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  1. Affinity Photo crashes to desktop when dragging Unsplash Stockphoto This happens every time I drag a stockphoto into an existing document. The problem does not occur when using Pexels or Pixabay. I'm on the latest version Running latest Windows GTX 970 /12GB of Ram
  2. Hi Ray, I totally overlooked the Random option. Thanks!
  3. Hi, The new custom brush feature works great, the only thing that doesn't is size Jitter (at least for me). I've tried it with different selections, shapes etc. Any ideas or does somebody has the same experience/error? edit; wait, does it only works in Designer? Hmm... thanks
  4. I'm a beginner but have experience with Adobe Illustrator and find this very weird solution. Although it works and I thank you for this solution, this should not be necessary I guess. Anyway; thank you for this.
  5. Really? Oh, that's not very hopefull....I switch from Adobe to Affinity
  6. Hi, I just bought Designer and I have a question. I have two custom shapes, one above the other, fill and stroke. Stroke settings: "allign to inside" When I zoom in, I can see a line appear (see example) This line disappears when I set my strokesettings to: "align to centre" but then, my sharp points are gone. What setting am I missing to fix this?
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