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  1. I agree with you all; the Windows version does have tons of bugs and problems, but it's not unusable. I switched from Xara Designer (after 20+ years) to Affinity Designer and I don't regret it because it is a modern tool with lots of potential. However I hardly ever use constraints, symbols, artboards, export formats etc. without working around several bugs and the occasional crash. It all depends on the way you use it, I think. I made some illustrations with AD some time ago and I don't recall having any major problems. Anyway, I believe the devs are quite right in focusing on solving the problems before adding more features (and potentially more bugs). Just my 2 cents.
  2. Page names would be quite handy in the exported PDFs. Layers are already exported using their names, which is great, but for some reason artboard names are ignored in the exported file. Is there any particular reason why this is not implemented?
  3. It's not the concept, of course, it's the rendering. It looks terribly blurred in the Windows version. Please take a look at the image in my first post.
  4. Okay, great, it's a useful warning. Maybe a tooltip (and a good-looking icon) would be handy. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. This is a characteristic to all LCD and "LED" monitors. Colors may change with the viewing angle due to the polarization used. To get the precise values of a color, better use a screen utility with hex display: Magnifixer, Just ColorPicker, etc.
  6. I'm not sure what you guys mean. I can easily Ctrl+select objects inside constraint groups or regular groups both in 1.5 and in the beta.
  7. Hi, Does anyone knows what this warning sign means? It appears in the export options panel in the Export persona. It has no tooltip (and looks pretty awful, BTW). Thanks for any tips.
  8. I was preparing to send you a file that causes a number of problems with symbols and I discovered a new crash. Select all objects with Ctrl+A, then move them outside the artboards. Bug - symbols always update 3.afdesign
  9. Oh, but this behavior is not particular to the file I've sent. No symbol layers are marked as such in AD. But I agree, they should be.
  10. Yes, that's a quick mockup.
  11. Perhaps something like this would work? Just an idea.
  12. Hey Matt, thanks your answer. I hope these bugs with constraints (and Symbols, they seem to be related at times) are moved to the top of the list and really get fixed ASAP. I have an ever longer list of related bugs if you want.
  13. Yes, please. But please do not bring the Escape key bug again in the process
  14. It's easy to get this when you open the slices panels and you scroll a lot. I just provoked the freeze doing just that in beta My CPU got stuck around 15% and I had to kill the process.