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  1. Thanks, and yes - I bought all three parts of the Affinity suite. I was editing something in a document yesterday, going between all three, and it was almost miraculous.
  2. Adding my voice to this request. I create a lot of book covers, and it's handy to have a non-printing square showing where the barcode is meant to go on the rear of the cover. I don't want to open the master layer and unselect it, then reselect it, every time I go to export my files. If I just deselect the layer on the page I'm working on, it still shows up on the other 13 pages in the document.
  3. I'm an Indesign user who recently switched to Affinity Publisher. Everything is going fine so far, but I miss the way Indesign remembers which folder I imported from last per document, as well as remembering the last-used export path per document. If I go to export a book cover to png or jpg, it would be nice if the default path in the file dialog was the place I last exported that cover to, rather than the last place I exported anything to. The same when importing. If I'm editing a client's book cover, it's not much good when the default path in the 'import file' dialog is the one I use for my iRacing paints - deep inside a folder on a different hard drive - just because I happened to import a logo from that folder into a completely different document five minutes earlier. Great software though. This is the only thing driving me crazy at the moment.
  4. I'm Simon Haynes, and I've been using Indesign CS5.5 and Photoshop Elements 9.0 for some years now. Before that I was a keen Corel Draw user, going all the way back to Corel 2.0 on Windows 3.11. I bought Affinity Publisher/Design/Photo last week, after trying the trial version for about 30 seconds. It's great so far, although there are a few tiny annoyances - mostly to do with importing and exporting. I don't think this is the place for suggestions or bug reports, but every other time I go to import a file it defaults to showing text files only. The irritant is that it doesn't remember the last-used import or export folder per document. This is a huge time saver in Indesign, and is sorely missed in Affinity Publisher.
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