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  1. I had a VAT Refund from Serif just send an email and ask the VAT back.
  2. @Alex_M I think that when the buy-sell of goods and services between two businesses in the same EU country you apply VAT. The difference is that you get it back at your vat return. When the buy-sell of goods and services between two businesses happen in different EU counties, business selling from Bulgaria and business buying in Belgium you do not apply VAT. Like the case here. No?
  3. I'm in the same position with Alex_M actually right now...I purchased Designer and there was no VAT exemption. VAT should apply ONLY B2C in Europe and B2B in the same EU country...When it's B2B for example from UK to another EU country VAT should be deducted and it needs to be available as an option during the check out. @JFisher can you help me too please...
  4. ZodiacArts

    VAT Receipt.

    It's not filling automatically the bank card billing address or the address shown in my paypal acount right? For sure there is a blank field where I can type my company name and address? :p
  5. Hello, If I buy Affinity Photo through my PayPal account and then generate a VAT Receipt by going to Order history, will I be able to put the name of the company and address apart from just my company's VAT number? Thank you, Alex
  6. Thank you both @AndyB1 and @αℓƒяє∂ for your replies and help!
  7. Hello, I have the following questions: 1. I have purchased both Affinity Photo & Designer through the App Store but when I'm logging in to your website I do not see both products as purchased and I need to obtain a VAT receipt but order history is empty. 2. How do I download the "BONUS - Grade UI Kit" that comes for free with Designer? Thank you, Alex
  8. Will this happen? Can someone from Affinity Photo answer to that?
  9. ZodiacArts

    Some help please!

    Thank you both for the quick replies! I agree that since Affinity Photo is PHOTO (like Photoshop btw), it makes totally sense to focus all the strength on all sorts of photo collage tools. On the other hand forms of arts are evolving spreading their branches sometimes and getting into grounds of other forms of art expression. Time-Lapse is on the edge where one cannot deny that it's not photography but cannot deny it's not video either! Anyway, I would be personally very happy if Affinity Photo will at some point include this feature. I got the app today. It took me only a week to take the decision since it convinced me since day one about it's abilities! All the best!
  10. I'm experimenting with Affinity Photo since a week now and I must admit that I'm very pleased and surprised that there is such a competitive equivalent of Photoshop! There are two things I would like to comment/ask for help: 1. Once I have cropped an image, if I want to make the crop bigger again, I do not see the rest of the picture grayed out or something and this way I don't see the edge of the image. That's how Photoshop handles the crop tool and I find it very handy! 2. I was really hoping to be able to open an Image Sequence. In Photoshop I'm able to do so, set the fps of the sequence and then render this sequence as a video file! This was the workflow I was going through for my time-lapses and it was very much appreciated as a feature inside Photoshop! Any help/recommendations are more than welcomed! I've taken my decision, I'm not going back to Adobe's products. Price model is unacceptable moreover when Affinity Photo is even better in the way it handles some tools. Live feedback for blend modes, brushes, gradient tool etc are SO POWERFUL and flexible! Congrats to the team! Alex