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  1. HELLO GUYS, the tracking kerning options have bugs to be treated soonest when using the mouse the button doesn't always answer, you can notice that the button is clicked and that nothing is happening, and sometimes it works sometimes not... and sometimes the number stops somewhere while still going over 1300. kerning... just try it. THAT'S AWFUL thank you for your help. aside from the major problem : we need Arabic font... plz
  2. spacing between 2 pages in the column... must not dissappear... visually... you THINK that the pages are not 2 spreads nearby each others... but one pages replacing them... please this original differentiation was implemented by older and other softwares as we already know it... keep it that way... was and still basically essential, i understand why u are making it dissappear, less visual annoyance, but i understood it something else. plz reconsider it.
  3. Dear guys, there is on Astute Graphics website those plugins that cost really much in order to be added unto Adobe illustrator that lacks those abilities that are super useful, anyways I hope you go and try to reate something similar in a different way. (I mean we already know why Sreif created those apps because they are affordable for students and teachers who are able to buy the software and use it). thank you in advance for taking into consideration my mail, I hope. https://astutegraphics.com/
  4. Dear guys, I am still looking forward to using the software in the middle eastern languages too, I hope that you will acquire ALL what Adobe has in detailed manner and transform it in your own way in your software in order to make it compatible FULLY.
  5. Hello guys, we hope to see very soon support for middle eastern languages and arabic typography... its needed here.
  6. Hello guys, please: - Try adjusting the tracking on Designer, it doesn’t do the same error on photoshop: there is an annoyance in the up and down that is buggy over all the interface, characters section, plz research all on the Fonts, menus of Typography mainly.(sliding in the numbers column is very buggy) - the color menus and eyedropper??? where are the similitudes in Adobe ???I tried many times choosing a color once i enter the secondary color menu and the eyedropper does't do a thing there... plz revisit all those. - There is a huge problem which is the simplest one regarding alignment of 2 text boxes if they are not outlined, the box has a mind of its own... in short , text doesn't aligns with text but with the text box angles... - Gradients in layers made in adobe, nothing of the gradient done in adobe photoshop can be taken into Affinity literally... very bad... you need complete adaptation.
  7. the ability to create all kinds of barcodes worldwide used even the ones rarely known. in vector. like in QuarkXpress
  8. we need the arabic fonts enabling, or at least internationalization of all Affinity products also the complex editing which adobe has too.
  9. Bodoni ornaments, try to write all the alphabet = ornaments... they don't show up one more problem. typography window: all small caps/ small caps???(selection of fonts)
  10. Dear Designers, thank you for the latest update you made... we need the addition of the different colors in Bits because in photoshop we can save in 16 bits for CMYK LAB, the indexed colors... the gradient usage: diamond shape of gradient, reflected are needed. Languages: we need the ones from right to left too like Arabic with all accent variations and abilities to move them... like in Adobe.
  11. Hello, Good morning, as i am designing new things i will be adding many things to adjust, Thank you in advance, 1-Selection of any part of the visual should make a full selection of it. with B/W move tools. 2-the ability to assign actions to keyboard buttons. 3- command + 0 isn't full yet 4- the softwares MUST be able to expand before going to Full Screen ( this applies to all softwares ) it makes less worries for users. 5- convert to curves or outlining text or rasterising... i am lost 6- all measurements are needed for compatibility 7- comaptibility in importing - exporting is CRUCIAL 8- creating guides... if u don't like Adobe's style, you can go to : http://guideguide.me by Cameron McEfee 9- Adobe's cc 2014 plugins are lot excellent to have them as main options... just search over the net. 10- the transparency tool logo I thought it was for 3D design... u can show the Glass effect as a replacement. 11- inability to select a locked layer?... locking unlocking isn't smooth That' for now. Thank you sincerely,
  12. once u finish with the transparency tool and add an fx to the layer, while adding the fx the transparency tool is always on !!! and can be closed??? in the same time i have the box of effects open...?? don't we usually add actions... anyway, there is a Huge lack of Fonts Languages... the ARABIC is main at least in Beirut... for a Lebanese. I hope I finally will be able to leave Adobe's cursed and HEAVY DUTY on the macbook memory...and be able to find EVERYTHING .... I mean E-V-E-R-Y-THING here. It seems it's good start... Layers, mask, import, languages, Arabic...has it's own difficulties in writing... if u can add them also to Affinity Photo...later stage also and publisher for sure would be gr8...good luck with improvements. I wish u the best. NB: overtime you have to put an update on the market... revise it from A to Z... Adobe Guys, don't have time to do so.. I think... do u have any Adobe Acrobat Pro in the future?? ;)
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