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  1. Hello: If Affinity Designer does the following now, please let me know how. Was surprised and disappointed that I couldn't get it to work. 🙂 I would love to see the ability to import editable text on a path from a pdf or AI file. When I've tried it, I was only able to edit individual letters, not full lines. Thanks, Peter
  2. Thanks for your reply. That must be the answer, that AD just doesn't support this feature. That's too bad, because it would be nice if it did. Consider this a feature request. 🙂 Peter
  3. Hello: I'm using the Mac desktop version of Affinity Designer on a Mac. I keep trying to import documents into Affinity Designer while maintaining editable text paths. The original documents have been created in AI and saved with the text fully editable. On import, I've tried all the various import options with the same results. The formats I've tried have been eps, pdf, and ai. A line of text imports correctly. But, text on paths imports as individual characters. Is there a way to import text on a path so it's fully editable? TIA
  4. No, sorry, I meant as in the Subtract, Add, Intersect, Xor, and Divide options.
  5. I can roll back to do the subtract if it will work, and then "roll back" to the current version. How do I do this? Thanks.
  6. Hello All: Doesn't anyone know why subtract doesn't work in Affinity Designer for the Apple font Chalkduster? And, how I can get it to work? I've tried converting the layer to outlines and that doesn't work any better than not. Looks exactly the same. For some letters in the font, extract works fine, but others not at all. I have tried several other fonts and they all work fine. I have attached a screenshot for you to see. Thanks, Peter
  7. Yes, I have the Mac App Store version of Designer and Photo, but Publisher was purchased directly from Affinity. I had a similar problem with Affinity, I think it might have been with pdfs that I had too many fonts, so I've paired them down drastically. According to Font Book, I now have 497 Fonts installed which includes all the variations. For example, I have AmsiPro as one font, but it has 46 variations. Most of the fonts are Apple fonts.
  8. Hello: My Mac is the latest 16" MacBook Pro with 24 gb of memory. The apps and system are the latest available. I find this problem with all Affinity apps (I have Publisher, Photo, and Designer), but I've been working with Photo a lot recently. I scanned a bunch of photos on my Epson V800 scanner and saved them as Tiff files. I opened a random number like 10 and they would be fine. I'd crop them, save them, and everything worked as expected. I'd go to File/Open and try another 10 or so. This might work once or twice until I'd get the "Failed to open Tiff file" error message. If I quit, then opened the next group of photos everything worked fine. So, it isn't a problem with the files or my permissions, but with a cache or something in Affinity. Because the problem would go away when I would relaunch. I find similar problems with Designer and Publisher. I'd be working with some files and then try to save them, and I'd get a message that I can't save them. I'd have to quit, open the documents up again to be able to save them. It's a bit annoying because I have to remember to save very often regardless of what I'm doing because I can't count on the app to save consistently. Is this a problem that other people are having or is it just me? Thanks, Peter
  9. Hello Carl123: Thanks, perfect! Yes, that sounds like a workaround that will work. 🙂 But, as I said previously, if Affinity can provide fill options with percentages in some dialog boxes, they should make them available in all of them. I hope they are working on adding them.
  10. +1 I just came upon this issue. Want to set opacity for the background color of a text frame, but the settings for opacity only provide a slider. I'd like to be able to set opacity by percentage so all the opacity of my frames will be exact and not based upon guesswork. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me to include a percentage in most of the dialog boxes, but leave it out in others. It would be like only showing sliders for color selection with no associated numbers. 😞
  11. +1 Is adding a color / size option to guides really that hard a feature to add? Affinity, please add this! 🙂
  12. I just tried that. No change. But, it really doesn't matter since it works correctly on the new computer. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject!
  13. The Mac I was unable to create a pdf on correctly is a MacBook Pro. I tried restarting in safe mode and then restarting again which is supposed to clear the font cache. I still had the same problem after doing so.
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