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  1. And the imported macros attached above, now all make Affinity crash on my computer. (iMac) Tried deleting/reinstalling - didn't help
  2. Ah.... I was happy too soon..... on behalf of my own workflow recorded as macro. The macro seems to not record the number of clicks on the input fields, but rather the resulting number. So images cropped to different size/ratio don't get the intended borders. Hmm.....
  3. Works! In the meantime I was handed a macro that’s even better by an English Affinity user. Contains 3 macros, and the fist one is so cool. You just need to fill in the pixel-width, and it adds a white border. attached here I just double-clicked it and it installed itself add border with variable width v02.afmacros
  4. Ok, here goes - Resize Canvas Mouse click "unlock ratio" and "select mm" The Width input-field is still active (blue border) 10x arrow up 2x Tab (to height field) 10x arrow up Mouse click "Resize" ..... voila!! :-)
  5. Thanks Haakoo - With the Apple mouse ("touchpad"-mouse) there’s no reaction in the input fields, with or without additional keys. (for which I’m actually great full, because it’s hard not to accidentally touch it when moving the mouse around) but... !! You have given the inspiration needed! I get reactions with arrow up/down. I’ll try to find the simplest workflow on that, and report back here.
  6. Absolutely, yes, that’s what I do (and write above). Its about the method available in Canvas Resize.
  7. Like if there was a +/- button for resizing. If I choose mm, 1mm is added/subtracted per click, if I choose inch, 1inch, etc. (I obviously look for the + button)
  8. Hi, and thanks. But no, I think not. What I look for is an easier way to add say 5mm space around the photo by expanding the Canvas. Not relative to the pixel-size of the photo (May be cropped for instance) But like similar to a printer margin/border.
  9. When making frames around a photo, it would be nice to have the option in Resize Canvas, to add an amount to the present size. Would facilitate making a macro and adding the same frame to a series of photos in much less time than resizing manually per photo.
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qrtRfNURrhU&feature=youtu.be
  11. Thanks Krusty :-) I will have that in mind. There is a tutorial that to some extend deals with that. On the Facebook Affinity Photo tutorials group. I'm just used to not having these issues when I use my in-cam Focus Stacking where I never noticed it, but perhaps because I didn't do shooting where it would have been a problem in computer stacking/merging.
  12. Thank you James - Yes, the blurred borders. Now that you tell me it's obvious I should need to crop them away. Like the in-cam Focus Stacking of my em1 does. Think I read it crops to 70%. What I will do is to make a "test" where I compare the in-cam stacked final image with the Affinity merged image of the same 8 burst-images. I think I also had some issues with metal things not being sharp in the merged image. As if reflecting light on the out of focus images became dominant. I'll try to show examples of that too. It may take some days before I get to it, as I'm away on work a lot these days, but I'll come back here and sum up. Thanks
  13. I've tried a couple of times to stack Focus Bracketing bursts shot with my macro lens (Olympus 60/2.8 macro) Unlike the dedicated focus stacking applications I've tried and used, I can't find the option to compensate for zooming in Affinity Photo. The macro lens has what I imagine as build in "extension tubes", meaning I think optics are being moved when going from general magnification towards 1:1 magnification. It changes the FoV, "zooms". So I had to give up in Affinity and use another app instead. I'm wondering if it's meant to be added in a coming update version?
  14. Spiral maybe not solved, but certainly started :-) Started with a line. Added twirl filters as needed. max value on both sliders. Screenshot attached.
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