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  1. At that time there was updated info about 1.7 on App Store but opened 1.6.1. Anyway apps were updated just this morning so issue is solved now. Many thanks for your time and support!
  2. I do see info on Designer 1.7 on App Store (purchased there) with 'Open' button. So it just opens 1.6.1 version at the moment. Let's wait some time.
  3. Hi all, I've updated to RC1 and now I cannot open file saved by earlier. File is here: https://we.tl/t-Vwt519Rpf7 What is wrong there? Cheers Vitaliy
  4. Sorry for late reply. Yes, there were embedded objects.
  5. Hi Matt, Experiencing constant crash when changing color format. Please look at at recorded screencast. Color format crash.mp4
  6. Sorry it's not a bug. Forgot to tune off "Transform objects separately" button (killer feature by the way, thanks).
  7. Hi Matt. Many thanks for great update! I've spotted a bug when selecting number of curves/paths. Showing position and size of only one of them instead of all. Screenshot is attached.
  8. Thanks for checking. For some reason I'm still experiencing this all text auto selection/highlighting after blinking cursor (that happens not 100% of times). Here's another video with clicks below: selecting_behavior2.mp4
  9. Hi Matt, Is it possible to make an extra setting in SVG export for exporting graphic elements names as classes instead of IDs? Cheers Vitaliy
  10. Hi Matt, Question about IMHO feature for Slice menu in Export Persona. Is it possible to make setting for turning off suffix adding at the end in file name? Some ad platforms cannot accept files with '@' symbols in bitmap names and I have to remove suffixes in dozen files very often. That hurts...
  11. Hi Matt, Is it possible to fix/change this (IMHO) wrong layer name selection behavior in Vector and Pixel Personas? Seeing this issue from at least 1.5 version. When I double-click on layer name then click for removing layer name text selection BUT it selects all text again and I think it's not Ok and not comfortable. In contrast, name editing In Slices menu is Ok and natural. Extra questions. Is it possible to add shortcuts for: - layer renaming? - artboards selection? - atrboards collapsing? Cheers Vitaliy selecting_behaviour.mp4
  12. Matt, Helped, it's Ok now. Thanks!
  13. Request: - is it possible to add this Stock widget from Photo to Designer too?