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  1. Hi Can we flow one table to more than cone page continuously like we do in Indesign Regards
  2. What shape geometry will do more than cloud we need some professional shape builder or some thing like that tool if we want to make S and we start with lines and circles and at the end of the day how we can make this so called geometry operation if you have some tutorial please show me I will love to see that
  3. Even Shape builder tool is very important I updated 1.8 and same is there no big changes just I think need to concentrate of shape blender tools
  4. I purchased Affinity Designer before a year and now 90% i work on Affinity only but really missing RTL support. I am really waiting for Arabic support.
  5. This is my try in Affinity Photo I must write here that this is made by me in Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil
  6. I feel that separation preview is very important to see what i am going to print
  7. i think this is gap, because when i draw another rectangle behind these i see that colour in gap
  8. i feel that pressure stroke effect should for brush and pencil tool also
  9. i am attaching picture of some box in Affinity designer when i on snapping i see thin hairline between objects please help
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