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  1. +1 for right-click on the graphic to get the Reveal in Finder command Also please consider adding the Reveal in Finder command within the Layers Panel where the linked graphic can be selected. Thank you!
  2. + 1 for marking layers as non-printable. We still want this feature! Thank you.
  3. What I forgot to add to my reply before was that built-in features are supported and tested by the developer. I do not expect the same level support from a third-party script who has no obligation to provide updates in a timely manner. No one wants to ask "Will the scripts that I use, which are critical to my workflow/efficiency, function with the new update." Maybe you do, but I do not need that extra complication when on deadline. I am not against scripts, but I think an image swapping/replacement feature would be more suited as a built-in function. This is actually a deciding factor for me. Coming from using InDesign (with scripts haha), and also a dedicated photo album design software (SmartAlbums); Affinity Publisher is an opportunity to replace ALL those options for me in a single software package that offers the workflow efficiency, control, and flexibility I desire.
  4. I would rather have the image swapping function built into the program as opposed to a script by a third-party. Scripts can sometimes cease to work when the app gets updated.
  5. Hi, I'm using Affinity Publisher to design a photo album and would like to have added, the functionality to swap the position of two images that are placed into separate Picture Frames. Shift+select the two frames that contain the images and then right-click to switch the images inside the frames. Or even better, drag an already placed image onto another placed image and have them automatically have their placement position swapped. Also a "Show In Finder" function for linked assets would be welcome. Thank you!
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