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  1. I believe a logical way to do that would be to position the fill to the right or to the left (starting from the first node) for open shapes. Thus we'd have: Closed shapes: Align stroke to Center, Inside, Outside. Open shapes: Align stroke to Center, Left, Right.
  2. Muito bom saber disso, espero que encontrem uma solução logo. Obrigado!
  3. Ideally, stroke align should also work for open shapes. Would be great for those 1px lines in UI design. This was debatad some time ago in this very forum. Perhaps someday...
  4. Good to know that. I hope the devs fix it soon!
  5. Thanks, Sean. This is happening to all my project files.
  6. This time I noticed, the hang happened again when trying to close a small document. For other documents AD took a while but responded again.
  7. Hi Sean, Try the following: 1. Open the file below. (I couldn't recreate it with a new file.) 2. Check the Export persona. You'll see the slice is named Artboard1. 3. Go back to the Draw persona and create a copy of the existing artboard. 4. Rename the new artboard to Artboard2. 2. Check the Export persona again. You'll see both slices are named Artboard1. Artboard.afdesign
  8. Whew. Thanks dominik, I was starting to think I'm crazy
  9. With this new beta I got the "not responding" Windows screen three or four times already (see screenshot below.). I can't say if there's a specific action that's causing the crash. I'm working on a 3 MB project with 15 artboards and some symbols.
  10. Strange, it's pretty consistent both in versions and beta. Anyone?
  11. Some new bugs were introduced some versions ago and were not fixed yet. One of them is illustrated below. To reproduce: Create a new object. Move it using the keyboard arrows (or Shift+arrows). Hold Ctrl or Alt to start a copy. Mouse-drag the object to copy it. The old object goes back to the old position.
  12. Okay, I'll test this again provide a sample file later. Thanks.
  13. Good fixes! Keep'em coming. I wonder if you will fix a regression with the Export persona that appeared in the latest releases, i. e., changing an artboard's name does not change the corresponding slice name anymore. This creates warnings in the slices panel and can easily be overlooked. Thanks.