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  1. Why should we need to crop something, switch tools, select all pixel layers while carefully omitting vector layers, and do another operation? When I crop something, I mean it. Period.
  2. Thanks, but I don't want to rasterize text or other vector content, and I don't want to have to do an additional step every time.
  3. And those are only two of them. How many times does this common feature have to be requested? It can't be that hard to implement, given that invisible layers already don't print. It's an extra boolean. If that's hard to add to your object model and serialization, this product is dead already, Serif. Can't figure out how to add the control to the layer list? Fine: For now, just put it in the context menu, at least. And one day aspire to enhance that with a "no-print" icon in the layer-list cell. And someday, when the technology becomes available, put a button in there with a little printer icon. But of course, that means the unlabeled, nondescript checkbox that's there today will need some love. Hey, how about making that look like an eye!
  4. I cropped an image with the Crop tool, then expanded the canvas to make room for another image. Lo and behold, the cropped-away portions of the image reappeared. I don't want this. I understand there might be some scenario when you want to retain surrounding image data; but since there's a dedicated Crop tool in the palette, it would be nice to have a variant of it that crops destructively.
  5. Thanks, but that sounds like a recipe for accidentally wrecking your vector elements. Not to mention it's still an annoying extra step, which fuses two unrelated functions together (and destructively, at that).
  6. When resizing the canvas, I never want to resize it proportionally. Yet I have to deselect the "lock" between the dimensions every damned time.
  7. Hi all. I cropped an image with the Crop tool, then expanded the canvas to make room for another image. Lo and behold, the cropped-away portions of the image reappeared. I don't want this. Is there a really-crop-this tool? Thanks!
  8. When using templates, you often don't want the template to print. I can find no way to mark a layer as non-printing in Designer. I would expect to see this in the layer list. Thanks!
  9. Thanks. That's somewhat reasonable, and it does change when you fill the object: Then the snapping will work when you hover anywhere over its interior. I expected the snapping to apply the same logic to identify candidates as it does to perform the snapping itself. What if two objects' outlines entirely overlap? Well, it's not supposed to. In this case it did, but I'm out of time for this particular investigation. Maybe activating that feature caused an iteration over the candidate collection that cleared out erroneous entries. Only the developer can say.
  10. Thanks for the reply and the reference. I see that the default snapping mode is "Candidate List," with a limit of six candidates. I've encountered two problems with this functionality just now. 1. Simply the act of toggling "Show snapping candidates" has caused even partial snapping to the label box to stop working for all objects. But I guess it wasn't supposed to be working anyway... 2. The documentation says that an object becomes a candidate if you hover over it, but as you can see in the original video, the non-snapping label does not become a candidate despite ample time moving the text around on top of it. Only the three text boxes are shown as snapping candidates for each other now.
  11. Hi all. I wanted to lay out some labels using a template. I found that the snapping of my paragraph text object to each label was inconsistent: In some places there's no snapping, in others there's one-dimensional snapping, and finally in others there's two-way snapping. Any idea why? Screen grabs attached. Designer 1.8.3 under Mac OS 10.15.5. Thanks! arbitrarySnapping.mov
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