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  1. Krustysimplex

    Wow, tabs in text do not work right.

    Problem is, he would first have to find a workaround to make the current user-hostile Designer tabs vaguely usable.
  2. I certainly hope so. Affinity Designer's inadequacy here is probably the biggest issue that keeps me using Illustrator for most work.
  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! Everything JET just said!!!!!!!!
  4. Krustysimplex

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    You clearly haven't tried to do anything serious with the current AD implementation of tabs. Rumour has it that the Geneva War Crimes Tribunal is considering banning it as cruel and unnatural punishment.
  5. Krustysimplex

    Photoshop Ruler tool

    Yeah. What ahornero and createsean said.
  6. Krustysimplex

    Copyright information in metadata

    One of the things that keeps me using Photoshop is IPTC metadata entry and editing.
  7. Add me to those wanting DXF/DWG import/export. I regularly receive DXF/DWG files to use as base art for magazine/brochure artwork. Illustrator handles them fine, pity about Designer.
  8. Krustysimplex

    Focus Merge question

    Focus stacking apps tend to have trouble distinguishing between low-contrast, in-focus renderings in one layer and and higher-contrast, out-of-focus renderings in other layers. That's why the depth retouching tools in Zerene Stacker and the professional version of Helicon Focus are so useful. I almost always have to use this function to fix specular highlights in photographs of metallic objects.
  9. I assume this will be included in AP. I quite often encounter situations where it's indispensable in ID.
  10. Krustysimplex

    [ADe] Dimension tool

    Back in the days of Freehand v1 we had to work out measurements by drawing rectangles around the parts of a design we needed to measure, noting the rectangle's width or height, deleting the rectangle and then doing whatever using the dimension. T'was clumsy and time consuming, but then we got Illustrator 88 with – happy happy, joy joy – the measure tool. It seems kind of weird having to go back a quarter of a century in AD. (The other Great Leap Forward for accurate work in Illy 88 was the average point command, but that's a whole nother issue).