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  1. rubs

    Updating linked images?

    I wouldn't mind embedded images being the only option if AD compressed them, but since this doesn't seem to be the case, I wonder if this means we are stuck with those giant file sizes forever.
  2. Just a follow-up. Actually it took about 30 minutes. The download speed varied wildly during the download.
  3. Maybe you'd like to know that while Designer 1.6.5 (from store.serif.com) loads in less than a minute, the beta download is very slow. Chrome says it won't be ready before a couple of hours (!)
  4. Er... Didn't try the beta yet, but AFAIK version 1.6 does. Does this mean that 1.7 will be slower than 1.6? Please explain, thanks.
  5. Yes, that or an additional checkbox in Preferences > Tools panel. Also, selecting multiline text lines (artistic or paragraph) may be also confusing, since the selection is based on the bounding box that surrounds the text block... Another new check box for that would be nice
  6. rubs

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Great news! Please keep us posted.
  7. rubs

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    I'm glad to know you were finally able to reproduce it!
  8. That may be true. But long processes should run in a separate thread so they don't block the main application. (I'm sure the devs already know that) On the other hand, editing a color shouldn't take so long.
  9. Any conversion from PNG to BMP and vice-versa should be pixel-perfect since both formats are lossless. Bad results are often due to use of JPEG images or scaling. It would be best for you to upload both images here so we can see what's going on. Cheers!
  10. Found a crash that happens when many artboards are present and a global color is edited. The steps to reproduce it are: Load the document below. Select the document palette. Select one of the color swatches in the document palette. Make the color global. Click Edit fill. Click anywhere in the color wheel. AD becomes immediately unresponsive. Cheers, Crash edit global color.afdesign
  11. Hokusai, Affinity Designer is now my main UX design tool, and I use it very heavily on a daily basis since the first Windows beta. I think it has one of the best UIs around and certainly the best workflow for my tasks. As a professional UX tester, I tend to take bugs quite seriously. I keep a record of all AD issues I know of, and I also use this forum mainly to report and discuss them, helping the team wherever possible. As for the platforms, most problems I know of seem to be common to PCs and Macs. All things about artboards, symbols, grouping, compounds, constraints, export persona, adjustments, etc. seem to reside in the main code AFAIK. But I also know there are performance problems and some other issues that are specific to the Windows version. Anyway, AD is still my main and tool and will continue to be, hopefully for a long time. I hope it evolves in a positive way. This obviously includes keeping the platform as stable and bug-free as possible.
  12. But unfortunately Affinity Designer has hundreds of bugs. They range from simple issues to fully problematic areas (like constraints), plus serious memory and performance issues on the PC. I believe the team is fully aware of those issues and they will address them sometime, if not already.
  13. rubs

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    It would be interesting to ask some of the users here which CPU/GPU configurations they use. Maybe the problem gets worse with integrated Intel graphics. My main PC is an i7-7700K with 16 GB RAM, GPU with on-board Intel HD Graphics 630. In another machine with a Xeon processor and NVidia graphics (don't have the exact specs now, it's from a client I work to) the problem is much less noticeable, if at all.
  14. rubs

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Hi Mark, I've downloaded the beta, but I'm short on time now. I'll certainly test it for CPU usage. Congrats to you and the team for the new product!!!
  15. rubs

    Affinity Designer - High CPU Usage When Idle

    Hi @Mark Ingram, were you able to reproduce the problem in your tests?