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  1. Plus one for technical drawing support ie dimensioning and working to scale. Cannot do technical drawing!!!
  2. Plus one. Technical illustration is not possible with scaling and dimensioning. Please include Imperial.
  3. Plus one. Especially dxf import.
  4. Yes please ! Not possible to do technical illustration without working to scale and dimensioning. Please include fractional inches, not just decimal.
  5. And please PLEASE include fractional inches, not just decimal, as in 3/4". This so you can take a drawing into the shop. There are no measuring tapes with decimals on them ; ) And many designers (furniture for instance) work only in inches, not feet and inches. That’s construction an architecture. 79”, not 6’ 7”.
  6. Since you're adding arrowheads, how about some dimensioning and working to scale in fractional inches to go with them? There is no good graphic design program that has dimensioning except Canvas on Windows. So no way to do technical drawings except CAD and SketchUp ...