new Application bottle bulk install allfonts, dotnet40, dotnet48 from Dependencies with Caffe as runner and the installer works. Although using a Custom config is more simple since it's setting up everything šŸ˜†
  12. Sorry to hear you can't test it, but i think there are other problems that need to be fixed on your system since it works for other people here.
  13. You can always switch to X11 from login screen and see if it makes a difference. Are u running latest version of Bottles ? Just do a flatpak update in terminal to be sure. L.E. And off course i forgot the most important thing you can launch with Terminal from menu and check the errors you get
  14. Maybe do a clean reinstall of Bottles either by removing it from Software Center and then go to ~/.var/app/ and manualy delete com.usebottles.bottles then reinstall or by using Terminal : flatpak uninstall Bottles --delete-data then flatpak install Bottles Don't forget to do a Full Backup on existent bottles u want to restore after reinstall.
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