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  1. It's beyond ridiculous this issue is still happening after years of being initially reported. Is this still being investigated or have you reached the point of not caring at all?
  2. @MEB Any chance we can get a word from one of them? I believe a feature request with over 6 years and dozens of interested users should be enough to at least acknowledge if it's being considered as a potential feature or not.
  3. No worries @MEB. Any chance we're going to see any updates regarding this in the foreseeable future?
  4. @MEB I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but after 6 years and 5 pages of users asking for the same thing, this is beyond ridiculous. Have you ever seen or used the isolation mode in Illustrator? How is that comparable to what you're recommending here? I'm genuinely curious...
  5. It's now been 5.5 years (!!) since the original request and almost 2 since we heard from a team member. Don't get your hopes up everyone!
  6. @JET_Affinity Sorry, still not following your point. I created this thread because the isolation mode is something that is undoubtedly useful for me, and apparently to many other users as well. Your goal is to enlighten us to the fact that feature is not essential, because Adobe only introduced it 12 years ago, and as such we should not request/discuss it?
  7. @JET_Affinity And your point is? Isn't this the forum where we ask for features that we'd like to see implemented?
  8. @valcoholic It's been 5 years since the first post. Don't get your hopes up!
  9. I understand that the features are decided by the dev team. What I don't understand is why after so much time we still don't know if this has been at least considered, if it's totally out of question or any other "official" stand on this feature. For the past 3 years, you've been suggesting the same solution to anyone that asks about it, while that "solution" is really not an alternative at all. Sorry for the rant, I know you're not the one to blame, but it's a bit annoying that this has been ignored for such a long time.
  10. Hey @MEB, it's been almost 3 years since I created this tread and unfortunately this feature hasn't been added yet, and apparently won't be anytime soon. Can I ask why a feature that has this many replies (and thread views) isn't considered as a common feature request? I don't see it on this list: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10410-common-feature-requests-index/ Also, why isn't this feature considered for implementation if it's clearly lacking?
  11. I'm having the same issue. The adjustment layers are ignored on export. Any ideas?
  12. Yeah, I also appreciate cleaner ways of working. But I think the "isolation mode" would just add to that. Any how, let's hope Affinity is listening and some day we might get it. :) Glad you liked ProCamera2D (All icons and art is made with AD)! ;)
  13. Thanks for the video! The scenario is simple: The ability to select elements of a group that have other overlapping elements outside of that group. With the "isolation mode" in Illustrator you can achieve it in a few clicks. In AD, you have to manually lock the other groups/elements or manually pick the ones you want resulting in multiple clicks, depending on how many elements you have.
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