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  1. @rui_macBlend tool is on my personal roadmap, before "PRESIDENT OF UNIVERSE" tool, and various "too-inappropriate-to-mention" personal conquests tool. Stay tuned for Personal Roadmap 2.0. Things will get really crazy with the 2.0.
  2. in affinity union, you don't use blend tool, blend tool use you.
  3. @TonyB@MEB For customers waiting (some, for years) for the tools referred to in this thread, it feels like we're trapped in Zeno's Paradox. Mesh/warp has been indicated since 2014. Twenty-fourteen, man! If I was inside the return window, I'd refund my purchase, hold my nose, and buy Illustrator. Two weeks. Oy vay. Wake me when we get there.
  4. This is taking so long, I will unfortunately need to switch to Illustrator to get a job (or jobs) done. I suspect a large number of the user base that needs this and other funcionality (like blend/fit to envelope) listed on the 1.x roadmap will lose patience with a sales pitch that is never delivered. Sad donkey.
  5. jstnhllmn

    Squirrelly Grid Rendering in Designer

    Switching from METAL to Open GL (Basic) has resolved it. Curious.
  6. jstnhllmn

    Squirrelly Grid Rendering in Designer

    Grid Test.afdesign
  7. Running a ridiculously tight grid. I feel like grid lines should consistently render at all magnification levels, but they do not in this example. When I am working at tiny sizes, the grid lines disappear. No bueno.
  8. who will get this man his millimeter? — trying all approaches. endeavor to report in. might forget.
  9. Hi. I have a simple 10x10 area I want to fill with a 1x1 pattern without stretching or distorting the pattern. I have drawn the initial pattern in AD. I can rasterize it, but the fill tool insists on stretching it to make it fit instead of repeating the raster. I'd prefer to keep the pattern 'live', like a symbol, so I can still edit it after setting up the file. Should I aim to work with the source pattern as an asset? a source? a bitmap fill (which seems like the worst option)? Thanks folks. Dying here.
  10. jstnhllmn

    Disappearing Curve Bug

    AD. Nothing fancy here. A tiny path with a stroke, it appears/disappears when zooming. Zoom.mp4
  11. Thanks, @owenr. I'm investigating. Not totally sure I understand how your example works, but it works. I'll kick this around a little more while I also look for comprehensive documentation.
  12. Okay! The black bars on the right are text. On the left, dates! You knew that. I want all of this in one text box. I tried to set up two stops — the first is a [ flush right/rag left ], to align the dates on the right side. The second is [ flush left / rag right ], for the regular text. Small patches of my head are now without hair. Assistance rewarded with Namaste.
  13. I am the destroyer of magenta worlds. namaste.