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  1. And Adobe always fixed the horrible bugs in their products ? And with each new versions, they care about the older ones?
  2. I switched from Adobe to Affinity a few years ago, after I was locked out from my Adobe stuff for 3 weeks because Internet problems after moving to a new house. Customer service was horrible and no help at all. Frustrated and angry as hell, I was looking for another solution and find Affinity. I really like it a lot. Sure I miss a few things from Adobe PS , but there is always a workaround. Have all 3 Affinity products and will update them as soon as the new version is out. Even at the full price. No, I do not think Affinity is dead.
  3. Just installed the new versions from Affinity .(All three) All goes well . Amazing update. So happy with this Software suit.
  4. I have the same problem. Have a huge collection of brushes from my Adobe time and import my most used in Affinity. Incredible mess. Would really love to have the possibility to sort them better.
  5. This is awesome. Take care of you all.
  6. Still messing with styles in Designer. After a few try and error, i figure out how to rebuild my old PS styles. But I have trouble with saving the styles. It saves also the Font and font size. (Which I really don't want). Any tricks how to avoid it?Also my background get saved in the style. Any help really much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you so much :) This week I just clean my External HD from any Adobe stuff which is now useless to me. PS actions, styles, custom shapes etc..AI stuff, Lightroom presets. Now it is time to stock up again for Affinity.
  8. I apologize if this was already asked, but I really could not find any topic for my question. I have from my Adobe time 100's of 100's styles. For text etc. Many purchased, free download, but most of the selfmade. My favorites ones are the Vintage and lettering styles ,where I created many ,many of them. Now I would like to do it in Affinity Photo too. Create my fav styles and save them.But honestly I have no idea how. I watched one tutorial from here , but somehow it did not work for me. (Safe style from selection) .For some reason I save just rien. Any help is much appreciated .Thanks in advance.
  9. I replaced for now my Lightroom with Darktable. Free and open source. I really love it.The learning curve is a bit rough, because a lot of possibilities to refine your images, but it does really a fantastic and professional work. When Serif come up with a Lightroom replacement, it will be for me an instant buy. *cross fingers* Even when I like Darktable, but a working pipeline between Affinity products would be a big plus for me.
  10. Sorry for the laughing smiley, but I had to laugh so hard. Adobe I avoid now too like a plague. I was before a real Adobe fan-girl and here I am now
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