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  1. Stokestack

    Wow, tabs in text do not work right.

    Thanks ev. I'll examine this more fully... next time I'm unfortunate enough to be trying to line up some text.
  2. Thanks. The question is, should "absolute sizes" have been enabled? This is the file from whence the shapes came: toggle_on.svg
  3. Thanks. That's the workaround I used, but this should still be a built-in function. This workaround prevents you from just saving the file; now you have to go through the File dialog and overwrite the old file manually.
  4. I'm a bit mystified that there's no way to trim the canvas to hold the objects in the document. In this example, how do you trim the canvas to only contain the shape?
  5. This is a baffling result. Video and test file attached. DesignerResizingFailure.mov UPDATE: On closer inspection, the author created the green area as a rounded rectangle (probably out of convenience, scaling down the original black shape. When the doc is resized, it looks like its corner radius may not be. The radius on the black one is scaled... but the black shape is smashed vertically. toggle_on.afdesign
  6. Stokestack

    Wow, tabs in text do not work right.

    Thanks for the replies. 1. The mystery thing's label should not be a ToolTip. There's ample room there to label that control, as all controls should be labeled. 2. If the product can't perform the function properly, the function shouldn't be offered. As it stands, the tab functionality is profoundly broken and is a disservice to users because it wastes their time. Nor is it reasonable to suggest buying a desktop publishing product and round-tripping an illustration through it to get one paragraph of text lined up. Don't take this as a big slam; I salute Affinity for stepping up with fresh products to save us all from Adobe's BS. But this functionality blows.
  7. I was just trying to line some things up vertically in paragraph text, using tabs. This does not work. Aside from UI problems, tab functionality appears to be significantly broken. First, there's no on-screen indication of where the tab stops are, so there's no way of knowing which one you're sitting at, let alone dragging it to adjust it. You also can't choose a position at which to add a tab stop. Also, you can select a tab, delete it, and then re-add it... only to get a totally different-sized tab. And you can select some tabs by clicking in the middle of them... but not others. Something seems amiss internally there. I decided to add a ton of tab stops, so I could be sure to have enough granularity to put things where I wanted. This still produced wildly varying tab widths throughout the line of text, and different tab stops from one line to the next.. despite my having had the entire paragraph selected when I made the changes (as noted below). Aaaand I just discovered that the space bar is now inserting tabs. WTH. About changes being made only to the line in which the insertion point is sitting: While this is indeed how word processors work, one could argue that this object is a paragraph object and thus one would expect changes made at the paragraph level to apply to all the lines. But that's a minor quibble and debatable; the other problems are way bigger. Screen grabs attached. tab-stop selection.mov
  8. Stokestack

    The Help file is blank

    Great, thanks!
  9. Stokestack

    The Help file is blank

    Anyone notice that the Help appears to be totally blank in 1.6.1? Check out this informative topic lookup. AffinityNoHelp.mov
  10. Thanks. The eyedropper is missing because a color-selection dialog is invoked when you click on the color swatch, and that dialog already has the eyedropper.
  11. Stokestack

    Font size setting doesn't work.

    Thanks for that. Yep, that is it. It would be nice to have a label or even just an icon to indicate what this value is.
  12. Not only does the font-size selector not work, but check out its behavior when you manually resize the text: The displayed numeric font size changes as you resize the text, starting with the value you last selected in the drop-down list... even though that selection was ignored. Screen Recording 2018-12-29 at 5.51.18 PM.mov
  13. Says who? And, given that there is such a thing, the solution is: Don't make it that, then. It already defies not only standards, but common sense. Having a tab called "none" that shows swatches isn't "standard" either, is it? Having a tool that can't be used multiple times, and that invokes a File dialog when you click it on the canvas isn't "standard" either, is it? How would you clean it up? I'd start with this:
  14. Then that should be changed. If the Fill pop-up is active and someone grabs a fill-control handle... don't close the pop-up.
  15. Why would the pop-up disappear? And it's quite small, nowhere near large enough to obscure a significant portion of the canvas.