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  1. Baptiste

    Puppet warp

    Any news on this feature ?
  2. Yes but then, it's not possible to auto-align items of this stack. I must export each layers, and open them again in order to auto-align them... A perfect feature would be to allow the auto-alignment from a stack already imported.
  3. It's totally the problem. I must edit the image by removing the foreground, then, align all and then replace the foreground previously removed. This for all the photos... It's a quite horrible work... And, it's not a question, I really asking if it could be a feature in future version. Adding the possibility to align different layers after there were imported and not only align images during importation...
  4. Hi' all ! I'm trying to align photos in order to procced to a noise reduction. However, if I use the classic stacking method (File -> Open stack) the alignement is made on the foreground (or maybe the part of the image is the easiest to align ?) and I don't want to ! My photos are milky way photos. In order to reduce noise in the sky I would like to align multiple photo of the milky way on the stars and not on the foreground (moutains, people, ...). Is it possible to have a feature like this ? Align layers once we have applied a mask ? Thank you for your answer :)
  5. Hello everybody and thank you affinity team for the update Same here, on windows 7, affinity photo, I tried to reset settings, nothing block internet access and no link on welcome screen :