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  1. I second this. I will add that a toggle behaviour for isolating a layer or a mask would be helpful too. For example: alt+ click to reveal a mask, alt+click to return to the composite view.
  2. I also would like it, together with the option to display the NAME of the brush, sometimes the preview of just the tip of the brush doesn't tell much, especially if you have brushes with settings dedicated to specific tasks.
  3. :) There's already post with a similar title in the "Feature request": https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28794-numerical-input-for-curves-control-points/ but I can't say whether it's being considered (thought I really hope so).
  4. Actually you can: once you set up the gray and the threshold layer, open the info palette, and drop the target icon on the black spot. In this way you keep track of the values under that pin. Then, (and here is the cumbersome part, since we don't have a way to enter values directly nor we have a way of storing control points on every channel of the curve adjustment in one single click, which is VERY limiting), select each channel, grab the picker tool and drag until it reaches the value of 128 (you have to check it in the info palette). Of course, in PS you do it in just one click.
  5. I thought it was a bug of my windows beta version, I couldn't believe it wasn't implemented.. It would be nice also to have, together with the implementation of this blending mode, the equivalent of Photoshop's "Fill" and not just "Opacity", otherwise this mode (and other as well, namely Color Burn, Linear Burn, Color Dodge, Add (Linear Dodge), Soft Light, Overlay, Hard Light, Vivid Light, Linear Light, Hard Mix, and Difference ) it's not that much useful, because "Fill" operates somehow on the intensity of the blend mode, not just the degree of its visibility (i.e. its opacity).
  6. It's possible with a curve adjustment blended to saturation, to desaturate you move the point on the curve UP if it's in the lower half (darks), DOWN if it's in the higher half (highlights).
  7. Is there a way to have a vector mask? And how and where can I save the paths I created?
  8. I second this, being able to set specific values by numbers would be very helpful. I'd also add the ability to: - move through control points with a shortcut (in PS is Shift++), - move the control point also by 10 units increments (in PS is Shift+ ↑) - set a control point AND a new sampler of the color picker when clicking on an image (maybe with a modifier, like shift+ctrl+leftclick) (by the way, I know we are talking about curves, but having the samplers numbered would be helpful, too)
  9. Thank you Chris for your reply, looking forward to seeing it implemented!
  10. Hello, I was wondering whether there is a way to hide the little preview when using the clone brush. Where can I find the settings for this? Thank you in advance
  11. Hello, I don't know whether this is a bug or a feature not implemented yet: if the latter, my apologies in advance. In the layers panel, I found that if I drag a layer onto the basket icon, the layer is trashed, but if I drag it onto the "new layer" icon, nothing happens, while I would expect a duplicate layer to be created. The same for the mask icon, nothing happens, while I would expect a new mask to be created, around the non-transparent pixels of that layer. Thank you for your consideration!
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