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  1. Hopefully the program is being neglected. If what we see represents actual effort and this progress rate were extended to society, we'd still be warring with catapults.
  2. Is this program dead? Promises and prospects for too many of the features that I need have disappeared along along with the road map they were printed on. If development of the program is dead, Serif should be straight with its customers and advise that those who need long-promised improvements ought to seek them elsewhere. I'd rather bite the bullet and learn how to do what is currently possible in Adobe than wait any longer for this pot to boil.
  3. That's like saying multiplication is intermediate-level feature. It's neither accurate, nor useful, nor a solution. This feature has been requested ad nauseam.
  4. This feature will arrive the day after we get cold fusion and puppies that don't poop.
  5. Taking bets on whether we’ll see this feature before Putin releases Donald’s Tape. Current money is even.
  6. @deedsNails it. In an effort to refresh both design and software skills (dormant since art school over a decade ago), I purchased the suite. I've been fiddling, running through tutorials on Skillshare, seeing what still works in my artistic brain. Sadly, AD is technologically incapable of allowing users to complete a frustrating majority of elementary design projects. I think this is generally where @deedsfinds the pillar of his argument that AD is much more for illustration than design. There's too much that it cannot do that anyone who expects to work seriously will need it to do. AD is a 20th century solution to 21st century design problems. Until it grows up, the only aspect of all-things Adobe where an argument can be made for it is through the pricing model, which seems wonderful, until tripping over the inability to execute a specific, relatively fundamental design technique leads to the asphyxiation and stymieing of the creative mind. The "roadmap" that a prospective buyer might peruse before deciding to make a purchase is a well-manicured cul-de-sac.
  7. There were supposed to be jet packs.
  8. @Patrick ConnorMy apologies for the ambiguous word choice. No ad hominem slur was intended.
  9. A nice sentiment, but that isn't how the world works, in any respect, in any field, in any competitive situation, in any arena. If I was less excited about finding a competitor to Adobe, I would have been better about reading the fine print. Somewhere, it would have surely said that this is a pay-to-beta. At least Avis tried harder. Affinity Designer can only seem to promise to get there eventually, maybe, one day, who knows, but without that pesky subscription fee. Great. I'm using this platform why? I chose to dip my running shows in a bucket of mud right before the big race to save a few bucks? Really? This is the value proposition that I fell for? Oh, but when you say you're an illustrator killer — or at the very least a legitimate competitor — most prospective customers think you're talking about Illustrator in 2019. If your competing against Illustrator 2002, well nevermind, because Affinity Designer is still too late — Distortion and Warping (among a coterie of tolls Designer can't sniff) have existed there since 2001. The only saving grace is now you can not use the various features on an iPad, too.. To demonstrate how < moderated > the development of this program is, please refer to the images below. They show what cell phones looked liked in in 2001. In computer time, Designer was born a dinosaur that had just enough time to look up and see the asteroid. If there was a refund button, I would have already mashed it into the ground. If anyone wants to dive deeper into this sad exercise of masochism, here's a link to Serif's plans for Affinity Designer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_Illustrator They are assuredly on the roadmap to 2030.
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