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  1. In Export Persona, continuous export works sometimes, sometimes it does not. Seems it gets lost after the Save As dialog opens up, but I can't be sure. Seems to be an old bug. I'm running Affinity Designer on Windows. Anyone knows what causes it not to work? Thanks.
  2. In version 367 RC2 (I'm not sure about previous ones) it seems that Assets search is case-sensitive now. I have an asset called "Balloon", but when I looked for "bal" it didn't return anything. "Bal" worked. I hope this is not intentional!
  3. I believe this was fixed in the latest betas, but I didn't see anything in the changelogs...
  4. Huh? Does Affinity Designer work with pages at all? I'm pretty sure I missed this.
  5. Yeah. That. Much requested option in these forums.
  6. That's not necessarily bad. Serif must make a profit in order to stay in business. And artboards are powerful enough for most design tasks. When I started using AD I thought I would miss pages (coming from Corel and Xara), but today I find artboards better and more flexible. They could be improved in several ways, but this is a separate subject.
  7. The constraints in Affinity Designer are seriously flawed. To illustrate, I've attached a file that illustrates several problems at once. Here at least the following unexpected situations happen when trying to change or remove the constraints from the existing objects, or grouping them: Objects change dimensions; Objects change position; Objects get invisible; Objects change scale so they are not proportional anymore; Undo no longer restores objects to their original state; A change to a single object affects all similar objects although there are no symbols in the file. I'm using AD for about a year now. As you may know, I've patiently reported these problems several times but unfortunately nothing changed yet. Please don't get me wrong, I love AD and I appreciate all the work you do. Since working in UI projects (which use lots of artboards, symbols and constraints) is the main reason I adopted Affinity Designer, I'm always trying to circumvent bugs that shouldn't exist in the first place, and these are among the worst. I think they are serious flaws and I'd very much like you to provide a solution. Thanks, and sorry for the long post. Bugs - constraints 2.afdesign
  8. When opening some files from a coworker I get the following: If I click Yes, I get an Open dialog with the following option: This would make sense for Affinity Publisher, but Designer is the only app we have and use here. Since AD doesn't even have a resource manager, how can I even know which is the name of the missing resource(s)? Aren't all resources in AD embedded? I don't think there is anything missing from the file, so why the question? How can I make it go away? I'm confused... Please advise, thanks!
  9. Yes, so I did. But I still think it would be great to have those icons.
  10. Hi all, I see that in AD 1.7 we now have seven operations under the Layer > Geometry menu: but there are only five icons: I don't know what is the difference between Divide and Separate, but the Merge icons is definitely missing. Customize Toolbar doesn't seem to help. Any tips?
  11. So the safe bet would be to just ignore the message and assume the images are in the document?
  12. But look at what I got today in AD And this time it does work as expected, replacing images and all. So does this mean that finally AD has got linked images? Or it shouldn't appear at all? I'm still confused.
  13. When opening a recent file, I got the following "Your file has errors. It was possible to open it, but you are advised to take a copy of this file and report this error". Is there a way to find out what kind of error is this, and where its it? Is there something missing? The error appears in both Affinity Designer and beta. Thanks in advance.
  14. The file was made in a previous 1.7 Beta by a colleague, but he doesn't remember if there was any saving errors. We never tested Publisher, nor opened the file in any other app then Designer. What might have happened (can't be sure at this time) is that this particular file was created by editing a previous AD 1.6 document. Fortunately we keep several previous versions of all our work. I've just uploaded them for you to check: v01-v03, apr 4-9, no errors. v04, apr 18, smaller file with error, maybe with the pixel layers were lost here. Perhaps you can find what's missing by comparing versions 3 and 4. P. S. I wish Serif support was always so quick to respond, thanks!
  15. Previously the beta versions were clearly marked, not sure when the developers changed it.
  16. I think the Export Persona is a great idea. It's meant to automate repetitive tasks such as deciding which slices to export, naming them and remember your settings, among others. (It was one of my deciding factors when I moved from Xara to Affinity Designer.) I don't see multi-page PDFs would conflict with the existing options. To me it's still an omission, and a quite easy one to solve to begin with. Judging for the many topics regarding the subject to date, others seem so think the same way.
  17. Hi all, I can't be sure I'm not missing something, but it seems that when exporting a multiple-artboard document via the Export persona I'll always get a single page giant PDF, while when using the Export dialog I always get a mutliple-page document (which is actually what I want). So... can I use the Export persona to get a multiple-page PDF at all? Thanks in advance for any insights.
  18. So... after all this time and many betas, exporting as a multipage PDF from the Export persona still doesn't work. It's just a matter of adding a checkbox, the functionality already exists in the Export PDF dialog. Exporting manually every time is cumbersome.
  19. Sorry, this quote is from the Customer Beta changelog. I didn't understand why Designer would have page navigation, but @Mark Ingram explained it.
  20. rubs

    Windows Aero is not enabled

    Thanks, but doing it didn't make any difference for me. I still think the obvious solution would be for Serif to allow running their software regardless.
  21. This seems to get worse immediately after making a copy of an existing artboard using Ctrl+Drag. (BTW doing this became unbelievably slow in the latest versions.)
  22. What bothers me everytime I see those little RC's appended to the version numbers is that all the old bugs and problems from years ago are still being ignored. (Shouldn't we call them "classic" already?) Oh well...
  23. Still not fixed in the
  24. Another very old, strange problem that's still present in The keyboard doesn't work in the Layers panel. After waiting about 15-20 seconds it works again.