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  1. Thanks. The eyedropper is missing because a color-selection dialog is invoked when you click on the color swatch, and that dialog already has the eyedropper.
  2. Stokestack

    Font size setting doesn't work.

    Thanks for that. Yep, that is it. It would be nice to have a label or even just an icon to indicate what this value is.
  3. Not only does the font-size selector not work, but check out its behavior when you manually resize the text: The displayed numeric font size changes as you resize the text, starting with the value you last selected in the drop-down list... even though that selection was ignored. Screen Recording 2018-12-29 at 5.51.18 PM.mov
  4. Says who? And, given that there is such a thing, the solution is: Don't make it that, then. It already defies not only standards, but common sense. Having a tab called "none" that shows swatches isn't "standard" either, is it? Having a tool that can't be used multiple times, and that invokes a File dialog when you click it on the canvas isn't "standard" either, is it? How would you clean it up? I'd start with this:
  5. Then that should be changed. If the Fill pop-up is active and someone grabs a fill-control handle... don't close the pop-up.
  6. Why would the pop-up disappear? And it's quite small, nowhere near large enough to obscure a significant portion of the canvas.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I agree that the gradient functionality offers a lot of flexibility, but the UI needs some significant but simple cleanup to reveal it. I understand the point of the on-screen gradient control, but it could be invoked when the user invokes the gradient pop-up; it needn't be relegated to a separate "tool" in the palette. Even more baffling is the omission of various fill types from the Fill pop-up's drop-down list, when they're present in the Fill tool's (which you pointed out). Once again, there is no apparent reason for the separate Fill tool.
  8. I'm looking forward to checking out the new features, but disappointed to see no revisions to the Fill dialog. We still have a tab called "None," which features swatches. We still have a gradient fill with no angle control. The eyedropper tool... what was the thought process here? Furthermore the tool palette still contains some baffling choices. An image-placement tool? How does this make sense? You use it once, and then it disappears. A one-time function does not belong on a tool palette, because it's not a tool; it's a command or function. We already have a "place image" command. The gradient tool doesn't make much more sense. You can select it when there are no objects selected, and It adds nothing to the Fill dialog except a gradient-angle control, which could (and should) be displayed when the Fill dialog is invoked anyway. A friend of mine is looking to replace his old desktop-publishing software, and I've been considering setting him up with Affinity Publisher. But he has a business to run, and wrestling with this kind of non-intuitive UI is a no-go. I'm going to have to audit the Publisher UI for similar design decisions before recommending it, something I wouldn't normally expect to have to do. And Affinity's unwillingness to address these issues isn't exactly encouraging. If there are use cases that justify the... um... "quirks" I'm citing here, let's hear 'em.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Hm, this does not appear to be true. Please see attached screen grab. The bug appears to be that the tracking control doesn't work when the text tool is active but you haven't re-clicked on the text object. The tracking control doesn't require text to be selected (nor should it), so there's no reason it shouldn't work at all times when a text object is selected (regardless of the active tool). moreKerningProbs_edit.mp4
  10. Stokestack

    Kerning controls don't work.

    Thanks MEB! I tried that tracking control and it didn't work. However... this appears to be a bug. If you select the text object with the selection tool (arrow) and then try the tracking adjustment, it works. However, if the Text tool is active, the tracking control doesn't work. Try selecting a text object with the arrow, then clicking on the Text tool in the tool palette and trying the tracking adjustment. Nothing happens. kernProbs.mp4
  11. Thanks for the replies. On the Mac, if you press and hold Alt-arrow to space your characters, there is no visible result until you release the keys and the letters suddenly pop to a new location. Another bug is that the spacing control (the one that would have spread all the characters out) doesn't work if the current tool is the Text tool. If the current tool is the selection (arrow) tool, it works. Side note: Why is there no way to delete this giant empty video frame? kernProbs.mp4
  12. Stokestack

    Kerning controls don't work.

    Thanks MEB. Nope, not running any funky utilities. What's the point of having two different places to adjust this spacing then? I have the whole object selected because I want to spread all the text out. The kerning control should work, or it should be greyed out.
  13. Thanks for the responses, guys. But this contradicts earlier feedback, which indicates that you can do it with the dialog that I've captured above. Also, other software (Corel Draw, for example) uses the node-selection tool to let you space individual characters. So Designer does not work like "any other" graphics software. Placing the cursor between characters and using Alt does work, but it appears to fail when you hold the keys to repeat. Only after you release the keys do the characters suddenly jump to a new location.
  14. Stokestack

    Kerning controls don't work.

    Neither kerning-adjustment method works correctly. The "character" panel doesn't work at all (screen grab attached). Switching to the Text tool and then placing the cursor between characters, and using Alt-arrow stops working when you hold the keys down for auto-repeat. Screen Recording 2018-10-23 at 10.40.34 PM.mov
  15. And the kerning control in the secret Character panel doesn't work at all: Screen Recording 2018-10-23 at 10.40.34 PM.mov