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  1. No matter what i select, no stroke showing up. Weird thing is, its almost like nothing is selected when adjusting the stroke values. No matter which document layer i then select, they all show the same stroke values! Stroke not even working when i group the document and try to adjust group stroke.. Attached the file. Stroke Test.afpub
  2. I know dots per inch should represent the amount of information in a "Picture", so less Information, should usually still end up in less file size... It works as it should when i export a jpg out of it. OK, i found out why that is happening, if i work with an Image layer (imported from stock panel) it keeps this image information intact no matter what document setting. If i rasterize the Image layer after import, it works as expected, which makes sense. Stupid me
  3. Hi! In a new document i placed some .afpub files (tried to print em together on a single sheet) and wanted to add some stroke around it for easy cutting, stroke doesn't show... Same thing with placed PDF. Workaround: convert those layers to picture frames and stroke pops in. Win10 Pro x64 AFPub
  4. Hi! If i open a pic with lets say 300dpi and save the .afphoto file... it has like 40MB. So i change to 10dpi and save again.... the file size won't change? Win10 Pro x64 Afphoto
  5. Hi! Found some weird behaviour... Placing an .afphoto in some AFPub Document with manual adjusted text wrap. After replacing the .afphoto with an identical png the manual text wrap gets disabled, pressing the "Edit Text Wrap" button, re-enabled it but resets the wrap's position. If i replace the .afphoto with another .afphoto the text wrap stays where it should be. Attached the file with embedded pic. Pub 1.9.2. 1035 Win 10 Pro x64 10.0.19041 T1.afpub
  6. Yeah, hoped it would make it into this update, anyway... meanwhile as a workaround i go with: Move the image out of the picture frame Replace Image Move back into the picture frame
  7. So, the fix for the "replace image in picture frame" without messing up its position/scale will come next update, i hope?
  8. Hi people! So, i opened my file in AP, and got an error saying that some images were missing (i moved them to tidy up the folder) and i was like "ok, lets replace em with the original images in a different folder. The Problem is, if i replace a pic, also the position and scaling gets reset. Question: Is there a way to re-link those picture frames to keep everything in place?
  9. Yeah, i think Publisher/Designer are more about design itself then working with databases, but i would use that approach, like v_kyr said: Edit: If you don't care about the design... save a pdf or svg in excel and import it...
  10. Oh my 1.9 will be pure awesomeness! Can't wait to get my hands on the release version, finally no more CC hassle! Thank you Serif Team!
  11. Hi, i get a lot of packaged .idml files, with the linked stuff in "Links" Folder, and sometimes Fonts in a separate "Document Fonts" folder, I know this is some ID package thingy. Just wondering, is there something similar of a folder to pack resources in, so they get loaded automatically with the document? Cheers
  12. And you open the pdfs with!? Seems like a zoom related display error.... try to open the pdf in Publisher and check if it looks the same there.
  13. Hey there! Sounds like a color profile issue, try to test different Work Profiles in APhoto: Settings->Color Also, you could check out those Color Profiles on export. Cheers!
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