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  1. I pre-ordered simply because I LOVE Affinity Designer and Photo, AND I want to show my support early and often! But I agree, w/every Publisher beta download, I'd try the Designer/Photo personas to consistently be greeted w/NO JOY as to the functionality working. How can Publisher be considered ready for release if we've never had an opportunity to try out the Designer and Photo personas - don't even know what can be done w/the extra functionality!?? Just saying.... -Will
  2. Thanks, v_kyr! Funny cause when I went into my Affinity folder under my documents, I saw that I had already saved a YT video about Affinity Designer "Power Duplicates", which was helpful. I'll see which way I go - I'll start out w/Publisher since it's in beta and needs to be banged on to help out Serif. -Will
  3. Hi folks, I ran across some old business cards I did for myself, back when I was doing freelance motion graphics designs and figured, yeah I need to make myself a new set of cards! Having both Designer and now Publisher in hand, Iwas kinda wondering and interested in any opinions which program I should attempt to do my new business card designs with? I'm thinking to save time, it would be nice to do a singular card design and have that copied across and down (10 cards - 2 x 5 per page layout). Perhaps using Symbols, and/or master page features - not sure which route wo
  4. Hi guys, I'm attempting to print on some NeatO CD/DVD labels and I downloaded their .ai templates but when I open them in Designer the layer shows empty: NeatO CD/DVD Labels Any fixes to Designer (or Photo) to get their .AI files working would be appreciated! US_CD-DVD_Labels_-_Complete.ai
  5. No-brainer purchase! Can't wait to get mine! Glad that both Designer and Photo are QUALITY, hardcover books - also nice to have great, readable offline, documentation for my favorite software! -Will PS - I'm still waiting for an "Affinity PagePlus" replacement for my beloved PagePlus program!..
  6. I'm hoping similar Normal map tools will be added to Designer. While I can appreciate working with pixels, I like the precision and edit-ability of using vectors for the majority of my 3D artwork. I just prefer using vector tools along with any capabilities of placing bitmaps, filling vector shapes with (tiled) images etc. I used to use Fireworks, and this was done in Xara more recently, but now having Affinity Designer, I've dropped all that cruft and now only use my beloved Designer! I often work with texture sets like these as well: -Will
  7. How Oval? I just tried 3-times again just now? The last time I even held down the CTRL key?? With all 3 of my layers selected, I click and drag left with the mouse over the other open document. When I let go, the document the mouse is over is still empty? and the objects on the original are moved to the left outside the workspace I have to click undo... Holding down Alt ended up duplicating the selected objects - had to undo that. Searching for drag-and-drop in the manual talks about the style panel, I'm just attempting to drag across pixel and image layers. This is v1.5.0
  8. Hi Oval, again, thanks for your help, I just wanted to report back that I've been successful! I'm currently working though my task using Designer which I would have totally needed Fireworks for (as a side note, I'm not that much of a Photoshop fan, I've ALWAYS preferred FW over PS; it's my love of Vector artwork, and the ability to add bitmap styling along with the ease of edit-ability of vectors!) The only thing I would do in FW which doesn't seem to work when I tried with AD was during the step to export final JPEGs from my source document (3200x3200) to my web-ready document (500x50
  9. ^And there you have it - totally didn't read / realize this was possible! Thanks so much Oval (and Serif)! I'm actually thinking I can totally do everything I need within Designer today on this new project - I may finally be free of my need for (buggy) Fireworks CS4 at this point! Again, thanks for helping me, Oval, especially the pointer to the field expressions! -Will PS - In my defense, I typically always copy any PDF documentation to my dropbox and read it on my Kindle in my down time (my preferred way of learning my software). If Serif could find it in its heart to
  10. Are you talking about the panel that is by default next to the Navigator and History? That was the first panel I was looking at, but just now trying, I didn't realize I could just type 70% into the field - awesome! Thanks, you saved my day! -Will
  11. Hi folks, today I'm attempting to do my work, (which I've always done in Fireworks) using Affinity Designer. In particular I take high resolution images of the devices we manufacture, knock them out from their backgrounds and then split the full device into its individual components. Typically, depending how how large the original images are, I work off a 3200 x 3200 canvas and scale the images down so I can fit all the individual components back together again >layer by layer< so I can create various "assemblies" for our "Device Configurator" website. One of the first thi
  12. I'm on my way of using Designer to replacing Adobe Fireworks and so far I'm LOVING IT. I don't use the web page related features, just the vector / bitmap synergy and Designer is providing a lot of that already! I do however tend edit a lot of GIFs, so I do hope Designer will may one day do the same. -Will
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