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  1. It would be nice to have a linear burn blending option amongst the layer blending modes. Per Wikipedia: Specifically, I'm looking for something that Wikipedia describes as:
  2. Hi Callum, Thanks for the information. Color burn is workable solution for my current project. I'll but the request in for linear burn, as that'd be nice to have.
  3. Is there an equivalent to linear burn amongst the layer blending options? Specifically, I'm looking for something that Wikipedia describes as:
  4. Thank you! I chose the Web Colours Palette option. I then used TinyPNG on that exported image, just to see if it could be gotten any smaller. It actually was able to get it smaller, but just 11% smaller. I'm not too interested in diving through menus and options, so it's nice to know about the Palettised functionality. I also would prefer not to have to export into another app or website in order to optimize images. So, the Palette option seems to be the best option right now. Thanks again! (That said-- I'd love hear about anyone's experience with the TinyPNG plugin inside an Affinity app.)
  5. I'm attempting to optimize my website, which Google PageSpeed Insights says is lagging due to images not being optimized. I've also discovered a website, TinyPNG, that optimizes images. My initial tests have gone well, and I've noticed there is Photoshop plugin for TinyPNG. Does anyone have any experience with this plugin? Will it even work in Designer or Photo?
  6. Thanks. You are very correct, and I'm embarrassed that I overlooked this. The text pixel I selected were so small that I failed to notice the visual feedback that there was a selection. Thanks again!
  7. I'm in Designer. I've used the text tool to create some text. I'd like to select the pixels of the created text to create a selection, after which I'd like to invert the selection. In other, non-text type layers I can hold down ⌘(command) and click the given layer's icon in the Layers menu to select all its pixels, then ⇧⌘i to invert the selection. However, this doesn't appear to work in a text layers. How can I select the pixels of text layer?
  8. Thanks for this. Super useful for the current project I'm working on. It'd also be sweet, though, to add a vector fill tool in a future release. It would speed up my workflow tremendously.
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