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  1. There were several features we had in the old Serif software that were missing in the Affinity suite. These are; trace from a raster, layers that do not print, and a full screen print preview. Some of these features have been suggested in the V1 forums, and garnered a lot of community support. I have been reading through the V2 news releases looking to see if any of these were enabled, but I don't see that. Are these features present?
  2. This was a feature in the previous Serif product. I too could use this.
  3. Indeed, another omission by Affinity. Supported in Windows with PowerPoint, PaintShop Pro, and the very old Print Artist. Us users are supposed to use tedious work-arounds.
  4. The Preview in the View menu is not a Print Preview. It does not reflect the page setup, printer, pages to skip or repeat, or other printing related issues. When I use the View Preview to view labels, I see one label, not the ten labels I want to print. Publisher does in fact provide a Print Preview in the Print dialog, but it is a little larger than a postage stamp. Really not very informative. If that Print Preview could be enlarged to about half the screen, I would be happy.
  5. SAME PROBLEM. I found this post, and found it very confusing at first. NOW I'VE GOT IT!. Thanks guys. Seems this should be the default behavior for a text path. They really ought to at least add this to our Help files.
  6. Walt. I'm on Windows 10, printing to an HP Laser Jet Pro MFP M225 PCL 6. I previously used an HP Laser Jet 5. I cannot find any print preview Function in the printer properties. The predecessor to Affinity Publisher was Serif PagePlus, I had PagePlus X9 which might have been the last iteration of that product, and it contained a full screen print preview that was as good as a proof print. Until Affinity publisher has something like that, I can't see using it. !!! I checked my Canon color inkjet, and that DOES offer a nice preview. (This is news to me!) But my HP LaserJet does not.
  7. Please, please, PLEASE make a print preview I can see without leaving nose prints on my screen. I print labels for everything, and the print preview in Publisher shows an ANSI Letter page on the screen the size of a postage stamp. I cant see what will print. Please make this more useful.
  8. Let me speak about "back in the day"... This can be traced back decades in the desktop publishing realm. The desktop publishing app may perhaps present the vastest array of uses, and users, of any other software; and so , should offer the most versatility. I mostly use my desktop publisher for printing labels and envelopes or composing downloadable pdfs for a website I run for a local club. I may never use some of the more sophisticated features aimed at the professional, but appreciate the ease of use and availability of many features. I am accustomed to creating orientation and other printing guides while figuring out how to create and print an envelope size my printer doesn't have built into it's driver. The question is; should the user find a way to work around the software, or should the software work for the user? The no-print is really helpful.
  9. MEB, you may be correct. I had one text box that was tight to the text, I expanded it, and no more messages. But with the bounding box closely cropped to the text, the "eye" symbol that indicates the text is overflowing is under the stretch handle, and is not clearly visible. Screen shot attached.
  10. Eugene has done a fine job, but shouldn't Publisher have a built in function for inserting rudimentary calendars, like Page Plus does??
  11. I love the little dimension lines that pop up when you move a feature to show you how close/far the feature is from the edge of your document. This is a very small problem, but in close quarters, the handle you use to rotate the feature you are moving can obscure the dimension line.
  12. I get the text overflow message when I print certain documents, and I've checked the text and cannot find any overflow.
  13. I understand that the print layout is in the Print dialog because it relates to printing, and that the Layout could be different each time, but I also find it clumsy. I would like to create Layouts that I could save and use over, or use to make another Layout by just changing a few parameters. I would also like to see a more graphic interface. The print preview in this dialog is ridiculously small, and almost useless. The old Page Plus did this much better. Although I specify a Paper Size: “Letter”, the Width and Height shown in this dialog are GIGANTIC!. (see the attached) Since I already created a left margin on the page, I shouldn’t have to do it here on the Print dialog, but I must to make it work.
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