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  1. Thanks, but why on earth would I have selected an item's color well and then sampled a color for it if I didn't want to apply it? Especially when this dialog loses the color as soon as it's dismissed!
  2. 1. When you use the eyedropper tool to sample a color for a stroke or fill, it's not applied to the selected object. 2. The next time you return to the color dialog, the last-sampled color has been discarded. The attached screen grab illustrates both problems. sampledColorLost.mov
  3. Thanks! That's interesting functionality. I tried activating "show snapping candidates," and its usefulness is limited because the purple highlight exactly overlays the shapes; that's not really visible on black paths. But I can see where candidate-selection is potentially useful for limiting snap-happy behavior, so thanks for pointing it out.
  4. Screen grab attached. The behavior appears to be nearly arbitrary. Sometimes an object won't snap to anything. Other times it'll snap to some and not others. In the attached screen grab, it won't snap into alignment with the top rectangle in the stack, but it'll snap to the others. Today I switched back to the same file with the same settings, and now it'll snap to the top two rectangles in the stack but not the bottom. Before that, it wouldn't snap to any; I had to click on one of the rectangles in the stack and then re-select the one I'm moving... then snapping worked to some objects. I tried activating "snap to object geometry," but that made it worse. snapFail.mov
  5. No one is saying that the on-canvas controls aren't a good way to define gradients. The problem is that those controls don't appear when you select a gradient fill! If nothing else, simply displaying them automatically would alleviate most of this problem. Imagine a Print dialog that only let you select which printer to use, which pages to print, and how many copies... but didn't let you actually print. For that, you'd have to look elsewhere in the application for a "printer" tool, which contained some arbitrary subset of controls and the actual Print button.
  6. Thanks for the info. The ToolTip should say "Show Paragraph panel" then.
  7. What is this supposed to do? The ToolTip should tell us, at the very least.
  8. Mmm, not really. This continuing problem reflects a strange lack of awareness of what constitutes a tool and what constitutes a UI to adjust an object's properties. In applications like this (vector or object-based), the tool palette is typically reserved for the means to create or select objects or nodes thereof, or change your view. It is not normally populated with "tools" that tweak intrinsic properties of an object. And, if an application wants to defy that convention, it should do so completely. But Designer doesn't; there are redundant and ineffective controls all over the place. There are property panels (of the sort you'd expect), and then these auxiliary functions dwelling in the tool palette for no particular reason. If the user clicks on the Fill color well in the toolbar, why not just present the on-screen Fill control right away? Why does he also have to guess that there's another thing to click on (in a totally different part of the UI) order to bring up the rest of the Fill controls?
  9. Well, the latest update fixed one thing: It got rid of the bizarre "None" tab that was full of swatches. Otherwise (as your experience shows), Fill is still a mess.
  10. Getting rid of the tabs in the Fill dialog and having the on-canvas gradient control appear when you select a gradient fill for an object would pretty much clear it up.
  11. So what? That's typically the last thing you do. It's a straightforward feature, the usefulness of which is well recognized and widely implemented in other applications. It has been requested numerous times. Don't want something? Then don't use it. Period. It's not going to change your workflow one tiny bit.
  12. I don't want to export; I just want to trim the canvas.
  13. Thanks for the reply, dominik. Not sure if inserting an artboard solves the problem. I can try it. But it's a pretty obscure workaround for a function that should be readily available. At least we can put arrowheads on lines now.
  14. Stokestack

    Wow, tabs in text do not work right.

    Thanks ev. I'll examine this more fully... next time I'm unfortunate enough to be trying to line up some text.
  15. Thanks. The question is, should "absolute sizes" have been enabled? This is the file from whence the shapes came: toggle_on.svg