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  1. Thanks Lee. And it seems to remember the last preset I used, so this is a good solution.
  2. Is there a way to set the default resample method for exporting to something other than Bilinear?
  3. Yep, that exception relates precisely to the improvement I originally requested.
  4. OK, hopefully the product/dev team will take notice. Aligning to a key object is essential when you can't afford to guess which object will be picked as a key object. Even a minimal version of this that makes the first or last selected object the key object would already be a big step forward.
  5. Cool, good to know there's a workaround. I still think it would be great to make artboard resize snapping possible when using the artboard tool. I would never figure out having "Lock Children"solves this on my own.
  6. Thanks! Though it's great that it's possible, I still suggest adding this as an option in the Export dialog to make it easier to find.
  7. Is it possible to PNG/JPG export a document with artboards into multiple files, one per artboard?
  8. I often resize artboards to match new variations in content, e.g. adjust artboard height after creating a design version which is bigger or more compact. Would be great if it was possible to quickly adjust the size of the artboard to perfectly match the content.
  9. Is this feature still missing in AD?
  10. Based on the discussion in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/15194-how-to-hide-the-bottom-bar-with-shortcuts-and-other-tips/ Would be great to have the option to hide the bottom bar to maximize screen real estate on small displays.
  11. Is there an option to reveal the (parts of) objects that fall outside the canvas or artboard?
  12. Just to be clear, there's a workaround for this - export document to SVG with all layers visible and manually hide those that need to hidden in the SVG markup. But that quickly becomes a pain when you're iterating through multiple prototypes.
  13. bump! This would be a great improvement to include in the UI design-centric 1.5.0 release ;-)
  14. You may want to start with a selection drawn without constraints and the adjust its size proportionally.
  15. When adjusting the size of the crop selection in AP, the modifier keys to restrict proportions do not seem to work in unconstrained mode. Would be awesome if the keyboard modifiers worked here.