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  1. Yeah, unfortunately. Most games at this point are using .dds. Which is a perfectly fine file format but Affinity seems to have no desire to support it. Which means I'm stuck with adobe, and I imagine so are you I'm afraid.
  2. Ah, I see this has already been requested. A couple of times it seems too. Do you know if there has been any official statement regarding it? I haven't seen anything but maybe I missed it. Because as of right now, lack of DDS support is really all that's stopping me from buying Affinity Photo.
  3. Hi, I made an account specifically to request this as it's a very important feature to me, and currently the only thing tying me to Adobe. I work with 3d models and textures a lot. As such, I spend a lot of time creating and editing files in the .dds file format. Too much time to go out and externally convert the files each time I want to make a change. Photoshop doesn't have native support for this file format either but there are a couple of plugins that allow the usage of it. Namely the one from intel and two from nvidia. I know affinity photo does have photoshop plugin support but eve
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