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  1. This is a really annoying bug. Will you fix this for the next beta? Please?
  2. I think using the selection color and line styles (or other visual indicators in the selection) would be great for this and other uses. See here for a related idea concerning using the selection color for symbols:
  3. I liked it, it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately I had to go back to Xara Designer to avoid those huge file sizes. In the meantime, I still think the best would be to decide if we want speed or a small footprint via an option in the Performance tab. Anyway it's good to know that you are looking into this. Thanks for your answer!
  4. My company and I use CorelDRAW 15 (X5) on Windows 10. I remember we had to do some hacks to make the menus visible, but that was about it.
  5. In the latest beta (I never noticed it before), pressing Esc in the Text Height field in the context toolbar does not take you back to the working area. The control goes blank instead. Pressing Esc again brings the current value back, and so on. Please take a look at this -- thanks.
  6. Yep, same thing in the Windows version as expected. This bug was recently introduced by the devs and was already reported a while ago, but unfortunately nothing was done to fix it so far.
  7. BTW, I wonder why the Align drop-down has the Done / Cancel buttons. They seem a bit old-fashioned compared to the other tools. Undo works perfectly in AD, so I think they may well be removed.
  8. Still there. Look at the screenshot below where the render is frozen for several seconds. This bug was introduced some versions ago.
  9. Not quite, unfortunately. It quickly builds up to 40% and stays there even when idle. (See the image below.) I think this issue is still not addressed in this version. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  10. I've made more tests and In fact it does work in Inkscape when Copy items as SVG is enabled. Some multi-path objects got corrupted, though.
  11. Thank you for the workaround, it's simple enough. Now, shouldn't AD subtract the objects correctly anyway? I've exported the objects as a PDF and Xara Designer subtracted the objects just as expected.
  12. It seems I can't subtract the red object from the black object to get the result on the right. I tried dividing and re-combining, then changed the fill modes, but the result was always different from what was intended. For previous experience with other vector software and 3D modelers, I guess an option to reverse the node order of individual segments would solve the problem, but I can't be sure. I also get similar problems when trying to export icons as fonts (using Fontello and other tools). Subtract bug.afdesign
  13. Yep, thanks. PDF works, that's what I'm using so far. But I just think things in AD should just work as intended.
  14. I think it did, but I may be wrong indeed. What I do remember is that AD previously crashed Xara Designer, then Serif fixed something and the crash was gone.