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  1. Joachim. I also re-saved the original pdf file using my PDF-XChange viewer, and the resultant file also opened right up in Publisher. So, I've learned a thing or two here.
  2. I have PDF files that open as blank pages. PDFs are attached. These files also open as blanks in Affinity Photo. These files are likely just raster scans, nothing fancy. Other PDF files open as expected. Win 10. Affinity Publisher 1994TrekCatalog_22.pdf 1994TrekCatalog_10.pdf
  3. Joachim. I didn't have IrfranView installed, and have never used it much in the past; but I did install it today and . . . 1. It opened up the 10 page pdf file realy quickly. This could be the fastest pdf viewer I have. 2. I quickly and easily re-saved the file, which then opened in Publisher. Nice fix. Reminds me of the work-arounds we used to do at work. Thanks
  4. I do not know who or how these PDFs were made, I was extracting content from them for use in another document. I don't have Adobe tools to do this, I rely on the Affinity tools. I downloaded a free tool that converted these to images that I could use. https://www.nchsoftware.com/imageconverter/index.html
  5. Sorry about this post. I went back and did this again, and it works. I must have done something that I can't reproduce. There is no problem to report. I have selected multiple lines at one time and I want to change them from dashed line to solid line, but this does not work. I can change color and stroke size of multiple selections, but not stroke style.
  6. Walt. I'm on Windows 10, printing to an HP Laser Jet Pro MFP M225 PCL 6. I previously used an HP Laser Jet 5. I cannot find any print preview Function in the printer properties. The predecessor to Affinity Publisher was Serif PagePlus, I had PagePlus X9 which might have been the last iteration of that product, and it contained a full screen print preview that was as good as a proof print. Until Affinity publisher has something like that, I can't see using it. !!! I checked my Canon color inkjet, and that DOES offer a nice preview. (This is news to me!) But my HP LaserJet does not.
  7. Or at least a BIGGER print preview...
  8. Please, please, PLEASE make a print preview I can see without leaving nose prints on my screen. I print labels for everything, and the print preview in Publisher shows an ANSI Letter page on the screen the size of a postage stamp. I cant see what will print. Please make this more useful.
  9. Display of stroke width does not dynamically change as i move the slider. As I move the slider for Width, the display of the point size does not change. When I let go of the slider control, then the display shows the width.
  10. YES!! I tried this in an earlier version without success, but it works now. THANKS. Now, if we had a useful preview...
  11. The problem I had with the printing being off about .1875 inch at the top and the left seems to be fixed in Publisher version ...but I really need to be able to save the Layout data that I use for printing labels. Recreating this every time is a pain. And the print preview is uselessly small.
  12. I paste text into a table cell, highlight the table row, right click and choose "Autofit Row to Contents". The bottom of the cell boarder covers the text (see attached). I have tried working with Character and Paragraph settings to fix this, but I have only fixed the top (setting Space Before to 6 pt, and Use Space Before: Always).
  13. Pauls: Attached is as close as I can get to the original, these files are updated often, and I don't keep all versions. This was composed in PagePlus X9 and saved as pdf. Meeting Schedule for 201811.pdf
  14. Tried that, didn't work.
  15. It is zero. didn't fix it.
  16. Jon P: I tried that, and it didn't correct the problem.
  17. Pauls: File attached. There is a related post for this same file at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/66911-table-last-row-growth/&tab=comments#comment-357314 Table Row Error.afpub
  18. I have a table, and I cannot control the height of the last row. It grows each time I edit it. The boundry on the table even exceeds the table fill.
  19. Sean: I cannot provide the exact pdf file, this file is fluid, I change it regularly and don't keep all old versions. Attached is one file that is a version very close to the one I was copying. The pdf was constructed in PagePlus X9 and published as a pdf. To test Affinity Publisher, I opened the pdf in Publisher to see what I would get; unfortunately Publisher did not bring in a table, just text boxes and individual line segments. So I started a new table in this same file, and with the imported pdf and the new table all in the same document in Publisher, I started copying the texts from the imported page to the new table. Meeting Schedule for 201811-2.pdf
  20. Sean: I started a new document, and recreated the table using the newer release of the Publisher (, and this table behaved well. Attached is the original file, and I cannot tame row 7 of this table. This was copied and pasted from a pdf file, and that may be the source of the problem. Thanks Ray Table Row Error.afpub
  21. In the print dialog while specifying the N-up layout, when I indicate a value for skip, the preview does not show the skip unless I close the dialog and re-open it.
  22. I don't see how to create a feature (object/layer) that is visible, but won't print.
  23. Let me speak about "back in the day"... This can be traced back decades in the desktop publishing realm. The desktop publishing app may perhaps present the vastest array of uses, and users, of any other software; and so , should offer the most versatility. I mostly use my desktop publisher for printing labels and envelopes or composing downloadable pdfs for a website I run for a local club. I may never use some of the more sophisticated features aimed at the professional, but appreciate the ease of use and availability of many features. I am accustomed to creating orientation and other printing guides while figuring out how to create and print an envelope size my printer doesn't have built into it's driver. The question is; should the user find a way to work around the software, or should the software work for the user? The no-print is really helpful.
  24. MEB, you may be correct. I had one text box that was tight to the text, I expanded it, and no more messages. But with the bounding box closely cropped to the text, the "eye" symbol that indicates the text is overflowing is under the stretch handle, and is not clearly visible. Screen shot attached.