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  1. Ahh! I had to use "Subtract function" and it worked! Thank you so much!
  2. Hi, I hope I can phrase my question clearly for you. I had expanded some strokes and had to use "Join curves" to join the whole into a single curve. Currently, the curve marked red has white coloured stroke and white coloured filling. I would like to make this red-marked curve as part of the blue-marked curve, so I do not have to worry about the fill colour of the red-marked curve. "Join curve" doesn't seem to help. Please could you tell me how I can do this? Warm regards, Sammyuktha R.P.
  3. Thank you! I just noticed that it has to be placed exactly inside the box for the image to sit in.
  4. Hello, I see the answers given, but this has not helped me. Please could you tell me how I could paste the selection (here, the dots) within another selection (here, within the pink area which is in a layer)? Please ask if my question is not clear.
  5. Hello, I noticed in the above threads, that the UI-Kit would be available in one of the horizontally scrolling pages of the "Welcome..." window. I do not have this available and there are only two pages on my "Welcome..." screen. I bought the software on the Mac Appstore. Please could someone help me out? Where can I download the UI-Kit?
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