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  1. rubs

    Removing guides

    If you use artboards, sometimes guidelines are not removed. They are invisible, but they are there. The only way to remove them is to use the Guides Manager. See below. This seems to be another old bug that reappeared in the latest build(s).
  2. Yeah, I know that. My mistake. I shouldn't be using the beta for production. I tested AD 1.7 quite a few times before deciding to go this route, I needed isometrics for some infographics and I thought the beta was stable. I was wrong and now I regret it. I'm going back to 1.6 for new projects now. About betas, they are meant to be more stable with each release, not the other way round. Also, good software development practices dictates that beta testing must be done internally by a specially dedicated team so major bugs will not be released to users. If found, these should be quickly corrected with top priority. Also, big changes (even internal ones) should always be clearly documented. And so on.
  3. I'm really sorry to say that, but build 258 deserves the special Serif award "buggiest of them all" (on top of an already enormous list of old bugs). Some of the newest bugs -- difficulties with snapping, unwanted duplicate objects + undo problems, new performance bottlenecks -- seem to be related to undocumented changes. Something needs to be restored to the way it was before. I'm starting to regret using the beta, but since version 1.6 does not open any 1.7 files, now I'm stuck. I'm starting to get a bit tired of all these problems. Some of them seem simple enough to address but were never solved, and after all these years I feel they never will because we never get objective answers about what's going on. Everything is a big surprise. Is it just me, or anyone else feels this way? Sorry again, couldn't help it this time.
  4. Me again... Snapping is definitely much more difficult in the latest beta. The simplest things e.g. snapping objects to artboard edges, must be done very slowly because the snapping range seems to be just one pixel which is easily miseed. Please at least provide an option to leave things as they were!
  5. Good, thanks. Anyway I believe the team should look at it. This bug was introduced a couple years ago and never solved. AD not fully supporting previous versions of itself is bad.
  6. It's definitely happening with new documents as well, at least in the last beta.
  7. Move tool in Affinity Designer v. beta for Windows. Hahahaha, no comments. Yes, thanks. As stated above disabling "include bounding box midpoints" restores it to what it used to be. I agree, but I always use 6 digits for pixels because this will guarantee pixel-perfect results, and it sure does. Not every other tool does it. Being able to set the this kind of precision is one of the great things Affinity provides us. Yes, looks like it. You can see small boxes around characters when moving the text object. Yes, that's what I'm doing now, thanks. I look forward to next build will these fixes!
  8. Yeah, I know... But I couldn't resist it, hehehe. Sorry for the joke
  9. Hmmm. I'm not getting any results even if I start from the baseline. See for yourself: So it's currently very hard to align baselines in some cases. But I've noticed that disabling "include bounding box midpoints" improves it quite a bit. But the name of this particular option doesn't suggest it will.
  10. Hi Ben, Serif's implementation of snapping at first seemed to be the best around since we are granted with so many individual options. If the options are there, users will use them and just expect things to work. If you want to limit options for some reason, the correct approach would be to enforce the limits using software logic. "Warning users" is very inefective (and old fashioned IMHO). Well, I didn't get this warning either. So you have made changes to snapping after all So I think we should be provided with an additional option to the snapping box, maybe something like "snap to curve boxes". Forcing some new behavior on users without documenting it may lead to some headaches. Goo tip! I'll try it out, thanks.
  11. Good, so you know how to fix it
  12. I think you mean "we didn't want to mess with snapping, but we may have". Several of the most recent bugs seem to be related to snapping in some way, I hope you guys are following the beta forums closely. IMHO you need to focus on fixing the bugs instead of adding new stuff, Mark. Right now. Each build seems to be buggier that the previous one, and Affinity has a big backlog of unsolved bugs already. Sorry for being blunt, that's just my feeling.
  13. The latest builds of Affinity Designer frequently create a " ghost" rotation box that follows the actual one. This is very strange and needs fixing. Look at the GIF below. (Incidentally, you'll see pieces of the objects rotated, but that's another bug.)
  14. As you already may know, AD erroneously keeps symbol marks on objects that were previously part of symbols. Before the latest builds, clicking on the Detach button removed the mark. Now is does nothing. See below.
  15. I wonder if the cause of this isn't the same as this one.