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  1. The simple fact that we are talking about a 12 year old feature that is still used everyday in illustrator, just strengthens the point...
  2. Most of this is caused by artboards. See my post here: This happens on PC and Mac too. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25204-bug-15017-grouping-constrained-objects-disappear-sometimes/
  3. I dont even get it why it's not there? Come on, it's like the most used thing when designing on multiple artboards. In most programs it's even the default behaviour like Fireworks. This is ESSENTIAL. :D
  4. For the developers: Please check out this great grid calculator if you don't already know it: http://gridcalculator.dk/#/980/12/20/20 You can use the arrow keys to inc/decrease the values and all relative values are updated accordingly. A similar functionality would be insanely useful for web design.
  5. It was working 2 versions earlier. It stopped working around .25-.26, cant remember
  6. 1. Create a horizontal or vertical line (must be perfectly horizontal) 2. group it 3. Try any aligning options 4. Disappears Doesn't matter how many points the line has, as long as all the points are either perfectly horizontal or vertical
  7. Yes, it could be just like the 'Lock Children' option that only appears when you select masked objects. There could be a checkbox on the Context toolbar when multiple objects selected [X] Edit all children.
  8. Objects masked inside objects doesn’t get updated when parent is modified Step one: create cute bird with suitcase :D In this example the wing of the bird is a circle inside the triangle. Now if i want to change color and stroke width, i would select the whole object and apply the attributes. However, anything that is masked inside an object, will not update. You can see the color and stroke width is the same on the wing on the right picture. I can understand that this could be a desired effect when working with background colours thta mask other objects, but if you design icons, or illustrations, a shitloads of times you want to change stroke width, and color on the whole object. (illustrator works this way) Imagine if i have an object masked inside a masked object. I would have to dig in 3 times to change properties. That happens a LOT when designing icons.
  9. I agree on all the points.
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