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  1. FYI I don't have the issue anymore in the current Affinity Photo ( or beta) as long as I'm using my wacom tablet (the issue is still there when using a mouse). Since the lag is still present when painting with a mouse I'm not sure if it was fixed by affinity or by some other thing (like tablet driver or some windows update).
  2. FYI this issue was fixed in the latest beta of Affinity Photo. But it was only fixed for the paint brush tool, other tools still have the issue. But the paint brush tool was most important so it is much better now.
  3. It's great this annoying bug was fixed! But note that other tools still have the same issue during space bar panning (although it is not that fatal): color picker, flood fill, selection brush, pen tool and flood select tool.
  4. One workaround, If you are using a mouse, is to use middle mouse button for panning instead of spacebar. This bug is more severe with brush tool, because it can leave brush dots/marks in pixel layers without noticing immediately. You can find this bug being reported since 2016.
  5. Exactly. For example I don't know how can people use Affinity Photo to draw line art with hatching, it's just unusable for me. For now I use Krita for painting and Affinity for more technical stuff but it would be great if this issue gets fixed.
  6. The "lag" which I experience. Not sure if it is the same issue MarcG has. In the video you can see that the vertical line of each "L" is not displayed until the horizontal move is started (each "L" is single brush stroke). This happens as long as the vertical line is short. The last "L" doesn't suffer from the lag (so much) because its vertical line is long enough. Windows dpi scale setting is set to 200% and zoom is smaller than 100% to make the issue more noticeable. In the video the windows cursor is shifted a bit from the brush preview because of the recording program I used (it's not affinity bug).
  7. It looks like the same issue I and some other people have with Affinity Photo. It is more noticeable with windows dpi scale set to 200% or greater.
  8. I also experience the delay before a stroke appears on screen (on my computer the delay is around 200-300 milliseconds). The best way to reproduce it is to set windows dpi scale to 200% or larger and start making short strokes. When you start a brush stroke, affinity photo does not make the stroke appear on screen until one of these happens: either A) you move mouse/pen by some distance threshold, or B) 200-300 ms elapses and mouse/pen is moved at least 1 pixel after the delay, or C) you finish the stroke (mouse/pen is released). The distance threshold in A) depends on windows dpi scale (so setting the dpi scale to 200% ensures the delay from B) is more noticeable). Also if you draw a stroke shorter than the distance threshold and finish the stroke faster than 200-300 ms, affinity photo will paint single dot instead (I think this is related to the bug where you can paint dots while panning with spacebar). Setup: Windows 10 with Display Setting DPI Scale 200% 4K Monitor: 3840x2160 Affinity Photo
  9. Hello, Making quick short brush stroke (either by mouse or wacom pen) draws a single dot instead of a short line. It looks like when you start a brush stroke, Affinity Photo checks if it was a single "click" or a longer brush stroke by waiting until you either move the mouse/pen by a short distance or if a small timeout expires (whichever happens first). If the brush stroke is shorter than the threshold or you release the mouse/pen sooner than the timeout, Affinity Photo fill draw a single dot instead of a short line. The distance threshold seems to be dependent on Windows DPI scale setting (Windows->Display Settings->Scale and Layout). The larger the UI scaling is, the larger the distance threshold. With 100% DPI scale the effect is less noticeable, but still there. The "High precision tablet input" in Tools setting has no effect on this. Other painting programs don't have this issue and it doesn't look like a tablet issue because it can be reproduced with a mouse. This makes drawing and sketching small details really annoying. It seems to be related to the bug where clicking leaves brush marks when panning with space bar. Whether Affinity Photo leaves the marks or starts panning is dependent on the same distance threshold and timeout mentioned above. Setup: Windows 10 with Display Setting DPI Scale 200% 4K Monitor: 3840x2160 Affinity Photo Beta
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