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  1. @Lee_T Thank you so very, very much!!!! I've been playing with this and I've managed to get the kind of plastic beveled effect I need without having the Bevel FX (or at least as close as I can - it's not perfect but I think it will be sufficient). I'm no longer blocked and I feel I can finally progress! ❤️ I'd still love to know of a full fix if you come up with one, but so far, in my testing both the editing boxes and the boxes on export have gone. I don't know if this will compromise things, but before you got back to me I was at my wits end and I upgraded my OS to the Public Beta of Sonoma, so your 'workaround' at least works on Sonoma too.
  2. Already done most of that - see previous posts. Linked / embedded images or bitmap layers? No. masks or adjustments Yes but not on the layers that tend to cause the whole thing to break. layer fx with blur Layer FX - Of course - I need them. NO blur blend modes except normal / pass-through? Yes, ADD and SCREEN on a few things. bitmap fills Nope.
  3. I've tried hiding everything and only exporting layer by layer (obviously) as that is how it needs to be exported for the app. Doesn't work. I can't reduce the resolution as it's designed and intended for the app to be at this resolution. I tried copying each layer and pasting it into a new file and saving each layer and then recomposing the whole piece in a new file and it's STILL screwing up. I have tried it in pixel mode and in photo - doesn't work. I always have at least THREE copies of such a big, important piece of work being saved in 3 different drives. It happens with all of them.
  4. Funnily enough I did offer such a thing in my first or second post - no one from the dev team or mods has bothered to offer an email or drop box link or even engage with me to try and solve this. I don't know how else I can scream louder that I'm literally blocked and this is screwing up my work life!!!!!!
  5. No... the thought of 'turning it off and on again' never occurred to me. /s (I'm not new to the planet.) Safari, Preview - that's it. Even on a fresh reboot with nothing running it's a mess.
  6. Turned off as requested, tried all the suggestions above. It's still filling the screen with black and grey boxes and my exports are broken. I literally cannot continue with my project until this is fixed. I'm blocked.
  7. As I said, the latest update macOS. (Ventura 13.4.1) I’ll try that now. Thanks.
  8. Here is a screen recording of it doing some weirdness... Designer V2 Weird Graphical Glitches and Broken Export.mov
  9. I have a M2 Macbook Air with 24GB Ram on the latest everything. The project file is about 40mb and the png is about 32mb. I'm working on a file but when I zoom or pan I get black rectangles appearing and disappearing all over random parts of the project. When I export I get grey, missing, white and black rectangles breaking up the file. e.g. I haven't found a reason for this except that when I have layers with some degree of transparency and FX applied to them (i.e. plastic simulated material) it gets worse. I've got to the point now where I can't continue as I can't save or export my assets. Please help? I'm happy to upload the project but I would need some assurance as it's work product and can't be used/shared etc.
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