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  1. Good call; Save As shaved off about 200 MB, but now I still have a 500MB file with only one 50MB image in it.
  2. @dominik Noted! I'll try to create some more documents and isolate what's causing what I'm seeing, but I definitely have a simple document which is now over 750MB—without save history—with only one large linked PNG on one page, I just know I deleted it and replaced it a couple times as I was messing with its master.
  3. I did some testing on today. Beyond the unexpected definition of "Linked," I'm also noticing that my project filesize only increases if I add, then remove, an image in a Picture Frame. For example, in my case, I just added, then removed (by overriding a master), then re-added the exact same 50MB image multiple times to a page. The filesize of the project increase by about 50MB each time. I expect that, unless I've opted to Save document history, deleting an image from my document would its embedded date from the project file. Additionally, even with Publisher's definition of "linked" files, it should still be possible to preserve space by storing a single instance of an embedded image within the project file if that embedded image is used multiple times across a document.