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  1. pblacklock

    alpha question

    Awesome. definitely loving the program more and more as i learn how to customize and increase my workflow, thank you for your help!
  2. pblacklock

    alpha question

    Thank you, that worked like charm is there a way to create/customize a button for faster operation. such as to make a button for the layer /rasterise to mask function in the tool panel? thanks again
  3. trying to grab the alpha from the layer so i can remove the background of the top image layer for my final image can anyone help me find the tool to just grab the black from the alpha bottom layer i've tried the flood select tool but it doesn't grab all the black tried the select brush tool but that too didn't work thanks for the help
  4. pblacklock

    eps export

    i figured out how to export drawings if i draw something with affinity, then export to eps proper format, it opens in the 3d program and then i can convert it and it works there but if i bring an image into designer and then rasterise and convert it to curves, that won't export to eps and open in modo properly to test, i drew a curve with the rasterize drawing and then export both of them but only the curve drawing that I made open and works properly i'll keep searching, gotta be a setting to properly rasterize an image thanks for any help thrown my way
  5. pblacklock

    eps export

    can someone from affinity answer my question?
  6. Is it possible to export the eps file to a eps illustrator version 8? i need it to properly import into a 3d program to convert it to polygons right now, the geometry conversion is not possible with the eps version that affinity gives me Thanks for any help or info on this Paul
  7. back to psd for me

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