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  1. Yep. I consulted some. And they didn't answer that question.
  2. Why? The enclosed space is defined (and displayable by filling the object) regardless of drawing direction. If the filled area doesn't vary by direction, then neither should the result of subtracting it from another one. The order of operations on more than two overlapping objects doesn't seem ambiguous here, because of the layer hierarchy. Or is that not true? And why does Designer seem to be the only drawing application with this problem? Simply because it defaults to the least-sensible option, whereas others don't? Thanks for the hotkey suggestion.
  3. Why should the path direction matter? These shapes don't even cross themselves. The area contained by one should be subtracted from the other, period. If you take these two objects and fill them, their interior becomes colored, regardless of "direction." Thus they describe a region that can be subtracted from another. And indeed every other program appears to manage this as expected. Even if a shape's outline crosses itself, the user can fill it and see what the program considers its "interior." And that's what should be subtracted from another shape in this operation. Why are we messing with "directions?"
  4. Thanks for the responses! There is a thread about this in the regular questions forum; after finding that this appears to be a bug, I posted it here. Nice to hear that it might have been fixed. We'll see in the next release...
  5. This "rule" is opaque to the user. I didn't define it, and every other piece of software seems to be able to perform the operation as expected.
  6. Both Draw and Sound Forge, two of my favorite Windows apps, have had a few attempts at Mac versions over a long, long period. They were disastrous in both products' cases and quickly abandoned.
  7. Not surprised. I'm downloading the trial Mac version of Corel Draw right now. Their attempts at a Mac version have historically been rendered unusable by bugs, but we'll see about this 2020 one...
  8. Thanks. Hopefully Affinity can get this fixed. Pretty sure nobody's holding his breath at this point, though.
  9. Here's an SVG. Works fine in Sketch, not Designer. subtracTest.svg
  10. I have a very simple case where I wanted to punch a hole in one shape with another. But subtract does nothing. Project file attached. Loading the same SVG source file in Sketch and performing a subtract immediately produces the expected result (the small shape makes a hole in the larger).There shouldn't be any further fiddling required to get this operation to work; they're simple shapes with outlines that don't cross over themselves. noSubtract.mov subtracTest.afdesign subtracTest.svg Note: The SVG file here is slightly different from the one I originally imported, but it still demonstrates the problem.
  11. Thanks for that. I'm a big fan of Corel Draw, and hater of Illustrator. Before Designer, I'd run Windows in a VM just to run Draw. Sadly, the more I use Designer, the more disappointed I am in it. It's crippled by defects in so many essential functions, and the UI.
  12. Thanks. I have wondered how apps make the fill decisions when shapes have outlines that that cross themselves... but I think we agree that we shouldn't have to wonder about it when they don't.
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