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  1. jstnhllmn

    Brush Glitch

    I slid the spacing down to 1% — as low as it will go. result is the same as in the movie above.
  2. jstnhllmn

    Brush Glitch

    thanks for the suggestion, but no dice... Screen Recording 2019-05-11 at 12.14.52 PM.mov
  3. Hello Folks. Smudging some type (with the smudge brush). I keep seeing squared-off strokes as shown in the movie. It doesn't appear to be a rendering issue, since the stroke never corrects. Anyone know what's happening here or how to fix it? Cheers. Screen Recording 2019-05-11 at 11.54.24 AM.mov
  4. As soon as possible = before the meteor hits — promise!
  5. @Polygoniusany screenshots of your magic at work?
  6. Echoing @reglico, maybe the advert line on the attached image needs to be rethought. You can sell a '65 Mustang (AD) in 1965 as the car to end all cars and you'd probably get 95% of potential drivers' heads nodding along with you, but X-years later, when the new wizband whatever comes out with the sexy-talking navigational widget and the custom-powered ass-heaters (Illu), you can't still be peddling the '65 mustang as the car to end all cars. It corners like a beast. Horsepower for days. Hums like a peach on crack. But we have other needs now. Can it massage my butt while the heat is cranking? No, it cannot. Better believe that drivers — particularly those prone to believe the proclamations of over-eager marketing departments — are going to predictably express their frustration. Here's mine: Wake me up when we get there.
  7. That inference is your own, and it is false. If I (or any user) thought Illustrator (or its development) was wonderful, I'd be on the wrong forum. Again, I addressed this 'two-wrongs-make-a-right' logic in my previous post. Adobe's 'pits' don't exonerate Affinity of their failure to deliver a feature road-mapped 4-years ago. This is unclear, but it suggests you think these tools are essential (irreplaceable) features. I guess then that we agree, that they are necessary? Shrug emoji. I am not inventing the sourced and cited frustration of other users or projecting my frustration onto them as the linked forum threads above indicate — you can find more yourself, and it won't take very long. Ironically, you're quite guilty of dismissing my perspective — the false charge you levy upon me with your misleading and curiously personal accusation. We can be a user of a thing, and a fan of a thing, without being an apologist for the shortcomings of a thing. Cheers!
  8. @Mithferion I hope that "but Adobe sucks too" isn't the standard to which Affinity measures itself — or justifies its glaring, critical functionality shortcomings. This was supposed to be the Illustrator killer, not an exercise in comparable frustration.
  9. I refer the above dedicated users to posts from as far back as 2014 indicating roadmapped features which have yet to manifest, specifically Object Blend and Envelope Distort. The frustration with Affinity compels a user to spend $30/month on CorelDraw for features that have existed in Illustrator et al since when, the early 90s?
  10. "Roadmap" is Affinity talk for "lol".
  11. it does do envelop distort and object blend, so there's that.
  12. https://media.giphy.com/media/3o7WTz7fWqmcaSb2BW/giphy.gif Affinity roadmap revision.
  13. This is taking so long, I’ve literally surrendered/back-burnered my graphic design career and returned to serving tables and pouring wine to make the rent while I wait for this simple freaking tool to be implemented in this “adobe-killer.” What utter shit. AD is the new vaporware - payment now; functionality whenever.