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  1. I believe this is an undocumented change in AD Beta. AFAIK this was already there, I've already observed this behavior. I didn't install beta 331 yet.
  2. To clarify, I export all artboards as PNGs. AD does not provide auto-numbering or batch numbering, so if I need to add a new screen between two existing ones I'll probably have to rename something. For example, if I already have screens 100 layout 1 and 100 layout 2 and I want to insert a new one between them, I should rename 100 layout 2 to 100 layout 3 and rename the new screen to 100 layout 2. Multiply this by many screens and many days of work and you get a painful process. I'm never sure if all this renaming will work because of this (old) bug, so I need to double-check slice names it all the time until Serif fixes it. Hope you understand all this!
  3. Yes, thanks. That's easy enough, but it's a problem when you work with many dozens artboards and you keep adding and editing them all the time like me and my partner. We use AD for UI design so most files grow quickly to many screens, all numbered. Still needs fixing IMO...
  4. Maybe this is already fixed on macs, I'm not sure. I'm using Designer beta on Windows. If this is the case maybe MEB could move or split this thread, sorry.
  5. I believe I found a sure-fire way to replicate the bug: Open a multi-page PDF file so it becomes a new document. Just 2-3 pages will suffice. Affinity will number them Page 1, Page 2, etc. In the Export persona, select all artboards and click Create slice. This will create slices named Page 1, Page 2, etc. Back in the Designer persona, rename one of the artboards. Go to the Export persona. The slice name does not change. I hope it gets fixed now!
  6. Right! That's probably because Windows is in pt-br and Affinity Designer is set to en-us. (Serif's Portuguese translations are quite bad.)
  7. That's Portuguese for "name" -- not so different
  8. Thanks for your answer, now I understand what's happening. Unfortunately this particular file is subject to an NDA, so it cannot be shared with other people. Anyway agree with you, this message shouldn't even exist!
  9. When opening some files from a coworker I get the following: If I click Yes, I get an Open dialog with the following option: This would make sense for Affinity Publisher, but Designer is the only app we have and use here. Since AD doesn't even have a resource manager, how can I even know which is the name of the missing resource(s)? Aren't all resources in AD embedded? I don't think there is anything missing from the file, so why the question? How can I make it go away? I'm confused... Please advise, thanks!
  10. The fact that the measuring guides for artboards never worked as for others objects (Ctrl key does nothing) makes it even worse.
  11. It was always easy to inadvertedly misalign artboards and get blurred results on export. This is now easier than ever. Please go back to what it was before.
  12. This is annoying and started with the latest beta. Hope it gets fixed in the next one.
  13. Oops, spoke before checking out a large asset collection. Nope, the search performance is still sluggish, e.g. in the Material Design Icons collection.
  14. I know you'll say you didn't touch the snap settings again , but I feel like they just went back to normal in build 284. BTW, thanks a lot for the fixes in the new Assets panel.