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  1. Affinity made a video a year ago on their vimeo channel https://vimeo.com/134838293
  2. Paekke

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    I'm waiting on my copy, hoping that it covers 1.5 features :unsure:
  3. dang I searched the forum and found no results before posting.. :wacko: But it sure is a lovely feature to have ;)
  4. Hear me out.. Why not let AD do the work for you.. So instead of the user having to find layers and groups by scrolling, it should just jump right to the selected object/group in the Layer PaneI. I mean AD highlights selected, but it could just as well jump to it. I would LOVE to see this added :wub:
  5. Paekke

    [AD] Solo a layer

    Yes you can solo object, but you can't alter it. Once you start to add objects to it, or change the nodes, all other objects will appear. You can change the color of the solo object, add gradient and transparent tool though. So I guess you can't really call it a useful solo option.. At least not in my opinion.
  6. yes this and sliding nodes on the curve, which means the curve shape remains, but the point moves on it. I too would love the ability to extrude edges, so the workflow would remind of 3d modeling in top ortho view. BTW: you can get a circle with 8 nodes by using the Cloud Tool then set the number of bubbles to 4 and move the red node outwards so that it shapes like an circle. Then convert to curves.
  7. How do one get a good results with Rectangular to polar - No matter what I do I keep getting very poor antialiasing.
  8. now, it would be nice if you could click that triangle, and Affinity would show all conflicting parts.This way you could easily change them.
  9. would be nice if you could set a custom shortcut for this too.
  10. I have to ask if you have an open document? If not just press ⌘N
  11. Serial?.. There's no such thing, when buying on the AppStore. And if you want Affinity products, then AppStore it is ;) Now you can install on 5 machines for personal use, using the same AppleID.
  12. Paekke

    Tile patterns

    I would add some AO to these, to make them more convincing.