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  1. Why do you use Ubuntu in a virtual machine ? Install Affinity in the host OS not the virtualized one.
  2. Microsoft joined the party later for PR : https://fund.blender.org/ Blender is supported by Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Volkswagenag, Google, Adobe , game studios etc : >
  3. Don't worry the next version of Windows will be exclusively subscription based and run only on hardware that has the Pluton "chip-to-cloud" malware. Microsoft will decide what u can run or not run on your device, remotely make your devices e-waste if they ban your account - in a nutshell China Social Credit for everybody. Your privacy will be non-existent since every device will have a unique identifier that would be sent to every entity you interact from that device "to verify if your device security is not compromised" : >
  4. @ShadeOn Windows 11/10 is just a rotten onion built from decades of development debt where they added trash on top of old trash, hardcoded fixes and call it a day. Just look at that "new" Explorer as an example - the 2 trillion $ company just couldn't write a new modern file explorer - they just glued some "mica" blurred toolbars on top : >
  5. Development version of GIMP got CMYK , GTK 3 and many other things : https://www.gimp.org/news/2022/08/27/gimp-2-99-12-released/ almost ready for 3.0 release. And it's available on Flathub beta repository :
  6. What game ? :> Anyway i have hundreds of games in my Steam Library that work natively or thru Proton on my Fedora and those games were paid for just in case the anti-linux crowd think we don't pay for things and expect everything for free or open-source. Many games i don't evem play, but bought them because they had native Linux support.
  7. My 2 cent conclusion is the majority of Windows users that combat Linux never use it or they did it during the 2005-2010 Ubuntu trend for short period of time to be cool and that's their basic knowledge. Also a big deterrent to Linux desktop adoption was and still is Novideo that can't or won't provide quality drivers that don't brick your whole system.
  8. I will simplify : Windows is Microsoft OS MacOS is Apple OS Linux is my OS
  9. The only updates Windows is getting this days are for Microsoft Shit Network (MSN) Trash News, But it's not Google (Bing) search box and Recommended Ads in your Start Menu : >
  10. It's up to date - latest version of Microsoft Landfill aka Store, that was the 1st thing i opened when booting into W10 and after the WCLibs error -that btw are being updated thru the Store if u didn't know it. Also i don't need Windows related troubleshooting because i was using it since W3.11 on an PC with Turbo button. Why do you think i use Linux ?
  11. Do you actually think i have time to waste on that trash OS called W10. Wasn't Windows suppose to be noob friendly ? The message is very clear : Ask developer for the WCLibs
  12. See on last page : Also i have like 7 x 140 WCLibs in there and the great MSIX Microsoft installer even left garbage in there from failed V2 install
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