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  1. Hi Sean... No, no tablets. Just a regular mouse. I'll try to post the config and a video showing the problem when I'm back there.
  2. Good point. The feature works normally in my Windows 10 machine but I can confirm it is broken in my client's machine which runs Windows 7. Can't access the latter now, otherwise I would try carl123's workaround. So probably the drag-and-drop feature is OS related.
  3. For some time now I cant find a reliable way to configure slice names in the "Configure additional properties" anymore. Dragging and dropping variables from the lower panel is broken. Will this be fixed?
  4. I believe this was fixed in the latest betas, but I didn't see anything in the changelogs...
  5. Yeah. That. Much requested option in these forums.
  6. That's not necessarily bad. Serif must make a profit in order to stay in business. And artboards are powerful enough for most design tasks. When I started using AD I thought I would miss pages (coming from Corel and Xara), but today I find artboards better and more flexible. They could be improved in several ways, but this is a separate subject.
  7. Yes, so I did. But I still think it would be great to have those icons.
  8. So the safe bet would be to just ignore the message and assume the images are in the document?
  9. Hi all, I see that in AD 1.7 we now have seven operations under the Layer > Geometry menu: but there are only five icons: I don't know what is the difference between Divide and Separate, but the Merge icons is definitely missing. Customize Toolbar doesn't seem to help. Any tips?
  10. But look at what I got today in AD And this time it does work as expected, replacing images and all. So does this mean that finally AD has got linked images? Or it shouldn't appear at all? I'm still confused.
  11. The file was made in a previous 1.7 Beta by a colleague, but he doesn't remember if there was any saving errors. We never tested Publisher, nor opened the file in any other app then Designer. What might have happened (can't be sure at this time) is that this particular file was created by editing a previous AD 1.6 document. Fortunately we keep several previous versions of all our work. I've just uploaded them for you to check: v01-v03, apr 4-9, no errors. v04, apr 18, smaller file with error, maybe with the pixel layers were lost here. Perhaps you can find what's missing by comparing versions 3 and 4. P. S. I wish Serif support was always so quick to respond, thanks!
  12. Previously the beta versions were clearly marked, not sure when the developers changed it.
  13. I think the Export Persona is a great idea. It's meant to automate repetitive tasks such as deciding which slices to export, naming them and remember your settings, among others. (It was one of my deciding factors when I moved from Xara to Affinity Designer.) I don't see multi-page PDFs would conflict with the existing options. To me it's still an omission, and a quite easy one to solve to begin with. Judging for the many topics regarding the subject to date, others seem so think the same way.
  14. So... after all this time and many betas, exporting as a multipage PDF from the Export persona still doesn't work. It's just a matter of adding a checkbox, the functionality already exists in the Export PDF dialog. Exporting manually every time is cumbersome.

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