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  1. Sorry my english I'm not native and might not know right words, but I have 200 pages book, images and text and want to break text to pages, that text wont flow any more. I tried many thing, but don't find solution. Is there? Page brake mess everything. In indesign there was one command and it brakes texts to pages, so those don't flow any more and you can make edit, so it dont mess other pages. Is there any solution?
  2. If I understood right, with my bad english, I have same problem. Few hundred pages almost ready, want to brake those, so that text wont flow any more and I can do independent edit to pages, that it wont mess the following pages. Annoying, but I cant find way to do it. Copy Paste is too much work and it possible to do mistakes. Indesign has that feature, but dont have it anymore, just one command and you have independent pages.
  3. I downloaded your finnish hyphenation files to Afiinity Publisher. Big enormous gigantic thanks to you.

  4. Hi, I have Samsung Galaxy Book Flex and also would be interested to use Designer, Photo in tablet mode, that at least undo could add to some panel. Just click to undo, and if you can add some shortcut, scripts....
  5. I'm also waiting this. I already have one computer "Adobe free" and I'm quite happy with it.
  6. I made quick video about hypenation settings... Pub is amazing quick 467 pages in a second https://www.facebook.com/johannes.wilenius/posts/10222550667427314
  7. Tuolla facessa miten sain sen toimimaan https://www.facebook.com/johannes.wilenius/posts/10221435514069177
  8. Hey, is there coming update were is that Finnish hyphenation? Only reason I cant use publisher. I tried to read instructions, I see "Suomi" there, but hyphenation is not working. I have Catalina in my MBP, MacPro has Sierra. Any way I'm very happy with Affinity software. Photo and Designer are killer softwares. Publisher is also great, innovative and how you can jump between programs. BTW. I have in my MacPro two systems in different HardDrives and the other system will be "Adobe free" dedicated to Affinity (capture one for raw, XnView for media browsing). I've already testes and it's much faster. I totally pissed of Adobe, e.g. Bridge is just crashing and there are too many demons (daemons etc.) going on and eating my processors. ... also wondering is affinity going to do any media Browser /RAW developer. https://www.facebook.com/johannes.wilenius/posts/10218390842954302 https://www.facebook.com/johannes.wilenius/posts/10218434511165980
  9. Hi, affinity focus merge works very well. Here one screencapture video how it builds image. 26 images focus merged, Nikon microscope & olympus pen f
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