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  1. Hi, Locking layers in Affinity currently "locks transformations" but should make the contents of a layer "read-only". While a transformation lock might make sense in Affinity Designer, it is definitely not sufficient in Affinity Photo. The current behavior is confusing for many users: In Affinity Photo, this issue is particularly frustrating because layers tend to take up the whole canvas when editing photos. As an example, I often alt-click to isolate a layer or mask. When I'm done with that particular mask, I click on the background to see the whole image. If I'm not attentive, I can draw on the background layer and only realize when it's too late. Yes, I should pay more attention. Yes, it's my fault that I'm easily distracted. But in other software, I can rely on locks to stop me from making such mistakes. Affinity promises me a lock but gladly destroys the original image. I'm not alone in being surprised by this behavior as the link above shows. Users are being confused for more than 3 years now. The layer lock in Affinity fails the principle of least suprise. I'm sorry if this post sounds like a rant. I find the Affinity Suite an otherwise fantastic piece of software. It's just frustrating that such a glaring oversight is being accepted as "by design".
  2. Hi, is this issue still being considered? I find it dangerous that a locked layer can still be modified. And as shown by all the forum posts over the years, it goes against the principle of least surprise. A lock in almost any other software implies that the layer is read-only, with a partial lock requiring further and explicit steps. Despite the argument that layers can only be selected intentionally, it is easy to select the wrong layer by accident. It has happened before to me, it will happen to others. I'm loving the Affinity software suite and have recommended it to others. However, having such grief knowing that it could have otherwise be avoided and reading that it is "by design" makes me wonder which other surprising decisions might be lurking around. Please, no bad surprises.
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