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  1. I'm glad you reproduced it, Mark. My local setup is indeed Intel Graphics. The other one is a NVIDIA Quadro / Xeon, and it crashes too. P. S. You may have noticed the "phantom" white artboard while dragging. Probably unrelated, but you never know.
  2. Hi Dominik, Just use the Move tool. Zoom to around 10% and you'll easily get a crash. Tested in two different machines, same results. See video below.
  3. No, sorry, I wasn't clear enough. Just drag it around with the mouse so that it passes below the other artboard. Eventually you will get a crash.
  4. Hi, gives a crash similar to the ones I had before. The file is attached below. To reproduce it, zoom to around 10-15%, then try moving Artboard1 behind Artboard2 several times. If you try enough, you will get a crash. Crash when moving.afdesign
  5. In this version, the "multiple export values warning" icon lights up even when I have a single slice selected. That slice does export PNG and SVG, but I thought this would make sense only if I have multiple slices selected and their export values are different (see here). Is this a bug, or I have misunderstood its meaning again?
  6. Mark, thanks for the frequent betas! I still see some regressions and new quirks, though. Here's a partial list of my own just you make sure you don't forget about them Text frame vertical alignment tooltips have no proper title (should be e.g. "Vertical alignment: center" instead of "_Center") Text frame vertical alignment should be disabled for artistic text Must press Esc twice to deselect object after moving it with keyboard arrows (also with Shift+keyboard arrows) When copying artboards, the corresponding slices are not copied as before (Speaking of vertical alignment, how about "middle" instead of "center", which is already used for horizontal alignment?) Thanks,
  7. Another seemingly related bug in 1.6: 1. Start a new document. 2. Create a simple text. 3. Apply an outline. This updates the color swatch accordingly. 4. Undo. The color swatch doesn't update. This seems only to occur with a new document or immediately after reverting to defaults.
  8. I see that as of 1.6 this problem has not been fixed yet. Any plans?
  9. You're right! It does take a long time even with a very fast machine (mine is a i7-7700K), but the font performs quite well in Affinity Designer so this is actually a Windows issue, nothing wrong with the font. Thanks Alfred! No need (see above).
  10. There's also a problem previewing the font WhickerTC.ttf under Windows. It installs fine though.
  11. It doesn't open with 7-zip, but I was able to open it using Windows Explorer.
  12. Mark, are there any differences between builds 88 and 89?
  13. I just tried it in and and the Colour Chooser does not update using the X key, even after many seconds. Looks like a a regression from previous versions to me.
  14. Great, thanks. Looking forward to a solution!
  15. Hi, I'm using bitmap fills for the first time it seems to have some odd bugs. After creating one, I can move the origin just after scaling, but just once. After that, the origin moves to another point and everything gets scaled. Also, the repeating pattern is obviously stretched near the origin. I hope the gif below makes these matters clearer. I'm using, but I've duplicated it on as well. Bitmap fill bugs.afdesign