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  1. AndyB

    Macro Pack

    Hello Odin, Thanks for getting in touch. The link to the Macro Pack Vol1 is on the Welcome Screen so if you follow the instructions you should be able to create an Affinity Store account and download it. Hope this helps. And
  2. Hello Bruce, Sorry you have had a problem getting access to your account. If you bought the s/w directly from our website you should be able to log in with your original e-mail address and password. As you are having an issue, can you e-mail your details to affinityorders@serif.com and we can look into this for you? An order number and your full name should be good enough and once we have located your account we will get back to you. Regards, Andy
  3. AndyB


    Thanks for getting in touch. If you can send your details along with images to affinityorders@Serif.com the team will be able to help you
  4. Hello Jonathan, Thank you for getting in touch and I am sorry you have not received your Designer Workbook yet. Due to the success of the offer at the time, Amazon (who pack and despatch all of our orders) ran out of stock however we are in the process of sending more to them as we speak so I would like to think that this will be with your before Christmas although I cannot guarantee it. I do apologise for the situation and hope this will be resolved shortly. Best Regards, Andy