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  1. Yes, that's the exact issue. I have "Show selection" enabled. If I turn it off, the problem goes away. I guess, it should work some other way.
  2. Hello, I found a problem, where if you try to select multiple slices in the export persona, using ctrl, you get scrolled to the first selected slice. This is very frustrating, because I need to select really a lot of them. Would be great if this can be fixed.
  3. Can we have an additional customizable compact panel bar? Something like in Photoshop. It seems hard for me organize all the panels without it.
  4. So, the main color panel I use is this panel. Can we have somewhere an option to show or copy the HEX color in lowercase? Please? Also, if you try to input only three symbols, for example FFF, you get 000FFF and not FFFFFF. This drives me insane, because in web development FFF is white and nowhere near to blue. Separate R# G# B# inputs are kind of useless. Does anyone ever use them? This panel is almost perfect. Almost, because it lacks HEX input field. Please add it, because I have to open the big color panel just for the HEX code. In those kind of panels for some reason opacity percentage is missing. And HEX color code input. If you click through all options in the select box and get back to "Hue" option, you get this. I guess, this is a bug. Please, add the HEX color input to all "Hue" color panels, make it lowercase, change the logic behind transforming three to six symbols code and add the opacity percentage to every opacity slider. These small changes will save a lot of my time.
  5. The problem is that you can not transform the object by dragging the transform handles if you are zoomed in or the object is just very big. Would be great if you could resize by dragging the edge of the object.
  6. The first problem is that you can not move the selected object with arrow keys, holding CTRL, and see the alignment measurements. The other problem is that at some point you can not see the measurements Would be great to see these solved.
  7. I am just saying, that my first impression of Studio Link was way better, than the actual experience after playing with it. The "Edit in Publisher" menu item will definitely help.
  8. For example, you don't have an Export Persona like in the Designer app or a Liquify Persona like in Photo app.
  9. I think Studio Link is kind of misleading. At first I thought, that if I choose Publisher as a main app for my workflow, I will get all the features of other apps, so I don't need to start every of them, but as it discovered, that's only partially true, because Photo and Designer personas inside Publisher doesn't have all the features of corresponding standalone apps.
  10. So, if I want to export an icon, I have to start Designer and there is no way to go back, except saving the file and opening it with Publisher from a folder? Can we have at least an option "File -> Edit in Publisher" added to Designer and Photo?
  11. Yes, I know, that you can just open a file from a folder. I mean, we have such options as "File -> Edit in Designer" and "File -> Edit in Photo", but we don't have an option "File - > Edit in Publisher". If we had other personas like "Export persona" inside Publisher, that would be great. Isn't the idea of Studio Link that you don't have to jump between apps? That's why I am asking.
  12. Is there an option to open file in Publisher if you work in Designer or Photo? Also, while in Publisher, if you choose Designer or Photo persona, other personas like Export persona are missing. Any plans to get them integrated without starting Designer and Photo separately?
  13. Look, I don't have any problems with exporting to PDF. And I don't want to hear about other software. I just want Affinity to be more usable for web-design. I don't know, why you are against it. Do you have any concerns? Currently AD is very good for my own needs if I do all the work by myself, including design, HTML conversion and programming the damn website. But as soon as I need to share my designs with other developers, that's where all the problems start. Currently I can not and I am not allowed to use AD in my company only because of these issues. In my opinion, the viewer app is the best way to solve them. One more way is to export to PSD without text being rasterized, but it solves it only for Photoshop users and I am not sure, if Affinity developers will ever make it happen.
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