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  1. Sorry to insist, but these selection bugs are especially annoying. Any hope to fix them soon?
  2. Too bad, but understandable. As in many aspects of life these days, unfortunately important / interesting discussions are lost because some people insist to take matters personally.
  3. Yes. Several new selection bugs with version Can't select with a marquee from outside an artboard or from other points, problems with selection of multiple objects inside different groups. I remember that at something similar happened in some of the old betas. Hope it's a quick fix!
  4. Oh, I've done it many times already. Same thing for those bugs which are there for ages. To be fair, some of the bugs I've reported were fixed and suggestions I've made were implemented in the past, but Serif is way too slow. @Jens, if you read carefully above you'll see that my main issues are broken features like constraints and incredibly bad implentations (exclusive to AD!), like non-visual tab settings and no image compressing. I agree with you on "distort / perspective", though
  5. Yep. This is a huge problem. No plans, no dates, no answers. I completely fail to imagine how this kind of policy may benefit the company these days.
  6. Good to know that APub has it, so probably it would be easy for the devs to add it to AD too. I hope they will. Does anybody have the answer?
  7. Sorry, not clear. I mean a visual ruler for adjusting indentations and tab sizes. The examples above are from vector drawing programs, and of course any text processor (even MS WordPad) has it. For my screen mockups in AD, I avoid using tabs altogether since they are so difficult to work with. I don't know about APub, though.
  8. Serif working on a new AD version is always good news. At the risk of repeating myself for many years (sorry guys), however, I wonder if this time at last they will address those pesky old bugs and obvious omissions. I'm talking about buggy constraints / symbols, bloated embedded images, unselectable objects, slow text editing, missing visual tab adjustments, no distort / perspective, and many, many more. At least as of build 1.8.0 these problems are not yet being addressed.
  9. Yes, so I did. But I still think it would be great to have those icons.
  10. Hi all, I see that in AD 1.7 we now have seven operations under the Layer > Geometry menu: but there are only five icons: I don't know what is the difference between Divide and Separate, but the Merge icons is definitely missing. Customize Toolbar doesn't seem to help. Any tips?
  11. The file was made in a previous 1.7 Beta by a colleague, but he doesn't remember if there was any saving errors. We never tested Publisher, nor opened the file in any other app then Designer. What might have happened (can't be sure at this time) is that this particular file was created by editing a previous AD 1.6 document. Fortunately we keep several previous versions of all our work. I've just uploaded them for you to check: v01-v03, apr 4-9, no errors. v04, apr 18, smaller file with error, maybe with the pixel layers were lost here. Perhaps you can find what's missing by comparing versions 3 and 4. P. S. I wish Serif support was always so quick to respond, thanks!
  12. I think the Export Persona is a great idea. It's meant to automate repetitive tasks such as deciding which slices to export, naming them and remember your settings, among others. (It was one of my deciding factors when I moved from Xara to Affinity Designer.) I don't see multi-page PDFs would conflict with the existing options. To me it's still an omission, and a quite easy one to solve to begin with. Judging for the many topics regarding the subject to date, others seem so think the same way.
  13. So... after all this time and many betas, exporting as a multipage PDF from the Export persona still doesn't work. It's just a matter of adding a checkbox, the functionality already exists in the Export PDF dialog. Exporting manually every time is cumbersome.
  14. When opening a recent file, I got the following "Your file has errors. It was possible to open it, but you are advised to take a copy of this file and report this error". Is there a way to find out what kind of error is this, and where its it? Is there something missing? The error appears in both Affinity Designer and beta. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks, but doing it didn't make any difference for me. I still think the obvious solution would be for Serif to allow running their software regardless.
  16. I'm having the same issue in AD. I think the warning is useful, but the application shouldn't close no matter what, because the bypass works. (In my case I had to ask a colleague to launch the app before connecting to the remote desktop.) Affinity should just ask something like, "This may cause rendering problemas ans slow performance. Do you want to continue anyway?"
  17. To clarify, I export all artboards as PNGs. AD does not provide auto-numbering or batch numbering, so if I need to add a new screen between two existing ones I'll probably have to rename something. For example, if I already have screens 100 layout 1 and 100 layout 2 and I want to insert a new one between them, I should rename 100 layout 2 to 100 layout 3 and rename the new screen to 100 layout 2. Multiply this by many screens and many days of work and you get a painful process. I'm never sure if all this renaming will work because of this (old) bug, so I need to double-check slice names it all the time until Serif fixes it. Hope you understand all this!
  18. Yes, thanks. That's easy enough, but it's a problem when you work with many dozens artboards and you keep adding and editing them all the time like me and my partner. We use AD for UI design so most files grow quickly to many screens, all numbered. Still needs fixing IMO...
  19. Maybe this is already fixed on macs, I'm not sure. I'm using Designer beta on Windows. If this is the case maybe MEB could move or split this thread, sorry.
  20. I believe I found a sure-fire way to replicate the bug: Open a multi-page PDF file so it becomes a new document. Just 2-3 pages will suffice. Affinity will number them Page 1, Page 2, etc. In the Export persona, select all artboards and click Create slice. This will create slices named Page 1, Page 2, etc. Back in the Designer persona, rename one of the artboards. Go to the Export persona. The slice name does not change. I hope it gets fixed now!
  21. This is annoying and started with the latest beta. Hope it gets fixed in the next one.
  22. Good, thanks. Anyway I believe the team should look at it. This bug was introduced a couple years ago and never solved. AD not fully supporting previous versions of itself is bad.
  23. It's definitely happening with new documents as well, at least in the last beta.
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