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  1. At least a good export in a vector format would work. For transformed and curved text.
  2. The text for export, especially .psd, should be fully editable, no matter if the text is curved, stretched or rotated. Maybe even if a FX is applied, but I guess that's a minor point. The lack of this feature is a major drawback IMO. Many of my clients need to edit the text themselves and most use PS. I know a lot of artists who need this feature.
  3. I can do away the FX, that's not the problem, but the curved text is really an issue.
  4. Thank you. The result is only slightly better. The curved text is now one layer per letter - that makes hundreds of layers (letters) instead of some dozen words. For practical use for commissions this is completely useless. This is a major drawback of AP.
  5. Yes. Outer Glow effect, text on path (edited in Designer) and rotated text.
  6. I just used 'PDF (for export)' in AP, but I cannot edit the text in Photoshop or Illustrator. It gets rasterized.
  7. Is any of the export formats keeping the text editable? .psd export rasterizes the text, so that is useless. Any other option?
  8. A pirate isle and the surrounding coast. Traditionally drawn with 0.1 and 0.3 liner pens, scanned and coloured and labelled digitally with AP.
  9. Currently the Paint Brush Tool has no function assigned for Right Click. I think it would make sense to add a 'Right Click' command to open up a small bar that shows the (8, 10, 12?, maybe customizable) recently used brushes. That would speed up the drawing process. Another way to use it would be to open a UI for changing the brush width and hardness.
  10. Beta works fine, no problem with the pen. I hope the new version is released soon.
  11. I have the latest version of Affinity Photo and a Wacom Intuos 3 Wide, Windows 10. I tried to draw in a A1 sized document but when I move the pen over the tablet there is a noticeable timelag of the brush cursor and also no fluent movement, the cursor jumps. It goes away as soon as I start drawing, but is very difficult to meet the point where I want to start with the drawing. No problem with A2 or smaller documents. Also no problem with smaller documents that are open at the same time in another window. Closing a A1 document and creating a new one duplicates the issue. Also no problem when I use the mouse in a A1 document. The problem begins when I add a new pixel layer.
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