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  1. Hi, Tried looking into the forums and I don't think I'm finding what I need. What I want to do: export a PDF file with buttons where if you click, it plays a short audio file. What I have tried: Right click on an object, go to "Interactive", then click on "Insert Hyperlink...". Then, choose choose "File" as the "Hyperlink Type", and put a check for "Include File for Export". Finally, I choose path of file. When I export the PDF, this does not seem to work. The expected behavior of any interactive PDF would be to simply play the file. However, my PDF from Affinity Publisher 1. attempts to open a link on my browser, 2. the url in my browser is roughly the local address to the file I've chosen. If anyone could help me with which buttons I'm supposed to click, that'd be awesome
  2. Hi, I have a screenshot to explain what I mean by achieving perfect symmetry. You can see that I have 4 nodes in the selected shape (center of the screen). The four nodes are the top-left node, top-right node, bottom-right node, and the bottom-left node. I want to manipulate top-right and bottom-left node to make a "leaf" shape if you will, but I want it to be perfectly symmetrical - this means either I can manipulate them both at the same time, or I get to input the exact numerical values to how the nodes are manipulated so I can replicate for each node. So far I haven't been able to figure this out... On Adobe Illustrator, you can most of the time use the keyboard to precisely move nodes - I tried using my keyboard on my iPad but this would not work. I think perfect geometrical shape manipulation is a must in vector graphics - if anyone has suggestions that would be awesome!
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