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  1. This is something InDesign has and I make use of. It would be very useful to have it in Publisher too.
  2. While fiddling with a book page layout, I'm adjusting the margins and printing sample pages to help decide what settings I'd like to use. Is there a way ( if not, a handy little button on the Text Frame panel would be fab! ) to make all of the text frames in the document resize to fit the newly altered page margins. This could be limited to the Page Master in use.
  3. I'd also like to know if it's possible to restore an image's ratio. I updated the source of a linked image and it updated in my picture frame at an incorrect ratio, even though the previous image was the correct ratio.
  4. appaulmac

    Drag and drop jumps around

    Problem seems to have gone away with the latest beta, .170. Maybe the new square icon fixed it
  5. Latest Beta (1.7.162) on Mac High Sierra (MacBookPro 2018). See attached video. The text box jumps when dragged and even when I stop moving the cursor, it appears to continue to move by itself. It happened to other boxes too, including resizing the edge of a picture of a box Screeny Video Nov 20, 2018 at 15.19.25.mov
  6. You're a star Dominik. I'd done all that except change the anchor point! Thank you very much
  7. Does this feature already exist (and I can't find it)? Is it possible to resize a picture's frame without the picture itself (like in InDesign where you can manipulate the picture frame or separately move and size the picture within the frame)
  8. appaulmac

    Download previous Beta

    File has been uploaded
  9. appaulmac

    Download previous Beta

    Thanks for your help. I can send you a copy of the file (it's a client's mini-book, I'd rather not publicize it here). Just let me know where to send it. Actually I have three revisions and all three cause Publisher to quit. I'll have a play with the file and see if anything I do will make it open in the later version.
  10. I just updated to .157 from .145 and a document I was working on will not open. The app quits when the file is opened and displayed. The download page says Latest and Previous versions but only the latest one shows. Can I still download .145 please so I can finish my document? Thanks!
  11. appaulmac

    Crash HSL

    I see the same issue with on the Mac running High Sierra. As soon as I select Layer > New Adjustment Layer > HSL ... BOOM.
  12. appaulmac

    A Few Suggestions

    Thanks Walt. I tried using the Help text field to search for invisibles but nothing came up. No surprise, it's called SPECIAL characters!
  13. I just found out the super-fast way of creating multiple pages automatically with just a couple of clicks. This information might be written somewhere but in case anyone doesn't find it there, here's what I did. I'm working on a book (70+ pages) so I created a facing-pages document and set spread margins. I then added two pages. After this I went to the first page and placed a text frame to fit the page margin guides. I then pasted in my 70-pages of text, which obviously overflowed the single text frame on the single page. The next step is to click on the overflow arrow on the right, you can then draw out a new text frame on the next page to have the text flow into it. We hopefully all know this. BUT, if you hold down Alt (on the Mac), a new text frame that fits the page guides will automatically be added to the second page without it having to be drawn out. BUT, if you hold down Alt and Shift (again I'm using the Mac), Publisher will create as many pages as needed with text frames to fit all of the text that's still overflowing. What a fantastic feature! Great job guys.
  14. The latest Beta now supports this behavior, matching both Designer and Photo. Great job Affinity!