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  1. I do use it a lot in my reports for business plan, feasibility studies ... it is very helpful for the reading , having the evidence of the section/chapter that you are looking at is good, it helps those who read it. I do hope that a clean solution will be included next. Ciao
  2. Just out of personal curiosity, where did you find the tutorial movie about the "new" Master Page? It is not present on the dedicated web page (... tutorials/publisher/desktop/) Thanks & Ciao
  3. This is a possible alternative, complicated solution for a document with many chapters. Isn't there a solution similar to what is possible with word processing (ie. WORD) by inserting a field that takes the TOC/Header level 1/chapter and shows the text in the header of the corresponding pages? This seems to me to be an important necessity for some types of documents. However thank you for the suggestion Ciao
  4. In the document I'm working on I'd like to make the name of heading 1 appear (chapter title) in the header of the pages that are part of that chapter so as to have visually the evidence of the chapter of which those pages are part. The new chapter starts in a new page that would have the new chapter's name in the header. I can't find the solution in the proposed fields. Any suggestions ? Thanks & Ciao Best wishes to all for a new year full of health, love and success for you and the people you love...
  5. I apologize if it has already been treated, I am facing a problem when I try to print the current page ( see Screenshot). I have a page selected, I am writing on the same, if I decide to print that page only by selecting "current page" on the print dialog I have to pay attention to the miniature because it is not the current page that will be printed. Am I doing something wrong or its a bug ? Thanks & Ciao
  6. OK, I will follow your suggestion which make sense to me, however I hope that a word processor's approach will be taken into account by Serif. Thanks & Ciao
  7. Well I have try your suggestion, set up the whole structure , give Style names to the various levels and it is ok. Non as easy as I would have expected. I hope that some better approach will be implemented at later stage. Thanks & Ciao
  8. Please confirm it to me, I must do the insertion (\1. and \1.\2. and .....) for each and every level ? Is there a "word processor like" way of setting multilevel list ? It is not very handy ... Thanks & Ciao
  9. I apologize if it has already been treated, I would like news-instructions to create multilevel lists like these: 1. First level 1.1 Sub level 1.2 Sub level 1.2.1 Sub-Sub level I tried the Bullets and Numbering tab, but I couldn't solve it. Thanks & Ciao
  10. I do really prefer the "old " app's icon. Please do not change it. I know it is not so important, but I like the old one, in line with the other (Designer and Photo) Cio
  11. One possible solution could be this: create a single page, insert the text frames for the two languages. Then duplicate the page, duplicate again and again one at a time, then link the text frames of each language, page by page. Now move back to the beginning of page 1 in the first frame, import the text file of the first language that will flow through all the frames previously linked in all pages, repeat the import for the second language...I know it is not very elegant. Any other idea ? Ciao
  12. Hello, In Word it is easy, use the table and it flow over multiple pages, with one column in English that does not interfere with the other. In Publisher I have try but it does not work like this. Thus I try with text block... but I did not find an easy mechanism to handle 45-50 pages with two languages and pictures. I have done easy with the first language it generate the pages automatically, but I have been forced to connect block by block manually for the second language since the flow appears to continue after the end of the first language. Not and easy approach. Thanks & Ciao
  13. Hello, I have a question. I have a document in two different languages, thus on the same page I have two blocks of text side by side, one for each language. How can I link the flow of text from the blocks on page 1 to 2, 3....for each of the languages. I hope it is not the manual method block by block, language by language. Suggestions-ideas . Thank you