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  1. That did the trick, thank you! Thank you!
  2. I created a new square brush and in the brush 'Dynamics' I've set the Rotation Jitter to 100% and selected 'Direction'. I assumed that the square brushe's x-axis would now align to the direction of my stroke but it still is aligned in a 90 degrees setting to the x and y axis of the page. What must I do that the square's axis follows my stroke instead?
  3. Sapiento

    My Cartographic Work

    No cartography, but a mix of fantasy and medieval style art. Some years ago I did a series of images, a Lovecraft-Middle Ages mix, you can find them on my website (see link below). This image is new and also uses a new style (more Morgan bible than Bayeux tapestry). Done in AP.
  4. Sapiento

    My Cartographic Work

    Thank you! I was given a general description of the city and some of the buildings, the rest is artistic freedom. - Typo (file changed now). - I imagined many of the yards as construction halls with roofs. - A cemetery, but more a necropolis with large mausoleums and conglomerates of graves. - Dead-ends are so...dead-ends. - No explanation for this.
  5. Sapiento

    My Cartographic Work

    Again a commissioned piece. A huge city with very large public buildigns.
  6. It seems I'm learning a lot about AP and AD today. Thank you very much, I wasn't aware of that possibility, despite my efforts to find a solution.
  7. Sapiento

    My Cartographic Work

    Thank you very much! Doing commissions means often that I have to follow the clients' wishes. Stylewise I have often much freedom, but text and labels are usually provided by the client.
  8. Sapiento

    My Cartographic Work

    A personal project, done in AP.
  9. Sapiento

    My Cartographic Work

    A commissioned map, drawn in AP, with design elements from AD added.
  10. Sapiento

    Brush size

    Hi stokerg, Thank you. Is it possible to change the default size? Resizing it in 'More' is just what I do now. I think to keep the original size would streamline the work flow.
  11. I have a question regarding the creation of image brushes. The attached image of a tree (I'm drawing fantasy maps so that is quite a useful brush) is 21 x 35 pixels large. However, when I create a new image brush from this .png file, the brush size is 64. This is not very useful, as - of course - the elements on the image shall have the correct size in relation to other elements. Of course, I can resize it to the orginal dimension, but it would be better if the brush has the same size as the original image. Am I doing something wrong or is this issue a AP thing?
  12. I'm aware of this. But keeping it editable is exactly the thing that seems important for me when working with text. As a workaround it's possible to copy and paste a 'text on path' from AD, but it would be of course make it simpler and quicker to have this option in AP, too.
  13. Indeed. I had not expected this command to be found there. Thank you!
  14. Also, 'Copy Layer Effect/Style' from one layer to another would be a huge help.
  15. In the current version there's no way to curve text. That would be a very useful feature.